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In a matter of days, we’ll have a first drive review of the Hyundai Venue for you to peruse. That tiny vehicle’s introduction to the crossover market pertains to this story, as it’s yet another small, cargo-happy vehicle the Ford EcoSport — a vehicle that was aging even before its arrival on these shores — must face in 2020.

As one can expected from a new model-year vehicle, the EcoSport saw a price increase for 2020, but just as suddenly, it didn’t.

As noticed by CarsDirect, the $490 removed from the entry price of a base EcoSport S last week puts the subcompact, Indian-born crossover right back where it started. The model’s current $19,999 pre-destination MSRP is the same as when the EcoSport appeared in January of 2018.

In a letter to dealers, Ford said the “competitive pricing action” applies only to the entry-level S, with loftier trims keeping their original 2020 price alterations.

Add destination, and the cheapest new EcoSport you’ll come across retails for $21,090. On paper, anyway. Generous dealer cash available for EcoSport intenders (especially for lessees) will push that price downwards quite a bit, which should give the model a helping hand in fighting off a growing number of competitors.

Since it appeared on the sales charts in January 2018, the EcoSport has seen the introduction of the low-priced Nissan Kicks, which undercuts the Blue Oval offering, and the new Venue, which also dives below the EcoSport’s starting price. A base 2020 Kicks S begins at $19,965 after destination, while the Venue SE’s floor is pegged at $18,345. All three of these vehicles are front-drive in entry-level spec (and in the case of the Kicks, all specs).

Before long, the pint-sized Ford will have to contend with the larger and more powerful Chevrolet Trailblazer, a tweener model positioned between the  subcompact and compact classes. That model, which in this writer’s eye looks a damn sight better than the EcoSport, just happens to start at $19,995 after destination.

Ford will either have to keep those incentives flowing or come up with a newer, better EcoSport.

[Image: Ford]

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39 Comments on “Pricing Switcheroo As Ford EcoSport Faces New Rivals...”

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    Can you imagine someone spending $20k on this? I think a Mirage would be a step up.

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      Not much difference.

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      I wouldn’t be caught dead in an Ecodork (Dorkosport? Eh, gimme more time) but the Mirage is barely even a car. It handles like a shopping cart and is downright dangerous on a highway ramp. The “Oh the Mirage isn’t THAT bad” hot takes have got to stop.

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        Both designed for and assembled in Third World markets and both sporting weak powertrains. Maybe one platform is superior to the other, I dunno, but on paper they are very similar.

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        There’s always one “dangerous to merge with” comment, and it’s always equally ridiculous.

        It’s possible to merge perfectly safety in a motorcoach with a top speed of 65 mph and an 0-60 time exceeding a minute.

        If you want to experience a real unsafe merge, try merging into 35 mph traffic when a lane ends on a bicycle going 15 mph.

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    To be fair, the base price for the Venue is for a stick shift model, which nobody will buy (TTAC readers excepted). Of the 3500+ Venues listed for sale on, exactly 140 of them have clutch pedals, or approximately 4%. The actual base price of a Venue with CVT is $19,545, including freight.

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    “Since it appeared on the sales charts in January 2018, the EcoSport has seen the introduction of the low-priced Nissan Kicks, which undercuts the Blue Oval offering, and the new Venue, which also dives below the EcoSport’s starting price. A base 2020 Kicks S begins at $19,965 after destination, while the Venue SE’s floor is pegged at $18,345. All three of these vehicles are front-drive in entry-level spec (and in the case of the Kicks, all specs).”

    Probably for the first time I can remember the Hyundai sounds like the only buy among the models specified.

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    Competition in this set is good. As I don’t have a lot of options left in compact cars; this segment, or one-half a segment up is where my next commute car comes from. Nothing excites me of the offerings here yet, but maybe someone will put out something I like in the next couple years.

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    One of my DD’s is a Tahoe Z71 that I paid thousands less than 20 Grand for, years ago, and has been a model of comfort, capability and dependability. And can tote 7 humans if needed as well. I really cannot imagine dropping 20 Grand on an Ecosport, even if that got you a loaded one. I see them all over, though, so people are buying them for whatever reason. I guess you just need to REALLY love new car smell.

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      Around here, the Ford dealers that ordered (or were forced to take) a bunch of EcoSports in 2019 are still sitting on them, even with 20-25% MSRP discounts. Apparently no one wants to buy a sub-par, low-budget Ford CUV that is made in India. I see more Buick Encore models sold by comparison, and its not too hard to figure out why…

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      CKNSLS Sierra SLT


      I don’t know if you bought your Tahoe new or used 20 years ago. Perhaps a little research is needed to see what new and used ones go for. I know you can’t touch a 2 or 3 year old used one (with appropriate miles) for much less than $40,000.00

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        Not sure where you came up with 2-3 years old or 40 Grand figures, but mine is a 2006 and I bought it several years ago in close to flawless condition from its first owner. And even 14 years old today, it’s still 5 times the vehicle an Ecosport is (yes I have driven one).

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          CKNSLS Sierra SLT

          A 2017 Suburban LT with 45,000 miles trade in is worth $32,000.00 (high book). I checked the “standard Equipment” box on What ever that includes. So yes-it’s going to be close to $40,000.00 retail.

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    Ford needs to replace this ASAP with the Puma.

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    This thing sucks. That’s how every review should start and end on this POS.

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    take $5k off it and then it might be competitive

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    This thing is embarrassing to see much less be seen in. A Trax feels like a Duesenberg in comparison.

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    Well someone is buying them as it came in second in the class for 2019 out selling the Kicks and CH-R in the process. Not bad for a stop gap solution.

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    I see these little things out there… not sure who buys ’em but someone is.

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    Not sure why Ford even bothered bringing the Ecosport to the US market. It is really too small, and way underpowered. Furthermore, using an iron block for the engine makes it heavy, and kills any chance at performance it would have had.

    This SUV seems to have little potential for the US market, and Ford would be wise to pull it, and bring the more capable Puma, recently introduced in Europe over to the US. It has a 3 cylinder turbo, with options for mild hybrid, that make it a lot more driveable that any Ecosport.

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      The weight difference between iron and aluminum blocks on a 1.0L 3 cylinder is probably 25 lb or less.

      There’s plenty of reasons to dislike this vehicle as is we don’t need to invent ones that don’t exist.

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    I sat in a Venue at a car show this past weekend. There is no way I’d buy an Ecosport (which I also sat in) over the Venue.

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    Guy A

    The new CX-30 kills this for space, style and quality for a very similar $21k.

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    I can’t imagine how anyone with functioning eyes and ears would pick an Ecosport over either a Kicks or a Venue. (Or, at the same price, over a decently equipped Civic, but muh ride height.)

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    Lets see, after posting story after story about the insipid Ecosport, and the resulting rabblerabblerabble hatefest on Ford it received, how can we copy that formula? Do an ace of base on the same car again for the 10th time? Naw. There be one on the Mirage next week.
    OH I know, another Ecosport hatefest! YES!

    *Sounds of furiously clicking intensifies*


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