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Hyundai’s Veloster is dead.


Don’t worry, performance fans — the one trim that lives on is the high-zoot N.

Yes, you read that right — a brand (mostly) killed a car and kept the best version of it on sale. Usually, it’s the other way around — the cool version gets the ax and the most boring trim soldiers on.

Still, I admit to mixed feelings. The regular Veloster could be a lot cheaper, depending on how it was optioned out, and the R-Spec trim offered performance at an affordable price. The Turbo model balanced comfort and fun and was even available with a clutch, at least at launch.

I never have much cared for the three-door setup, but otherwise have found the Veloster a fun little hatchback that can be fun to drive. Now we’re left with the N, which is a wonderful hot hatch but a bit too stiff-riding for easy commuting.

Still, it’s good to see the N keep on keepin’ on. There are too few sporting machines on the market that are both affordable and excellent at what they do, so kudos to Hyundai for keeping the N.

That said, couldn’t they have shuffled the decks to have the R-Spec be a base performance car, with a Turbo trim for a balance of fun and daily driving?

Fine, we’re stuck with the N. Could be worse.

[Image: Hyundai]

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14 Comments on “Hyundai Kills Most Veloster Trims, Keeps N...”

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    SCE to AUX

    I won’t miss it. Way too small and impractical for me, and I never liked the proportions.

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    I will. One of the kids at my job (temporarily off retirement) has one and it’s kinda neat.

    No doubt this is to make room on the production line for yet another crossover model. I’d less annoyed if the production space was being taken for another EV.

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      Steve Biro

      I’m disappointed that Hyundai didn’t at least save the Turbo model which lists for about $26K. The N starts at $34K, which means not many people are going to buy it. And that means it’s probably only going to last another year or two itself.

      In the meantime, another sporty option is gone for those without a lot of money. The Veloster – particularly this second generation – was much better than its spec sheets might indicate. Many reviewers who tested it simply didn’t “get” the vehicle, being confused by anything that isn’t a hardcore example of a vehicle category.

      Alas, Veloster. Americans didn’t understand you and deserved you even less. Leave them to their trucks, SUVs and CUVs.

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    Missing on Hyundai….. may be Genesis 5L v8.

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    Tim Healey

    No one has made a “mostly dead” Princess Bride reference yet? C’mon y’all

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    Land Ark

    …and then they came for the Veloster and I said nothing because, eh, I really didn’t care for the Veloster…

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    I have an N and love it. I am glad it survives. I admit the Veloster is probably too small and low for most Americans’ large and relatively unhealthy bodies. But it is wise to keep a sporty car in the lineup, and this shows Hyundai is smart

    Actually this does have precedent with VW canceling all Golf lines except the GTI. The small hatchback has become a niche car in our sea of CUVs.

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    Just kill the whole model.

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    To my eyes the Veloster is the least ugly of the current crop coming from Hyundai by a country mile. It’ll be interesting to see if euthanizing the rest of the model line will goose sales with that exclusivity (perceived or otherwise). Has the Veloster been a poor seller.

    I recently watched a Hagerty video about the first Taurus SHO and how, in the presenter’s estimation, it didn’t sell because of the overabundance of standard Tauruses that sold. He surmised that the would-be buyers of the SHO didn’t want to look like a faff with go faster bits on a Taurus.

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    Good on Hyundai for building the Veloster in the first place. I love the styling of the first gen, somehow they made it look chopped and lowered, very clever. How many people were hoping it would goad Toyota into making a hot-hatch for North America? Well they did for Europe of course.

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    Always an awkward design and never really sold in numbers. Seems like they are doing the same thing VW did with the Golf/GTI.

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    Once the model run is over for the Veloster-N, that’ll be the end for the nameplate.

    Unlike for the Golf which still sells in volume in Europe, the Veloster doesn’t sell much in Korea.

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