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Delayed by a prolonged UAW strike late last year, General Motors announced Monday that that series production of the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 has begun. The very first mid-engine Stingray intended for the passenger market has left the retooled assembly line in Bowling Green, Kentucky, with many more to follow.

Everything you’ve seen up to this point was technically a pre-production model, though there shouldn’t be any big changes forcing you to cancel your order. It’s still powered by a naturally aspirated 6.2-liter V8 (495 hp, 470 lb-ft) and should run to 60 mph in under 3 seconds if you launch it carefully. Even if you aren’t enamored with the styling and prefer the front-engined C7, the C8 represents both a performance bargain and a major technological leap for the model. GM has teased mid-engined Corvettes for decades; now they’re real. 

Done in black-on-black, the first production C8 (top of the page) is as tricked out as it gets until the pricier variants manifest. It’s the 3LT trim, with every available option selected. It’s also spoken for. The car was purchased last month for $3 million at a Barrett-Jackson auction. Since car number one had not yet been assembled, a red C8 prototype appeared on stage in its stead.

Chevrolet says initial deliveries should start up later this month or in early March, depending upon location. However, you could end up waiting much longer to get your hands on one — even if you’ve already placed an order. The strike delay didn’t just postpone the C8’s launch, it pushed back the whole first year of production.

Dealer allocations have reportedly been scaled back for 2020, likely leaving some customers to wait until the 2021 model year arrives in September. Check with your dealership if you already have an order on the books. There’s a chance you may have to wait until Chevy starts assembling the next batch.

[Image: General Motors]

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21 Comments on “Roadblocks Gone, 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Kicks Off Production...”

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    >>Dealer allocations have reportedly been scaled back for 2020, likely leaving some customers to wait until the 2021 model year arrives in September. Check with your dealership if you already have an order on the books. There’s a chance you may have to wait until Chevy starts assembling the next batch<<


    good way to gin up demand – Mercedes did it for years

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    No ones mentioned the drop in fuel economy, how did it go from 17city/29HWY in 2015 to 15city/27hwy in 2020? I understand that losing 2MPG amounts to essentially nothing on a corvette yadda yadda, but GM and everyone made a huge deal about it reaching 29HWY sticker and (apparently) over 30 in some real world cases just a few years back.

    I was convinced with the way the corvette was going and the talk about building the 6.2L that can deactivate up to 7 of the 8 cylinders that we would easily be over 30MPG today.

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      Well the HP is up and nothing is free, so that could explain the drop in MPG. Also to get those super low 0-60 times the gearing has changed as well.

      The system deactivates 4 cylinders. My C7 has gotten 33 MPG in real world driving while cruising at 65 MPH.

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        I understand the additional power but did the new cylinder deactivation system in the LT2 not produce the expected gain or is the DCT trans dragging it down.

        Again not that nearly 500HP at 27MPG Highway is anything to sneeze at but for GM to make such a big deal about it 5 years ago and now not make a single mention on fuel economy is odd.

        Again I don’t want to sound greedy but I haven’t seen anything from GM in the subject, they’re quite quick to toot their own horn.

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      I know right? What a POS! I mean come on 0-60 in 3 seconds in its basic form? Humpf – should get 50 MPG for those kind of numbers. And why $59K???

      Should be $10K CPO with a $2K rebate out of the gate.

      Oh and diesel.

      Oh and it should have 15″ wheels and 457 MM brake rotors, and 60 series tires.

      The panel gaps should be 2mm perfect with no variation, and the interior needs to be made like every other common car interior. Hand stiched by 5 naked Costa Rican children.

      Pffff, lost 2 MPG – trash.

      It should also come in one color.


      And where is the damn 4WD wagon variant while you’re at it.

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      A Hummer fussing over the MPG of a Vette – now that is rich LOL

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        So your not going to take into account GM obsessing over the fuel economy of everything they make and then taking a step back in fuel economy? They asked for the question by making such a big deal about it on the last generation.

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    VIN 001 sold for $3 million (for charity, I know), and you say this is as tricked out as it gets until the even pricier variants are built? Are we expecting to see a $4 million Corvette at next year’s Barrett Jackson?

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      87 Morgan

      You would have to ask Rick Hendrick since he buys just about every VIN 001 vette’ at Barrett Jackson, every year. He has a huge collection of 001 vetted. At this point, it is more of an expectation on GM’s part that Rick will buy it for charity, so the answer to your question depends largely on how many Chevrolets and other cars his 80 franchise dealerships sell.

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      Pricier variants as in Z06, ZR1, etc.
      And yes, when they sell VIN 0001 of those, Hendrick will buy it and some charity will benefit. Ain’t America great?

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    19 C7 Laguna drop. 36×10.

    for kicks.

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    Tele Vision


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    Still an ugly, over-styled mess. Looks like it was designed by a bunch of gamers.

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    Getting rid of those groves on the hood would go a long way in improving the design. There are just too many converging lines on the hood. It distracts from the overall design.

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    The good news is that like all modern Honduhs and Toyoduhs, the C8 will look best when totalled.

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