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Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
presenting the upcoming ford sorento 8230

Alright, stop yer squawking. Different people see different things in a vehicle’s styling and it all amounts to a pile of nothing, but it’s hard to look at these leaked shots of the 2021 Kia Sorento and not think about the folks in Dearborn.

Photos posted by Instagram user onecar.1 appear to show the next-generation Sorento in its native South Korean habitat, enjoying a dreary rainy day with its protective wrap uncovered.

Up front, the midsizer sports Kia’s signature Tiger Nose grille, this one filled with mesh resembling chain links, which blends outward into triple-cell LED headlamps. It gives off a whiff of Explorer, in this author’s opinion.

Out back, twin rectangular taillamps stand upright on either side of the liftgate, bringing to mind cut-down Mustang housings (or that of an early-’80s Mercury Cougar coupe). None of this is to say the upcoming Sorento doesn’t improve in the looks department. With the arrival of the top-flight Telluride, Kia’s big-crossover design has taken a turn for the burly, and that’s not a bad thing. The Sorento looks to continue that design drift.

Inside, we can see a wide dashtop touchscreen that the industry can’t seem to do without, joined by a digital screen in place of a traditional gauge layout. This is almost certainly an uplevel feature reserved for the most well-monied of Sorento buyers.

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What we can’t see in these shots is anything aft of the front seats, so it isn’t known whether the Sorento will return to the lineup as a two-row-only model, one with an optional third row, or keep the same recipe as before. For 2019, Kia made third-row seats standard, but the arrival of the Telluride may have changed Kia’s strategy.

The model’s Korean debut isn’t far off, so stay tuned on that.

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  • 902Chris 902Chris on Jan 30, 2020

    "For 2019, Kia made third-row seats standard" - Not in Canada. We have to cough up almost 6K and opt for the V6 to get a 3rd row. Kia is no longer the affordable people hauler. There aren't many choices left. 6+ seats and AWD for under $40K CAD ($30K USD?) is long gone (Mitsubishi Outlander notwithstanding).

  • Roberto Esponja Roberto Esponja on Feb 03, 2020

    Well, it does have 1960 Edsel tail lights...

  • MaintenanceCosts All I want is one more cylinder. One more cylinder and I would happily pay the diesel fraud company almost whatever they wanted for it.
  • SPPPP US like Citroen - nothing moves.
  • Jeff S Corey--Thanks again for this serious and despite the lack of comments this is an excellent series. Powell Crosley does not get enough recognition and is largely forgotten even in his hometown of Cincinnati although the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Airport has 2 Crosley cars on display. Crosley revolutionized radios by making an affordable radio that the masses could afford similar to what Henry Ford did with the Model T. Both Crosley and Ford did not invent the radio and the car but they made them widespread by making them affordable. I did not know about the Icyball but I did know about Crosley refrigerators, airplanes, cars, and radios.
  • Oberkanone C5 Aircross is the only vehicle that would have any appeal in North America. Can't see it doing well with Citroen badge, maybe a chance with Chrysler badge.
  • Oberkanone 1921 thru 1936 are the best