UAW Prez Rory Gamble, Aka Mr. Clean, Under Federal Investigation

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
uaw prez rory gamble aka mr clean under federal investigation

UAW President Rory Gamble, who took the helm of a scandal-rocked union following the resignation of former prez Gary Jones late last year, is reportedly under federal investigation himself.

Gamble embarked on a wide-ranging clean-up operation soon after taking the job in the hopes of avoiding federal oversight, while at the same time charting a bribery- and corruption-free path forward for the union. The investigation’s scope is a broad one, peering beneath every stone, and Gamble claims this particular probe is par for the course.

According to The Detroit News, investigators are looking into the financial ties between Gamble, former UAW Vice President Jimmy Settles, and Jason Gordon — one of the UAW’s top vendors. Two sources tell the News that the probe concerns certain UAW-branded merchandise contracts awarded to Gordon.

The probe doesn’t confirm the uncleanliness of Gamble, but prior investigations into other executives turned up kickbacks received in exchange for big-buck contracts to certain vendors. Prosecutors have also fingered both Jones and former president Dennis Williams for involvement in an embezzlement scheme, but haven’t laid charges.

In a statement sent to the News, Gamble said he can take the heat.

“I would not have accepted the role of president if I couldn’t withstand the scrutiny,” Gamble said. “Our union has suffered enough as a result of corrupt leaders. On my watch, we cannot and will not allow financial improprieties to rob our members of their hard-earned dollars. My sole focus as president is to strengthen the union’s financial controls, oversight and accounting system — and most importantly, to restore the trust of our union members.”

Sources claim cash payments entered the pockets of UAW officials at the Bouzouki Greektown, a Detroit strip club. Through his lawyer, Gamble claims the allegations are unfounded.

UAW spokesman Brian Rothenberg said Gamble “never took one red cent personally from Mr. Gordon or directly solicited anything from Mr. Gordon.” He added that Gamble “has never been to that establishment with Mr. Gordon,” saying, “It simply is not true and never happened.”

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  • Lokki Lokki on Jan 09, 2020

    Despite the recent convictions of other UAW officials, I don’t think that we should presume by any means that an investigation of Mr. Gamble means that the Feds already have any indications of wrong-doing. It’s simply that the Feds would be remiss if they did not examine him... After all, when you find two bad apples in a row, it’s only common sense to take a careful look at the third Apple. For the sake of UAW workers, here’s hoping that this turns out to merely be a pro forma investigation, and that Mr Gamble leads the UAW well.

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