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Ford is recalling over 700,0000 vehicles in North America over poor electrical connections that can put the rearview camera display on the fritz. The feed runs the risk of providing drivers a corrupted image or cutting out intermittently, raising crash risks, and violating present-day vehicle safety mandates. While the tried and true method of turning one’s head and using the mirrors should allow for drama-free parking, Ford is still under obligation to repair these systems.

Documents submitted to the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) have indicated that affected models include Ford’s Edge, Escape, Expedition, Explorer, F-150, F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550, Mustang, Ranger, and Transit vehicles from the 2020 model year. Lincoln will also be recalling the 2020 Lincoln Corsair and Nautilus.

The automaker has said it’s unaware of any accidents relating to the issue and has indicated Magna Electronics as the supplier of the problem parts. It has also known about the issue for some time and decided something was definitely amiss by May of this year. The pandemic forced facilities to shut down right as it was testing for the defect. But Ford managed to shoot off its initial report to the NHTSA and swapped the old camera systems out for new ones once production resumed.

Owners will be notified starting November 7th with Ford and Lincoln dealerships providing fixes free of charge. Although they’d have to anyway since all of these cars should be under warranty. Documents state 620,246 vehicles were affected in the United States with another 76,566 occupying Canada and 4,302 in Mexico. Ford estimates about half will eventually suffer some form of camera failure, though that figure would eventually reach 100 percent on a long enough timeline. As handy as parking assistance systems may be, nothing trumps the mirror when it comes to reliability.

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9 Comments on “Ford Camera Recall Encompasses 700,000 in North America...”

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    SCE to AUX

    Sounds like bad solder joints from a faulty process that left every one of the cameras subject to failure.

    That will be an expensive fix.

    Ford should bundle its myriad recalls so that customers can just visit once for all the work that is required (brake pedals, door locks, cameras… I can’t think of them all).

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    This would put my co-worker’s nose out of joint were it to happen to her. She’s already admitted she doesn’t turn around when parking/reversing.

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    I’m not sure if it’s the same magnitude, but Honda recalled a bunch of vehicles including our 2020 Odyssey for poor rear camera performance or failure. Wonder if it’s the same supplier

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    Built Ford Proud!

    This is what happens when you squeeze suppliers far too much.

    The issues with the Explorer Hybrid are rampant. And even when the hybrid runs, it gets worse gas mileage towing than a HEMI V8 Durango. The new Explorer is just pure garbage. They are still holding Explorers from being delivered because of quality issues.

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    I ve been in hundreds of quote review meetings. Insert car company name here.
    My Price was $X
    Chinesium was $ (X minus 30-40%)

    Blowhard purchasing robot says. We like you. Your quality and delivery are very good. Your plants and engineering offices are close by. But we re going with the Chinesium unless you lower your price 20%.

    So, I lose. No matter what. Lose the work to China or get the PO and lose money on the job.

    Mark these words. Profits are super low industry wide. Especially at Tier 2 and 3. 35% of USA plants are Zombies. Lights are on. Cars are in the parking lots. People that leave are not replaced. “hey you 5 guys that are left- pitch in- make up the short fall. Benefits are chipped and chipped away. When the recession comes, mass plant closings.

    Toyota and Honda and Nissan – A pleasure to work with.
    GM- is a nightmare. As VP of sales I started the policy – “NO Quote” All GM work. As our CEO said when backing me up, ” we will not de capitalize our company to feed the UAW.”
    Ford- Better than GM. I can work with them
    FCA- Best of the domestics.

    • 0 avatar

      “ FCA- Best of the domestics.”

      Oh I believe it. And it shows. Their quality is leaps and bounds above Ford. Yes all brands have their issues but it seems every other week Ford is recalling something. Just disgraceful.

      And it’s all because Mulally was such a disaster and then they hired Hackett (or Mulally 2.0) and he was even worse.

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    My 2015 Mustang developed the same issues. Need to wiggle wires in the trunk for camera to start working again.

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    Now when are FCA going to get around to dimming my Compass’ back-up camera while the headlights are on?!

    That thing will blind a man.

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