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Stellantis boss Mike Manley is moving on.

Manley was the chief of the Americas for the company, but now the 57-year-old is heading to AutoNation, where he will take over for the retiring Mike Jackson.

Mark Stewart, the chief operating officer for North America, and Antonio Filosa, the chief operating officer for Latin America, will now report directly to Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares.

“After 20 incredible, challenging and enjoyable years, and with Stellantis performing so strongly under Carlos’ leadership, the time feels right for me to open a new chapter,” Manley said in a statement. “Working with Carlos to create this extraordinary company, with the constant support of our shareholders, has been a huge privilege both professionally and personally. I’m so proud of our Stellantis teams for their extraordinary work and I wish Carlos and them every success as they continue their great adventure.”

Manley became executive vice president of planning and sales for Chrysler in 2008. He then became COO for the Asia region before becoming CEO of Jeep in 2009. He later also ran the Ram truck brand.

He became CEO of Chrysler in 2018 when the late Sergio Marchionne resigned due to health issues and later headed the Chrysler side of the business after Fiat Chrysler merged with PSA to become Stellantis. He was in charge of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram.

“Mike Manley brings considerable and comprehensive automotive experience to AutoNation, including strategy, business development, and a focus on operations,” AutoNation Chairman Rick Burdick said in a statement. “Mike’s exceptional performance over the years aligns with AutoNation’s commitment to excellence, a peerless customer experience and innovative industry-leading drive.”

[Image: Stellantis]

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14 Comments on “Manley Overboard: Mike Manley Moving On From Stellantis...”

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    SCE to AUX

    No surprise, given how he got burnt when Stellantis happened.

    • 0 avatar

      Don’t follow this much but I assume Manley prospered under Big Serge but isn’t in with the in crowd with Tavares?
      Jackson was making $14m a year, so this new job looks financially robust.

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        If you are interested in details of Mike Manley compensation package then here it is, direct from from 8-K filing Autonation –

        The Employment Agreement provides that:
        •Mr. Manley will serve as Chief Executive Officer of the Company for an initial
        term of three years, which term will be automatically renewed on the third
        anniversary of the Commencement Date and annually thereafter, unless earlier
        •Mr. Manley’s annual base salary will be $1.3 million, and his target annual
        incentive award commencing in 2022 will be 200% of his annual base salary.
        •Mr. Manley’s annual target long-term incentive opportunity under the Company’s
        long-term incentive program will be $7.2 million measured by grant date value,
        commencing in 2022.
        •Effective as of the Commencement Date, Mr. Manley will be granted an inducement
        award of restricted stock units subject to a three-year installment vesting
        schedule based on continued employment with an aggregate grant date fair value
        of $6.7 million.
        •Mr. Manley will also receive a cash sign-on bonus of $1.5 million on the
        Commencement Date, less required withholding for taxes, subject to certain
        repayment provisions in the event that Mr. Manley terminates his employment
        without “good reason” or is terminated by the Company for “cause” (as such terms
        are defined in the Employment Agreement) prior to the one-year anniversary of
        the Commencement Date.
        •If during the Employment Period the Company terminates Mr. Manley’s employment
        without cause or if he resigns for good reason, then, provided he is in
        compliance with all applicable restrictive covenants and he signs a mutually
        acceptable severance agreement, Mr. Manley will be entitled to receive (i) in a
        lump sum, 1.5 times the sum of his base salary and target annual bonus (or if
        greater, in each case, the base salary or target annual bonus as in effect prior
        to the event giving rise to good reason),

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          So many “rain makers” have been hired by companies only to supremely screw up the brand (ie: Ron Johnson of Apple while at JCPenney).

          Yet, these rain makers still got a guaranteed golden parachute.

          Looks like there are few provisions to keep Mr Manley in check.

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      I wouldn’t be surprised if this backfires on AN. Manley isn’t really a retail guy and that’s what dealer groups need, especially massive ones that can influence manufacturer decisions. CEO should be a sales guy like Reid Bigland or even Tim Kuniskis (the only guy in the entire FCA stable that was able to increase Fiat sales!). Manley just sat around and let better designed Jeeps with nice interiors sell themselves. We saw this before when Cerberus poached a few people from Toyota that didnt do diddly squat for Chrysler.

      • 0 avatar

        Manley was a dealer before he ended up joining an OEM… I think he’ll do a pretty good job at Autonation. Curious to see if Autonation becomes more manufacturer friendly than they currently are

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    I bought my TSX from an Auto Nation dealer. It was about as easy a transaction I’ve had. Maybe they were just glad someone was buying the wagon after being on the lot for almost a year. Either way, don’t screw them up Mr Manley.

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    I would leave too. Stellantis is only going down hill with turning everything to an EV. Dodge and Chrysler are DOA now.

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    Stellantis is trying to sell fleet colors for Jeep Grand Cherokee L and Grand Wagoneer and Wagoneer, at extremely high prices. They will get burned. No fun colors at all. No blues, greens, beige, browns.

    The last generation Grand Cherokee is a better design and better vehicle than that chrome and black gloss ladden new Grand Cherokee L. The designer for the new one should be fired already.

    • 0 avatar

      OK, you don’t like the color choices and styling for this vehicle, so the designer should be fired even before the car goes on sale.

      Bold statement. I hear you got your Doc Brown Edition DeLorean fixed, have been to the future, have seen the Grand Cherokee is going to bomb, and have come to this conclusion, right?

    • 0 avatar

      I googled 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L colors (the current one is a 2021) and it looks like they will be adding six new colors to the total five currently offered. There are two new blues, a dark green, a copper, a “bosenberry” and another one i can’t recall. Why they only offered the five colors initially remains a mystery.

  • avatar

    The last of the six new colors looks to be a brighter red. The colors were show on the site. When exactly these new colors will be added is anybody’s guess. But the sooner the better. The current 4 greyscale and one dark red exterior color are insufficient.

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    Really no big loss for Stellantis. Manley just continued Sergio’s plan. He did nothing for Chrysler. He didn’t want to do any updates for existing products. Stellantis is better off without him.

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    Hate to see him go. You look at the revolving door that is Ford of late, and wonder if they’ll ever get their rollouts right. Two PROMISING debuts in the Explorer and Bronco and they are replete with issues. Shame, really.

    Then there’s Mary and her band of idiots, again failing to act properly on the another recall (this time- the Bolt), and PRAYING that their frivolous lawsuits against other domestic competitors (not the imports, mind you), will garner them the money they aren’t earning on their own vehicles.

    Manley is the picture of an under-the-radar performer. Being thrust into the CEO position and the limelight, he continued the goals of Marchionne (SANS all the double-speak and fanfare) and MADE THE MERGER HAPPEN. I have nothing but respect for this guy.

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