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Pantera, the real one

Former Lancia CEO Gianmario Rossignolo has bought the De Tomaso trademark, says Der KFZ-Betrieb in Germany. In a former Pininfarina plant near Torino, 8000 De Tomasos are planned to be produced. A new De Tomaso will be shown at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show.

Three models are on the whiteboard: A luxury sedan (3000 units,) a sporty coupe(2000 units,) and a crossover SUV (3000 units.)

Argentinean racer De Tomaso launched the company 1959 in Modena. De Tomaso produced a series of highly regarded low-volume sports cars. Lewd thoughts of the Mangusta or the Pantera still make geriatric connoisseurs drool. (How’s that for an excuse …) A year after De Tomaso’s death in 2003, the company followed him into the grave.

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13 Comments on “De Tomaso Back From The Dead...”

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    So how many years do you think it will be Best & Brightest before were seeing articles like this about GM and Chrysler?  (How many years they got left and then how many years later will someone try to resurrect the brand for “cachet”?

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    They could sell the car pictured which doesn’t look to me exactly like the old Pantera, the sail panel looks higher down the rear deck line. If they could produce a car like the old Pantera or Mangusta and price it at the premium it was to the Corvette (std. model) at the time LM dealers sold Panteras even at the MSRP of the Ford GT they would probably find a receptive market. If they price it at $200k+ I think they’ll have a hard time competing against Ferrari/Lamborghini.

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      True.  And this breaking story doesn’t tell us whose engines and transmissions will be used to power the things.  That was in a way one of the advantages of the old De Tomaso, the Ford V8 ones could have their work done at any Ford Dealer.  Fiat ought to step in and offer Hemi V8s to this reincarnated company.

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    John Horner

    I’m not sure Fiat would be keen to help a potential Ferrari and Maserati competitor. Ford, on the other hand, would have nothing to loose and much to gain by having a halo car in Lincoln dealerships again.

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      Yeah! But this car is SO far beyond the cachet and capabilities of any American brand dealer – unless they have a Lexus or other associated franchise.  They could just never give the level of service that would have many people buy one of these, there.

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    In fact, the more I look at the picture that is not the Pantera that was sold in the U.S. I’m not sure if it’s a new prototype or an old one but it’s an excellent looking car. No need to design anything new if this isn’t, it would sell if priced properly.

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    Paul Niedermeyer

    The picture is not of the Pantera. Note how it’s spelled: “Panthera”??

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      Paul Niedermeyer

      I changed the picture to a real DeTomaso Pantera to avoid confusion. The “Panthera” concept shown earlier was a speculative design by a German designer a few years back.

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    I thought the car was so good looking I didn’t bother to check the spelling on the rocker panel. You should repost that picture along with the Pantera.

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    If it has a supercharged Coyote V8 in a supercar-like body, this thing could be a hit.  Every one of the Ford GT owners are gonna want one to add to their collection.

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    I remember how the Pantera was sold through Lincoln/Mercury Dealerships along with the Mercury Capri in the early 70s. Hopefully the new and improved version will be free of the overheating. I still remember seeing these cars barely off the showroom floor in the shop with issues.

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    De Tomaso produced a series of highly regarded low-volume sports cars. Lewd thoughts of the Mangusta or the Pantera still make geriatric connoisseurs drool.
    Mangusta? As lovely to look at as it was horrible to drive. Pantera? Once sorted, pretty nice – and you either love the boy-racer GT-5 or you don’t.
    (Much like the Countach, you either dig the early form or the bespoilered evolution. Few like both. But I digress…)
    Longchamp?  Save for the hardcore whackos – such as myself – how many people have ever even heard of it, let alone seen one.
    I’ve heard the Guara is/was a pretty sweet piece, but having never seen or driven one personally, I reserve judgement. But it looks cool.
    I just hope the SUV isn’t LaForza part deux…

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    Kristjan Ambroz

    I hope it comes complete with De Tomaso style shirts (left cuff designed so you can wear a watch over it, in Alejandro’s fashion) :) I guess the other aspect – rebadging the cars and selling them as Maseratis will not happen this time around…

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