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As much as we like to chide domestic automakers for abandoning traditional cars for the juicier margins of crossover vehicles, they haven’t done away with them entirely. Cadillac even went so far as to introduce Blackwing variants of the CT4-V and the CT5-V in 2021, something many claimed was necessary after the V-Series lost some of its mightiness when the new models arrived. Apparently, General Motors wants its luxury division to keep it up with the Blackwing models while it continues to expand the V-Series lineup.

“The V-Series lineup has expanded,” Cadillac Chief Engineer Tony Roma told GM Authority in a recent interview. “You’re going to see more of that in the future. We’re going to do more V-Series. It’s important to our brand and you’ll see it on other products.”

If you’ve driven the old ATS-V, you know that the CT4-V doesn’t really stack up around the corners or in a straight line. The newer Caddy is more about keeping pace with perceived European rivals while the older one was about making them all your bitch. Prices reflect this, so Cadillac’s biggest crime here is diluting the V-Series name. While it still denotes an uptick in performance, it’s no longer the kind of jump that totally transforms a vehicle — hence the need for the hardcore Blackwing line.

This is where we get slightly worried. If Cadillac starts throwing the V-Series around too liberally, it’s going to lose all meaning. Fortunately, the brand seems to understand that it’s already walking a tightrope when it comes to performance designations.

“Blackwing is reserved for really the pinnacle, the purest expression of performance, track capability, and that’s what it’s going to stand for going forward,” said Roma. “[The CT4-V Blackwing and CT5-V Blacking] won’t be the last Blackwing cars that we do, but you won’t see one on every vehicle. It’s not appropriate. I couldn’t imagine doing an Escalade-V Blackwing. Maybe we’d do an SUV, maybe we’d do an Escalade-V, who knows.”

Cadillac is already supposed to be developing an amped-up Escalade with the same supercharged 6.2-liter LT4 V8 that’s supposed to go into the CT5-V Blackwing. We think GM would be wise to make it part of the V-Series family, as it would showcase that the name does indeed denote enhanced performance. But sticking a Blackwing badge on something that’s pushing three tons and has trouble holding 0.6 Gs of lateral acceleration would only diminish the title.

But what should be the next Blackwing model? The luxury brand has already given its road-hugging vehicles the full treatment, leaving us with a slew of crossover vehicles to choose from. Perhaps the name won’t see much expansion until Cadillac has started its electric vehicle offensive in earnest. We can’t really say, but imagine the world will see a V attached to the tailgate of models like the XT4 and Escalade in the coming years. In fact, we’ve heard rumors that GM is whipping up something speedier for the Chinese market and think it could be an XT6-V. But nobody has been able to confirm anything more than there being numerous models under consideration for future performance applications.

[Images: General Motors]

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20 Comments on “Cadillac to Expand V-Series Performance Lineup, Blackwing...”

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    Tony Roma — The Place for Ribs.

    Tony shows up on Autoline tv wearing a T shirt. He s a real pro. Nothing like looking like a slob to ‘up’ the Cadillac image. 9 Level +++ unclassified staff member without a collared shirt ? Come on man ! (sport coat an added plus)

    The new Caddies? Look real nice. Fine cars I m sure. But, I d NEVER BUY ONE. Been burned too many times by GM. Never once been close to a burn with my Lexus products, Toyotas, Hondas and Subarus.

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    I’ll wait for the Blackwing-V SS Type R Black Series models to appear before making a final decision about these.

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    In a world where the Jeep Wrangler is available with 470 hp, the Mercedes G class is available with 577, and the Ram 1500 is available with 702, and you have a 650 hp supercharged V8 already engineered and sitting on the shelf, it seems almost criminal not to offer it in the Escalade.

    • 0 avatar
      Rick T.

      I couldn’t imagine doing an Escalade-V Blackwing. Maybe we’d do an SUV, maybe we’d do an Escalade-V, who knows.”
      And if HE doesn’t know, who would!

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    I don’t care what they call it, just put the LT1 in the two sedans.

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    If it doesn’t have a V8, it isn’t a V.

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    I’m not buying another Caddy until they also have a line of Whitewings.

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    Yawn. They are farting around with performance cars, in a way that very much reminds me of the way the Germans all imitate each other into homogeny, when what they need to remain relevant is nothing more or less than a Range Rover Sport competitor. At least Lincoln is trying to play in the right segment with the Aviator.

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    SCE to AUX

    Well, here I thought GM declared that Cadillac was going to lead the way on electric vehicles. Making more Vs with ICEs seems counter to that proposition.

    Does anyone talk to each other over there?

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    I can afford any car I want. the last thing I would get is Caddy.

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    As I count them, in the CT4//5 family, Caddy offers a 2 liter, a 2.5 liter, a 3 liter, a 3.6 liter and a big ass v8 engine. I find it would make a lot of sense (and cents) to drop a few engines and work on the details. I would drop the 2 and 3 liter engines first. And offer manual trans in more models, not just the blackwings.

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    I would be quite happy with a CT5-V + trackpack for ~$50-55K – family hauler that can do 5-10 track weekends.

    Don’t need 600+ hp for HPDE events – the 3.6 turbo would be fine. Or an NA V8 with ~400 hp.

    Heck, I might even be ok with the CT5 version of the Camaro 2.0T + trackpack. I need 4 doors for the family. Otherwise, it’s a dedicated track car, and I have many other choices..

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    Can they just put a regular V8 in the lineup, offered in a lower base? Otherwise I love the current Cadillac sedans.

    For the love of god. I’m not looking to set the Burgerkingring on fire. Anything less screams of cheesy and GM corporate CUV engines.

    I’ll just sit and listen to my 4.6 V8 idle, like music to my ears. Or under a load, pulling a steep hill. Stock exhaust, maybe 260 HP, not that fast but great engine.

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    Already there’s a pointy-haired GM boss wondering why they can’t just gin up some V-Line labels and stick ’em on a base Trax along with a stripe package.

    He got the idea from his buddy Hans at BMW.

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    I grew up in the 70s and 80s, and was always a car guy. And I always leaned towards the domestics, particularly GM.
    I have no idea what a Cadillac is now, or what they sell, other than the Escalade.

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    el scotto

    Over at the RenCen, it’s always 1968. GM still believes that surgeons and successful lawyers aspire to drive Cadillacs. GM makes some of the greatest engines in the world in Bowling Green KY. All that is well and good but GM is sticking with their 1968 thinking. Corvette engines only go in Corvettes; well except for the Unicorn Camaro that costs as much as a Corvette anyway. I say make Corvette engines available in ANY rear-wheel drive GM product. Escalades? You bet, like they go off road anyway. Silverados? Again, uh-huh, lets make commuting fun. The guy who owns his own company work van? Like a boss. Instead, GM still believes it’s 1968 and doles out engines that way.

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    Cadillac is chasing BMW, when they really should be chasing Tesla.

    …And they’ve had over 10 years to figure this out, too.

    Whelp, not my problem.

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    “This is where we get slightly worried. If Cadillac starts throwing the V-Series around too liberally, it’s going to lose all meaning.”

    You mean like, eh, Cadillac?

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