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You know it’s a slow news week — at least so far — when you get an embargoed release from Infiniti mentioning software updates that will now enable wireless Apple CarPlay on vehicles that came from the factory without that functionality and find it worth a post.

The meat of the release is pretty straightforward. Infiniti is now offering customers the chance to update certain 2020 and 2021 model-year vehicles for no cost and with no other conditions attached.

If you drive a 2020 or 2021 Q50, Q60, QX50, and QX80, you can go to your local Infiniti dealer and get the upgrade.

“Customer satisfaction has always been one of the highest priorities at INFINITI, and we are pleased to bring wireless Apple CarPlay® to owners of the majority of our 2020 and 2021 vehicles,” said Jeff Pope, group vice president, INFINITI Americas. “More than 80 percent of luxury vehicle owners use Apple products, and now these INFINITI owners can go wireless while using CarPlay® in their vehicle.”

Infiniti first offered wireless Apple CarPlay on the QX55 earlier this year.

The free upgrade is available until March 2022.

[Image: Infiniti]

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14 Comments on “Infiniti Schedules Updates to Wireless Apple CarPlay...”

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    “You know it’s a slow news week”
    You told us you don’t do news anymore. If that has changed, there is a ton of automotive-related news out there that you are currently missing.

    “and find it worth a post”
    ‘We’ don’t determine what is worth a post – ‘you’ do. You think that your opinion about what our opinion should be regarding another writer’s opinion about a hypothetical guy’s opinion about other drivers was “worth a post”…
    (My opinion is that it wasn’t.)

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    Big surprise here is “more than 80 percent of luxury vehicle owners use Apple products – that may be a Mac or Airpods rather than in iPhone, but still I didn’t think it was *that* high.

  • avatar

    All 30 recent buyers are believe to be thrilled.

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    Margarets Dad

    “Slow news week” = we should be getting another anti-vax rant soon. Yawn.

    • 0 avatar
      el scotto

      @Nargarets Dad Sir, don’t you know the anti-vaxxers are lurking at the edges to reinstate President Trump who had the election stolen from him by by an old, senile white guy and a totally incompetent woman who only earned her place due to equal opportunity rules. Besides, everyone knows each and every Democrat and everyone who ever voted for a Democrat hates all ICE vehicles worse than semi-automatic weapons, and all ICE vehicle owners should be locked up in a secret federal prison where the guards wear all-black uniforms and silent helicopters fly over the prison compound. Finally, if fracking were allowed to go full-bore it would be 1964 again and gas would be 25 cents a gallon; well OK 27 cents for premium and the civil rights bill would have never been passed. I predict over 5,000 comments when TTAC prints THAT column.

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    Coil springs are fine as long as you don’t overload your pickup. I tend to see most pickup owners sitting at one extreme. The dude who has a pickup as a family sedan and the dude who beats the sh!t out of their truck.

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    The same news is on MacRumors today (free wireless Apple CarPlay from Infiniti).

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    Carlson Fan

    Good grief that’s really hideous. My first truck & first brand new vehicle was a 1993 extra cab Toy PU 4X4. Now that was a good looking truck! And that was important to me as I can’t drive anything I find ugly. No matter how good it is.

  • avatar

    When it’s an automatic, why the clunky phalic shifter thing at most inconvenient spot while your burger and fries have to lean against it until they slide around the console. It’s stupid and do they have to make it look like a manual shifter as if to romanticize it?

    Just put a damn dial on the dash. And or at least extend the armrest to the cup holders for the forearm support.

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