Tesla Autonomously Rams Deputy's SUV

Jason R. Sakurai
by Jason R. Sakurai
tesla autonomously rams deputy s suv

A Tesla autonomously rammed a Snohomish County, Washington sheriff’s deputy’s Ford Explorer SUV. As reported by Nexstar Media Wire, the incident occurred over the weekend.

The parked SUV sustained heavy damage. There were no injuries to the driver or the deputy. There was no word on the extent of the damages to the Tesla.

The incident took place Saturday, when the deputy responded to a call about a car crashed into a power pole. The SUV was parked on the side of the road with its lights flashing, when less than a minute later, the Tesla electric vehicle struck the stationary patrol vehicle, according to a sheriff’s department statement, posted to Facebook.

The Sheriff’s Department noted autopilot may assist but is not reliable.

In a related story, California’s Department of Motor Vehicles is said to be reviewing whether claims of Tesla autonomously driving violates state regulations by failing to meet the legal definition of self-driving. California prohibits advertising vehicles for sale or lease as autonomous if they can’t meet the regulatory definition.

According to the story, Tesla previously admitted to the DMV that its Full Self Driving (FSD) is actually Level 2 driver assist, and not fully autonomous. In their advertising, Tesla says FSD is a $10,000 option while at the same time noting that their vehicles can’t drive themselves.

Here’s Tesla’s own disclaimer, which says in part: “The currently enabled features require active driver supervision and do not make the vehicle autonomous. The activation and use of these features are dependent on achieving reliability far in excess of human drivers.”

There has been no statement from the Tesla driver.

[Images: Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department]

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  • Tassos BTW I thought this silly thing was always called the "Wienermobile".
  • Tassos I have a first cousin with same first and last name as my own, 17 years my junior even tho he is the son of my father's older brother, who has a summer home in the same country I do, and has bought a local A3 5-door hatch kinds thing, quite old by now.Last year he told me the thing broke down and he had to do major major repairs, replace the whole engine and other stuff, and had to rent a car for two weeks in a touristy location, and amazingly he paid more for the rental ( Euro1,500, or $1,650-$1,700) than for all the repairs, which of course were not done at the dealer (I doubt there was a dealer there anyway)
  • Tassos VW's EV program losses have already been horrific, and with (guess, Caveman!) the Berlin-Brandenburg Gigafactory growing by leaps and bounds, the future was already quite grim for VW and the VW Group.THis shutdown will not be so temporary.The German Government may have to reach in its deep pockets, no matter how much it hates to spend $, and bail it out."too big to fail"?
  • Billccm I had a 1980 TC3 Horizon and that car was as reliable as the sun. Underappreciated for sure.
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