Mike Manley FCA CEO to Head Americas for Stellantis

Jason R. Sakurai
by Jason R. Sakurai
mike manley fca ceo to head americas for stellantis

Mike Manley will head Americas operations for Stellantis, as FCA chairman John Elkann said in a letter to employees today.

In it, Elkann reiterated that Carlos Tavares, currently chairman of French automaker Groupe PSA, will become CEO of Stellantis, the French and Italian-American automaker product of a marriage that is expected to be consummated sometime in the first quarter of 2021. This amalgamation will create the fourth-largest car company by volume, a merger Manley had sought with another French automaker, Renault before an agreement was reached with PSA a year ago.

PSA gets to name six Stellantis board members, while FCA will elect five. Of the eleven, Tavares and Elkann will occupy two seats, while Manley is left out. Prior to Elkann’s announcement, Manley had said he would remain with the company in an unspecified senior executive role.

Manley took over as FCA CEO in July 2018, days before the untimely passing of then-CEO Sergio Marchionne. As Jeep brand head, Ram brand head, and COO of the Asia Pacific region, Manley previously served as executive vice president for international sales and global product planning operations. A Brit, Manley in 2000 teamed up with what was then DaimlerChrysler as UK director of network development.

In the letter, Elkann said, “Mike took the helm of our company under the most difficult of circumstances, leading by example. The following year, 2019, can hardly be described as uneventful, but even so we concluded it by sealing our merger with Groupe PSA and with another set of strong results. 2020, a year none of us could have imagined, required us to reinvent the way we work, and once again Mike has led from the front.”

“Perhaps it should be no surprise that having led the profound transformation and exceptional development of the Jeep and Ram brands before becoming CEO, Mike has taken the rough terrain of the past couple of years in stride. And so, you will understand why that once our merger completes, Mike will be asked to take up the role of Head of Americas, working alongside Carlos and continuing to bring his great experience, energy and drive to making Stellantis the extraordinary company we know it will be,” said Elkann.

While it is unclear exactly what he will be doing as Head of Americas, the letter ended with notice of a Town Hall later today, where Manley is expected to speak.

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  • RHD RHD on Dec 19, 2020

    But will he bring back Plymouth? Can he resuscitate the Mitsubishi captive import program? Will there be a new version of the D-50? I'm being facetious, of course. Once we go all-electric, I'm hoping the classic AMC, Nash, Hudson, Rambler and Chrysler Corporation vehicles will have updated versions as body shells on electric platforms. Imagine a 2025 version of the Marlin, AMX, original Jeep Cherokee, Hudson 8 Convertible, or even a Hudson Hornet. I wonder if the auto designers realize that the sky is the limit, or if they are just going to make electric pedestrian-smashing SUVs.

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    • Scoutdude Scoutdude on Dec 22, 2020

      @Inside Looking Out When Kaiser bought Willys it didn't take them long before they canceled the the Willys Aero. When AMC bought Kaiser-Jeep the Kaiser car line had already been discontinued. When Renault bought AMC they did it for Jeep and to have an outlet for their own cars in the US. When Chrysler Bought AMC from Renault it was for Jeep and it didn't take long until all the AMCs were gone. When Daimler bought Chrysler it didn't take long until they put the Chrysler and Dodge Brands up for sale. It was only out of desperation that they finally relented and sold it as a package deal.

  • Jeff S Jeff S on Dec 20, 2020

    How about an EV Fury SUV?

  • Tassos BTW I thought this silly thing was always called the "Wienermobile".
  • Tassos I have a first cousin with same first and last name as my own, 17 years my junior even tho he is the son of my father's older brother, who has a summer home in the same country I do, and has bought a local A3 5-door hatch kinds thing, quite old by now.Last year he told me the thing broke down and he had to do major major repairs, replace the whole engine and other stuff, and had to rent a car for two weeks in a touristy location, and amazingly he paid more for the rental ( Euro1,500, or $1,650-$1,700) than for all the repairs, which of course were not done at the dealer (I doubt there was a dealer there anyway)
  • Tassos VW's EV program losses have already been horrific, and with (guess, Caveman!) the Berlin-Brandenburg Gigafactory growing by leaps and bounds, the future was already quite grim for VW and the VW Group.THis shutdown will not be so temporary.The German Government may have to reach in its deep pockets, no matter how much it hates to spend $, and bail it out."too big to fail"?
  • Billccm I had a 1980 TC3 Horizon and that car was as reliable as the sun. Underappreciated for sure.
  • Inside Looking Out I did not notice, did they mention climate change? How they are going to fight climate change, racism and gender discrimination. I mean collective Big 3.