By on November 4, 2020

Image: Subaru

We’ve already reported that a new Subaru BRZ is on the way. Now we have a date for the unveil.

It’s two weeks from today, on Nov. 18, according to this forum report.

We have a good idea what’s new — vents aft of the front wheels and new taillamps — and the rest will be revealed that Wednesday.

We did get some speculation in our earlier report, suggesting a spring 2021 production start date, power from a 2.4-liter naturally aspirated boxer four-cylinder engine with direct and port dual-injection, and power numbers of217 horsepower and 177 lb-ft of torque. We don’t know about drivetrain or transmission or a potential Toyota version.

We will soon, though.

[Image: Subaru]

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15 Comments on “Subaru BRZ Launch Date Revealed...”

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    Their whole presentation should just be a good looking dyno chart. They have plenty of power to be fun, but the motor is a dog.

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      Buy an old one and swap in an LS/LT. And the engine isn’t that much heavier.

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        Edelbrock makes a supercharger for the current one. I’d trust them over many of the other tuners who make power adders for the current BRZ/GT86.

        However if the new engine can eliminate the “torque dip” in the current one it will put smiles on many faces. I prefer the Miata’s power numbers over the current BRZ/86 but some of us need occasional use back seats.

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        Art Vandelay

        Even if you roll the dice on a straight out junkyard swap you are still going to spend thousands on things like bolting it up to the transmission, electronics to run it and an accessory drive. This assumes the rest of the driveline is up to it (your axle, transmission…It probably isn’t). You are also assuming an aluminum block LS…the cheap motors are the iron block truck motors. I am working an LS swap. Don’t be fooled by the youtube channels. The engine physically fits into stuff easily…thats where the ease ends unless you have a huge wallet. The cheapest standalone fuel injection is prbably the Holley Terminator X…and it is over a grand. You can use the factory stuff, but your complexity goes up.

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        A crate chevy swap would be great assuming you can find a roller doner cheap enough. The problem is these subie engines are under stressed and be racking up the miles. More need to blow up.

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    Thank you. Keep us posted. One of the few bright spots on a vast autoscape of abject misery and suffering.

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    Totally off topic …. Mr Healy …. Check your E mail ….I just sent you a big tip!

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    The BRZ seems just “Toyotally” out of place in Subaru’s conservative vehicle lineup; as if it should’ve been four inches taller, a third less powerful, and equipped with a CVT.

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    Add me to the disappointed camp that the new engine is normally aspirated. would have rather seen the existing 2.0 with the option of a turbo, than a 2.4NA.

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      Especially since Subaru just released an updated turbo motor.

      Subaru – either build a real sports sedan out of the Legacy OR put a turbo in the BRZ!

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        Turbos suck. Or, I suppose more formally accurately, blow. Most certainly in sports cars.

        Bore it (over)squarer, lighten internals, rev it higher……That’s how driving magic is preserved in light sports cars, if more power is required. Not in going to diesel-like high pressure injectors, electric auxiliary booster motors and turbos. And if revs aren’t enough, do it like Enzo: add more throats to the choir.

        Turbos and the rest are fine in combination with autoboxes, where they help one source of dull cancel out another. But in primarily driver centric car; free revving, naturally aspirated and manual, is where magic will always be found.

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