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Electric-vehicle manufacturers often tout their products’ ability to double as a mobile generator for laborers needing a place to plug in their tools. But a few have also suggested a reliable power source would be similarly beneficial for recreational actives. In 2019, Rivian began showcasing the camp kitchen its designers had made fit into the gear tunnel located between the R1T’s truck bed and passenger cabin. Easily deployed, the kitchen comes with an electric stovetop, electric kettle, small sink (fed by a five-gallon water tank), and enough storage space to house the items necessary to cook and serve a meal.

It was looking like an incredibly slick option for woodsy weekend warriors — until we learned the price, that is.

A recent posting on the Rivian Owners Forum noted that the kit was retailing for a whopping $5,000 on the company’s soon to be updated website configurator. Having taken a peak for ourselves using a reservation holder’s login (thanks, Sam), the system doesn’t appear to be a stellar deal. Campers taking a piecemeal approach to the culinary arts could easily cobble together an equally capable propane kitchen for thousands less.

Of course, they’ll be missing out on the countertop made from recycled materials and novel storage solution made possible by the system’s clever design. Though owners really only benefit from how easy it is to store and setup. Since Rivian’s kitchen lives inside the gear tunnel, that space is now wholly devoted to it. A portable stove, water basin, and collapsible table would likely take up substantially less real estate in the bed and could leave the tunnel open for tenting equipment or luggage.

Building a woodland kitchen with similar capabilities could be done for a few hundred bucks, making the $5,000 fee seem borderline ludicrous. But there’s not really anything else like this on the market right now and opting for a popup trailer with a kitchenette of its own would likely take you into five figures. It’s also worth remembering that the First Edition R1T retails for $75,000 and helps define the kind of customers Rivian had in mind when it considered the retractable camp kitchen. They might be the exact kind of person to ready to spend five grand on a micro range/sink before dumping even more money on the 30-piece prep and cookware set from Snow Peak that Rivian is selling separately.

Browsing the website, which will be open to the public on November 23rd, we also learned that the larger 400+ battery pack will come with a $10,000 surcharge and that Rivian plans on offering a fairly diverse array of interior color and wheel options (same for the R1S SUV). Some of those items don’t appear as if they’ll be available on the first batch of EVs, however. The battery at least seems like it won’t be available until the Adventure and Explorer trims drop in January 2022.

[Images: Rivian]

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35 Comments on “Rivian’s Retractable Camp Kitchen Costs $5,000...”

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    REI truck has REI pricing. Who ever saw that coming?

    • 0 avatar

      REI ain’t that expensive (especially the house brand).

      Frankly I’m not sure the REI crowd is going to care about the Rivian, either, because who wants to be out in the deep woods with a vehicle you can’t carry extra fuel for, or take fuel to.

      The electric kitchen just makes it worse, by eating battery power you need to get home, to cook (even if it’s not a serious relative drain).

      (Heck, you could buy a nice camp kitchen setup at REI for a tenth that price.)

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    Going camping to use an electric stove.

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      SCE to AUX

      It’s safer than propane, or heaven forbid, gasoline.

      My in-laws used gasoline-fired stoves for years. It had the Btus to steam a large kettle of clams, for instance, but was overkill for everything else. I’ve always used propane, but leaky seals due to sand ingress or aging tanks don’t build confidence.

      My biggest concern about electric cooking would be the range (ha!) hit.

      • 0 avatar

        YMMV but cooking over an open flame (whether from wood or some other fuel source) is one of the appeals of staying outdoors. If I wanted the “electric flavor” I can just use the stove in my house.

      • 0 avatar
        Matt Posky

        Rivian suggested you could cook for almost an hour using the range and only eat up about 1 mile in range. But that was last year when spokespeople were being careful not to be overly committal with figures. In fact, the person I was speaking to said “1 mile” with her voice going up at the end as if she were asking me a question instead of answering one.

    • 0 avatar

      You’re not going anywhere without a phone with a vaccine QR code after The Great Reset. Get ready for the dark winter.

    • 0 avatar

      Man drives into woods and deliberately starts fire next to electric vehicle! Tune in at 11 to see what happened!

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    I used to think $5,000 was a lot of money. But now I spend that much on toilet paper – every month.

  • avatar

    Still skeptical we’re ever gonna see these trucks.

    Not sure I’d wanna go camping with an electric vehicle… Much easier to carry some spare gasoline.

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    That’s truly amazing. Now how about getting the truck to market? And why would I get this over a mass production EV F-150?

    • 0 avatar
      SCE to AUX

      Are you referring to the EV F-150 that’s also not available? /s

      You ask a fair question. If their range and performance is similar, then it will come down to features, price, and cool factor. Ford won’t be able to optimize the legacy F-150 as an EV, so Rivian may have some practical advantages. Personally, I like the fresh styling of the Rivian much more.

      In reality, Ford’s ‘mass production’ of an electric F-150 may not be that impressive. Rivian *must* go big, but at Ford it’s an optional program they can walk away from with little consequence. I wouldn’t expect great dealer support when they’d rather you bought a 3.5EB.

      • 0 avatar

        Ford and its dealers make a killing off “dealer support” especially post warranty, crash parts, body work and whatnot. If Rivian could do the same, as effectively/fast in as many locations, distribution centers, etc, they would.

        There’s absolutely no way any startup can compete with that.

        There’s a perfectly good reason Rivian doesn’t do EV cars. We already have those. But they conceived EV pickups since there weren’t any on the horizon at the time from the mainstream automakers.

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    “The electric kitchen just makes it worse, by eating battery power you need to get home, to cook”

    They will also sell you a 20 kw diesel powered towable gen set for 20 grand, so no problem.

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    I wonder if that thing is interlocked to drive mode…

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    SCE to AUX

    At Porsche, the 22″ Cayenne Sport wheels in High Gloss Black including Wheel Arch Extensions in body color are $5510.

    When will we have a story about that option?

    At least a camp stove has utility, and I can simply roll it back before breaking camp, instead of just staring at the cool wheels on my Porsche.

    • 0 avatar

      LOL. I have no idea if you’re a Rivian fan or not, but your argument is absurd.

      There is no need to defend ripoff options. Doesn’t matter if it’s a camping stove or corporate crests embossed on headrests.

      It’s all for show. Want a great camping stove? You can spend 6% of the cost of Rivian’s for a REALLY nice camping stove.

      • 0 avatar
        SCE to AUX

        I guess I’m a Rivian fan, but I’m no fan of ripoff options.

        My straw man example was just to illustrate another example of beauty/value and the beholder.

        Personally, I’d rather get a decent aftermarket unit, and I’m not sure having it attached to the truck is very nice, anyway.

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    A pickup truck with a built-in kitchen?

    Is that supposed to be for someone with an active lifestyle or an alternative lifestyle?

    Screw that. Give me a slide-out toilet instead. Over the years, I’ve never been driving down the road and suddenly needed a kitchen, but there’s definitely been times where….

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    Still less money than a restored VW Vanagon Westfalia camper with a Subaru or Porsche repower.

  • avatar

    When did TTAC become infested with MAGAts? I though that’s what Jalopnik was for.

  • avatar

    You’re kidding, right? Jalopnik makes MSNBC look like the Proud Boys….

  • avatar

    I think it’s great. Will I buy one? No. But if you have money to burn and like showing off, why not? It’s a clever concept. If you don’t have money to burn, you’re probably not buying a Rivian.

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