Chevy Mildly Updates the Blazer

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
chevy mildly updates the blazer

The midcycle refresh is a tool that has been used by carmakers for eons, giving them the opportunity to inject new interest into a machine that’s been on the market for a few years. Chevrolet has taken this step with the 2023 Blazer and, in the process, made it a great candidate for those old Spot The Difference games which used to appear in the Sunday paper.

Without altering expensive components such as the shape of the fenders and other hardpoints, GM has imbued the Blazer with new LED head- and taillamps, binning the old peepers which had sort of a dot-matrix effect. The comparo shot above shows more meaningful changes to its front fascia below the centreline, with different buckets for the foglamps and some extra jewelry. Viewed in a vacuum, however, it may be tough to tell the difference.

Changes are more visible inside – a place in which customers will spend the majority of their time, anyway. A new 10-inch infotainment touchscreen is now standard across the board, binning the sad-sack base unit and bringing a modern level of tech to all trims, along with the option of adaptive cruise control. Wireless device charging will be available from base to top-tier, and a natty Nightshift Blue interior color will be offered on the RS trim. Let’s celebrate the gradual return of interesting upholstery choices, shall we?

There isn’t much to be done about the shape of Blazer itself, a bone of contention in some circles. More than a few people have pointed out since the model’s introduction that the Blazer itself is a decent all-wheel-drive crossover – incorporating elements from the Camaro, for better or worse – but is hardly an appropriate use of the vaunted Blazer nameplate. They have a point.

And before any yahoo squawks that it’s impossible to graft a Squarebody-style visage onto a car-based crossover that uses a front-wheel-drive platform, we’ll remind all hands of the Mitsuoka Buddy. This machine is crafted from the bones of a RAV4, of all things, and proves Chevy probably could have evoked the K5 with their new Blazer if they really wanted to.

Powertrain choices on the 2023 Chevrolet Blazer remain familiar, starting with a 228 horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged four and working its way up to a 308 pony, 3.6L V6. Both are equipped with a nine-speed automatic. It’ll go on sale this summer.

[Images: Chevrolet / Mitsuoka]

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  • 3SpeedAutomatic 3SpeedAutomatic on Feb 09, 2022

    I'm in the market for a non-turbo V6 and conventional automatic small SUV. Currently, most small SUVs have a turbo 4 cylinder and/or CVT transmission . The idea of a Chevy means easy to get fixed, parts readily available, and class action law suits would put pressure on GM to fix what's wrong. Sorry to sound so negative, but GM's implementation of new designs or engineering has a legacy which has been discussed on this web site many, many times. Due to the outrageous prices quoted for new and used SUVs, I can wait a year or two when prices become rational and gain more feedback as the model matures. PS: that Mitsuoka Buddy would sell itself just on looks alone. Something lost at GM since the late 1970's.

  • Ponchoman49 Ponchoman49 on Feb 10, 2022

    I just looked at one of these at my local Chevy dealer. It was a newly delivered 2022 2LT, which is now the base model. For over 40 grand it had a 4 cylinder engine, which is the only one offered unless you move up the price ladder, had a cheap urethane steering wheel and nasty cheap cloth seats, lacked some features that other over 40K crossovers had and barely felt any larger inside than a far less expensive Equinox sitting right next to it. Is it any wonder these aren't lighting the sales charts on fire

  • Kcflyer on one hand it at least wont have dirty intake valves like Honda's entire lineup of direct injection ice vehicles. on the other hand a CRV offers more room, more range, faster fueling and lower price, hmm
  • Tassos BTW I thought this silly thing was always called the "Wienermobile".
  • Tassos I have a first cousin with same first and last name as my own, 17 years my junior even tho he is the son of my father's older brother, who has a summer home in the same country I do, and has bought a local A3 5-door hatch kinds thing, quite old by now.Last year he told me the thing broke down and he had to do major major repairs, replace the whole engine and other stuff, and had to rent a car for two weeks in a touristy location, and amazingly he paid more for the rental ( Euro1,500, or $1,650-$1,700) than for all the repairs, which of course were not done at the dealer (I doubt there was a dealer there anyway)
  • Tassos VW's EV program losses have already been horrific, and with (guess, Caveman!) the Berlin-Brandenburg Gigafactory growing by leaps and bounds, the future was already quite grim for VW and the VW Group.THis shutdown will not be so temporary.The German Government may have to reach in its deep pockets, no matter how much it hates to spend $, and bail it out."too big to fail"?
  • Billccm I had a 1980 TC3 Horizon and that car was as reliable as the sun. Underappreciated for sure.