QOTD: Back From the Dead?

qotd back from the dead

Steph brought us news on Friday about Hummer’s imminent return. In an about-face from the gas-guzzling image it cultivated fifteen years ago, earning it scorn and ridicule from the wheat-n-grain types, the name is going to be appended to an electric pickup.

Sure, it isn’t going to be a standalone brand, instead as part of the GMC fold and perhaps even as “Hummer by GMC”. The latter spawns images of “Chrysler TC by Maserati”, but nevertheless. Our question for you today is this: which of GM’s purged brands would you bring back, should RenCen suddenly hand you the levers of power?

Certainly, there had to be some wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth in certain corner offices at GM in the SUV-heavy decade that followed the binning of Hummer during the company’s stroll through bankruptcy. Can you imagine the profit center that a fleet of H2, H3, H3T, and the inevitable H4 would have created? They even had alphanumeric names before Johann showed up at Cadillac. The mind reels.

Attentive readers will likely predict my vote for Pontiac, a brand for those who wanted to be brash on a budget. It’s always dangerous to look at the ’90s through rose-colored glasses, but I dare you to look at this Grand Prix and tell me it’s not an attractive car, build quality be damned.

Now we know Hummer’s on the way back to America’s highways, what’s your pick from the dustbin of GM history?

[images: GM, Car Brochures]

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  • Railroadjim Railroadjim on Jan 15, 2020

    I would definitely have to go with Pontiac as being a performance sub-brand, similar to what Bob Lutz had in mind with the entire brand. Seeing the aftermarket versions of the Trans-Am really make me wish that GM would do their own version. Then again, I am a Trans-Am and G8 owner, so I'm a bit biased....

  • Jeff S Jeff S on Jan 15, 2020

    "Just make Chevy cars and truck so good and offer higher trims/luxury/performance, if not quality, that buyers won’t be as repelled by “Chevrolet” or the Bowtie, and or feel a vomit coming on at the thought." "Also tone down the damn Bowtie. You don’t need to see if from 50 car lengths, especially at the front. Two inches across would suffice, we know who makes it." Denver Mike I couldn't have said it better. GM in the past has made great vehicles that have become legends. Once a brand makes bad products it is much harder to get a reputation back. Bringing back old names such as Blazer, Malibu, Hummer, and etc. is not going to get customers back or grow the brand if the product is sub-par. The same thing goes for Ford and FCA.

  • 285exp I am quite sure that it is a complete coincidence that they have announced a $7k price increase the same week that the current administration has passed legislation extending the $7k tax credit that was set to expire. Yep, not at all related.
  • Syke Is it possible to switch the pure EV drive on and off? Given the wonderful throttle response of an EV, I could see the desirability of this for a serious off-roader. Run straight ICE to get to your off-roading site, switch over the EV drive during the off-road section, then back to ICE for the road trip back home.
  • ToolGuy Historical Perspective Moment:• First-gen Bronco debuted in MY1966• OJ Simpson Bronco chase was in 1994• 1966 to 1994 = 28 years• 1994 to now = 28 yearsFeel old yet?
  • Ronnie Schreiber From where is all that electricity needed to power an EV transportation system going to come? Ironically, the only EV evangelist that I know of who even mentions the fragile nature of our electrical grid is Elon Musk. None of the politicians pushing EVs go anywhere near it, well, unless they are advocating for unreliable renewables like wind and solar.
  • FreedMike I just don’t see the market here - I think about 1.2% of Jeep drivers are going to be sold on the fuel cost savings here. And the fuel cost savings are pretty minimal, per the EPA: https://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/PowerSearch.do?action=noform&path=1&year1=2022&year2=2022&make=Jeep&baseModel=Wrangler&srchtyp=ymm&pageno=1&rowLimit=50Annual fuel costs for this vehicle are $2200 and $2750 for the equivalent base turbo-four model. I don’t get it.