1992 Land Rover Defender "Spectre" Movie Replica Created

Jason R. Sakurai
by Jason R. Sakurai

A replica of the 1992 Land Rover Defender from the 2015 James Bond movie “Spectre,” has been created by Wilmington, North Carolina’s Osprey Custom Cars, specialists in restomodding classic Land Rover Defenders, Ford Broncos, and Toyota FJs. One of Osprey’s latest, the truck’s outward appearance is identical to that of the movie vehicle, but the similarities begin and end there.

During the 2015 Frankfurt motor show, Jaguar Land Rover revealed three stunt vehicles that were featured in the film, including a special Land Rover Defender that made its debut in Frankfurt. The 24th film in the Bond series, it had as a centerpiece a black Land Rover Defender that was modified with 37-inch diameter off-road tires and body armor to handle the rough terrain of the snow-covered mountains on location.

While the Bond films are known for showcasing Aston Martin vehicles, Jaguar vehicles have also been featured. In 2012’s “Skyfall,” a Land Rover Defender 110 Double Cab pickup and a Jaguar XJ were highlighted.

A drivetrain identical to the movie vehicle wasn’t an option, so Osprey installed a GM 6.2-liter LS3 with 435 horsepower and 428 lb-ft of torque, plus a 6L80E automatic transmission, and a heavy-duty transfer case. Upgraded TDCI axles, brakes and rotors, springs, and shocks were added to the truck, as well as a new track rod, drag link, and an aluminum skid plate.

Exterior upgrades include the Santorini Black paint job, a full 110 external roll cage, 17-inch aluminum wheels, off-road tires, and a full LED light package from front to rear.

The interior was completely revamped with new air conditioning, LED lights, leather upholstery, Recaro heated seats in front, Alcantara headliner, power windows, multiple charging points, and keyless entry. A double DIN stereo with DVD, Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, Apple Car Play, and ten speakers round out the audio system.

To paraphrase James Bond, we thought Christmas only came once a year.

[Images: Osprey, Jaguar Land Rover]

Jason R. Sakurai
Jason R. Sakurai

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  • SCE to AUX SCE to AUX on Dec 11, 2020

    "To paraphrase James Bond, we thought Christmas only came once a year." You are today's winner!

    • FreedMike FreedMike on Dec 11, 2020

      Saw that one in theaters with my (then) mother-in-law, and when Denise Richards' character was introduced as "Christmas Jones," she leaned over to me and said, "I bet you there will be a 'Christmas only comes once a year' joke." Sure enough, it was the last line of the movie. That Bond movie gets a bad rap - aside from the fact that Richards absolutely cannot act, it was pretty darn good, if you ask me. Plus, how often do you get to see a Z8 sawed in half?

  • Lorenzo Lorenzo on Dec 13, 2020

    It looks like George Barris died too soon. Imagine production versions of his TV and movie creations!

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