Speed On: 178 MPH Jaguar F-PACE SVR for 2021 Rolls Out

speed on 178 mph jaguar f pace svr for 2021 rolls out

Zero to sixty in 3.8 seconds, or 0.3 seconds faster than the outgoing version, the 2021 Jaguar F-PACE SVR is also said to be 2 mph faster, with a top speed of 178 mph. The real question is where outside of Iredell County, North Carolina, scene of NASCAR racer Kyle Busch’s infamous 2011 speeding ticket (128 mph in a 45 mph zone), could you get anywhere near those limits?

What makes the new Jaguar F-PACE SVR faster than ever? Well, a 550-hp, 5.0-liter twin vortex supercharged, 32-valve, dual-overhead-cam V8 engine with a revised torque curve that raises peak output to 516 lb-ft for starters. Then there’s the new-for-2021 Dynamic Launch function, which uses driveline inertia to maintain power to the wheels during gear changes, contributing to its 0-60 MPH times, according to Jaguar an incremental tweak.

All-wheel drive with Adaptive Dynamics suspension technology ensures a precise yet supple ride, while Configurable Dynamics enables the driver to set up the vehicle to suit their personal preferences. A new electronic power-assistance system delivers steering system input and provides greater connectivity between you and the F-PACE SVR. Sounding like an aftermarket enhancement you get from a throttle optimizer, Jaguar has incorporated retuned pedal feel at no additional charge, along with an integrated power brake booster, and improved cooling and brake pads, resulting in a shorter, sportier brake pedal.

Motorsport-inspired design details include aerodynamic benefits derived from new apertures and vents for improved powertrain and brake cooling. The changes are said to deliver a 35 percent reduction in aerodynamic lift and a reduction in drag to 0.36 Cd, yet nothing on the spec sheet indicates this enhances fuel economy or in any way lessens the F-PACE SVR’s environmental impact.

The interior of the new F-PACE SVR has been redesigned, with seat and door inserts and the 12.3-inch HD Interactive Driver Display all finished in Alcantara. Elements such as the central cubby and leather midroll are wrapped in Windsor leather. However, the off-white or light gray interior color in the pre-production images does not inspire outings with your Golden Retriever. The optional slimline, semi-aniline leather sports seats are diamond embroidered with backrest perforation and an embossed SVR logo on the headrests. The dimpled leather Drive Selector may have performance feel, finished with its debossed SVR logo, but it looks clunky. A new SVR split-rim steering wheel fitted with shift paddles that allow for manual gear changes.

As the F-PACE flagship, the F-PACE SVR features all of the advanced technologies including intuitive Pivi Pro infotainment, Software-Over-Air capability, Active Road Noise Cancellation, wireless device charging, the latest advanced driver assistance systems, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

Pricing for F-PACE SVR has yet to be announced. Every new Jaguar vehicle comes with Jaguar’s EliteCare ownership package, which offers a 5-year/60,000-mile new vehicle limited warranty, complimentary scheduled maintenance, 24/7 roadside assistance, and unlimited-mile Jaguar InControl Remote & Protect connected services.

[Images: Jaguar]

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  • Lorenzo Lorenzo on Dec 02, 2020

    For cryin' out loud - give the model a name! What is a F-PACE SVR? Who the frack cares! Call it Whippet, or Quicksilver, or even Speederino, but spare us the stupid letters.

  • Inside Looking Out Inside Looking Out on Dec 02, 2020

    Is there option of buying seats without the rest of the car?

  • Tane94 are both eligible for federal tax credits? That's the big $7,500 question.
  • Jkross22 Toenail says what?
  • MaintenanceCosts This sounds like old-school GM drama!
  • SCE to AUX It's not really a total re-badge since some of the body parts are unique, and the interiors are quite different.As I mentioned the other day, the Tonale has a terrible name and a dim future.As for the Alfa team - guess what, this is how corporate ownership works. You are part of Stellantis partly because you're not viable as a standalone business, and then your overlords decide what's shared among the products.By the way: That Uconnect infotainment system found in Alfas was originally a Chrysler product... you're welcome.
  • Kurkosdr Someone should tell the Alfa Romeo people that they are a badge owned by a French company now.The main reason PSA bought FiatChrysler is that PSA has the technology to enter the luxury market but customers don't want a French luxury car for psychological/mindshare reasons. FiatChrysler has the opposite problem: they have lots of still-respected brands but not always the technology to make good cars. Not to say that if FCA has a good platform, it won't be used in a PSA car.In other words, if those Alfa Romeo buds think that they will remain a silo with their own bespoke platforms and exclusive sheet metal, they are in for a shock. This is just the start.