Brand, or Body? Lincoln Dealer Council Still Warm on Sedans, Points to Tesla

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
brand or body lincoln dealer council still warm on sedans points to tesla

By the end of next year, Lincoln’s lineup will contain not a single passenger car. The decline of the Lincoln sedan has been well covered; you know all about the Fusion-based MKZ fading from the scene this year and the reborn Continental falling victim to declining sales, slated for execution sometime in 2021.

Parting is such sweet sorrow, and Lincoln’s national dealer council isn’t ready to say goodbye. However, the brand held up as an example of sedan success might not be a valid template for other automakers.

“The council continues to talk to the company about still needing to be in the sedan business,” said Tom Lynch, chairman of the Lincoln National Dealer Council, in a recent interview with Automotive News.

“You only have to look at Tesla. If you have a strong product, people are going to want it, and they’re going to want to buy it. What that looks like for Lincoln going forward, I’m not sure of.”

As general manager of a Lincoln dealer in Jacksonville, Florida, Lynch says a brand that abandons a segment that still makes up nearly a third of the American new-vehicle market forfeits any sales it might be able to draw from that pool.

“If we’re not in segments where there still is a good amount of business, I think the company and the dealers lose out,” he said. “So for all those reasons, council still feels like we need to be in the sedan business.”

The problem with the Tesla comparison is that Tesla is not a conventional automaker. While the Model 3 did dominate global EV sales in 2019, selling more than 300,000 examples (sales rose 14 percent in the U.S.), the car’s badge arguably has as much to do with its popularity as its emissions-free drivetrain. The most dogmatic of Tesla diehards see other automakers as insufficiently “pure,” as they still field gas-powered and SUVs alongside their EVs.

Only Tesla can lay claim to a 100-percent green automaker status (minus upstream emissions from manufacturing, power generation, and mining), and that remains a significant part of the brand’s appeal — along with CEO Elon Musk’s status as an industry disruptor and Silicon Valley rock star.

It can easily be argued that Model 3s are popular because they’re Tesla Model 3s. The Los Angeles Times did.

Lincoln has little trouble selling a gas-powered crossover or SUV, but it’s hard to envision a new electric sedan giving Tesla a run for its money. While the brand retains some cachet (Lincoln’s been working strenuously to return some lustre to the badge), it lacks both the mystique of the Palo Alto-based EV maker and the perceived virtue.

Whatever the solution is, the cynic in us sees Lynch’s concerns falling on deaf ears in Dearborn.

[Image: Lincoln]

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  • Arthur Dailey Arthur Dailey on Feb 13, 2020

    It brings a tear to my eye to see a Mark IV waiting for the crusher. Over the past few weeks in the Rare Rides we have seen cars that passed for 'luxury' in Europe and Japan. They could not hold a candle to American land yachts. Even Malaise Era D3 luxury. Why doesn't Ford/Lincoln use some sort of hybrid/electric technology to create a vehicle that is comparable to the Tesla in performance, superior in build quality, and that is as big and baroque as previous old school D3 luxury? Totally off topic, I would greatly appreciate if members of the B&B would send a little positive energy and/or prayers my way. After 62 years of clean living and exercise, I received rather serious medical news yesterday, and will need all the help I can get. Thanks.

  • Ponchoman49 Ponchoman49 on Feb 14, 2020

    The Continental is a sedan that I really wanted to like. They got the engines right for the most part. For 45k they were offering a 305 HP V6 as std. Meanwhile Cadillac had a 268 HP 2.0T 4 banger as std on there flagship CT6 all for 10K more! The interior of the Continental was also quite nice save for a few cheap hard plastic bits and those front seats are very comfortable if odd looking. But the fact this car was yet another Fusion FWD based sedan underneath and the styling made it a tough sell for me. And I never liked those door handles that were integrated into the window molding or the fact they were power operated. I actually looked over a brand new just delivered car in 2018 and was surprised to find that the driver's door refused to close itself. The passenger door worked just fine powering into the closed position. The driver's door meanwhile only went to the first click and then nothing! Yours for the jaw dropping sticker of 76K!

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  • SPPPP It seems like a really nice car that's just still trying to find its customer.
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  • SCE to AUX Somebody got the bill of material mixed up and never caught it.Maybe the stud was for a different version (like the 4xe) which might use a different fuel tank.