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Today’s Rare Ride hails from a brand which ceased its operations decades ago. At its peak, it never produced more than a couple thousand cars a year. Said vehicles were largely confined to sales in Europe, and specifically within Italy.

Let’s learn about the brand behind this little red Moretti 750.

 The Moretti brand was founded as a motorcycle company in 1925 by Giovanni Moretti. Initially producing motorcycles designed by other companies under license, it created some original designs, as well. After a short time building micro cars through the Thirties, Moretti switched modes to commercial vehicles after the onset of WWII. The brand offered small electric trucks, plus a tiny electric MPV which could hold seven people.

After the war, Moretti returned to passenger cars. By the early Fifties, the company had introduced its most successful lineup with the 750. From its single platform, Moretti derived sedans, coupes, race cars, commercial vehicles, and wagons. The 750 most often documented is the Gran Sport, which used its tuned twin-cam 750 cc engine and lightweight roof-free construction to race. Gran Sports took part in the Mille Miglia and 24 Hours of Le Mans circa 1956.

Less prestigious (but also less documented) is the 750 two-door sedan featured here. It has an unknown overhead cam engine and a passenger-friendly sedan shape. Because Moretti vehicles were designed from the ground up in-house, they were more expensive than offerings from Italian brands that produced cars on a larger scale. The high price translated into slow sales, and suddenly the company’s smallness became a big issue. Moretti changed tack again.

By the end of the Fifties, it was no longer feasible to develop new standalone models. To cut costs all round, Moretti cars switched over to Fiat’s chassis and mechanicals, but kept their own bodies. But coachwork was an expensive habit, and the small and expensive Morettis could not compete with offerings like the Fiat 600.

Perhaps it was time for another change in approach.

Moretti’s founder was close personal friends with Gianni Agnelli, wealthy industrialist and major Fiat shareholder. Through this connection, Moretti maintained contracts to use Fiat platforms for new low-volume cars. Several Fiat models were slightly revised in the Sixties and Seventies. Afterward, they closely resembled Fiat models, but still contained some unique features. Still, production continued to decline, from 2,600 cars circa 1967 to just over 1,000 in 1974.

Floundering, Moretti continued to offer niche products for the customer whose needs were not fulfilled by the multitude of standard-build Fiats. The end was in sight by the early Eighties, as the company was down to a single cabriolet version of the Fiat Uno. Moretti folded up shop in December of 1989.

Today’s tidy 750 is for sale in Italy for an undisclosed sum. Parts are surely not too difficult to source.

[Images: seller]

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18 Comments on “Rare Rides: The Forgotten Moretti 750 From 1954...”

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    Arthur Dailey

    “a tiny electric MPV which could hold seven people.” That caught my attention. Googled and found a picture of one. Doesn’t look to safe or comfortable but still, were they merely 7 decades ahead of their time?

    • 0 avatar

      The only picture I found was a CGI thing somebody made. They must not exist in the real world any more (?).

      Also I realized, think this is the only vehicle I’ve ever seen with a dangling fender indicator.

    • 0 avatar

      “were they merely 7 decades ahead of their time?”

      No, they were five decades behind the times. The problem is that some people today can be talking into troglodytic aspirations.

      • 0 avatar
        Arthur Dailey

        Pinterest has a picture/drawing of one from a black add white Moretti advert (yes its in Italian). Sorry, I could not figure out how to link it or post a link to it.

        7 passenger = 3 row SUV the current market favourite.
        Electric = What many manufacturers have stated they are designing/engineering for.

        Therefore, yes 7 decades in advance of market trends. Perhaps the ‘perfect’ Uber vehicle?

        And as discussed previously, petroleum powered internal combustion engines are less efficient, require greater maintenance, and in general are inferior in many applications to electric motors. Gasoline originally won due to its abundance, transportablity, and cost advantages.

        I eagerly await being able to stop sending my money to the petroleum industry/landowners and to drive vehicles whose design is no longer dictated by CAFE and other mileage/efficiency restraints.

        I dream of owning/driving an electric or hybrid modern interpretation of ’59 Cadillac.

        • 0 avatar

          So you’d rather make lithium warlords and cobalt mine child-slavers the richest people on earth than prevent impoverishing Aberta? We have people like that here too.

          If EVs are more efficient than ICE cars, why do ICE cars have to subsidize EVs?

          • 0 avatar
            Arthur Dailey

            The technology that we see now is not the technology that will eventually triumph.

            Tesla et al are just holding a spot for the eventual winner.

            Meanwhile while Saudi Arabia is still ‘ground zero’ for Wahhabism and therefore the major philosophical and monetary source of ‘radical’ (ultra-conservative) Islamism, I am in favour of anything that restricts their funds.

          • 0 avatar

            Is Alberta Wahabi? How about Colorado? Texas? Alaska? North America can be energy independent without a single EV. We can literally stop exporting our wealth by the boxcar to monsters, or we can adopt EVs and export our wealth to worse people than Wahabis.

            Does it seem odd that Castro-Jr-in-blackface champions ‘ultra-conservative’ Islam? What could they have in common? Aisha could have answered that.

          • 0 avatar
            Arthur Dailey

            Worse than the people who conducted 9-11 or the recent shooting at the Pensacola Naval Station?
            Or who sanctioned the state murder of a journalist?
            Or who still stone people and have the most restrictive social rules on the planet?

            And North America cannot stand alone.

            Cutting off petro-dollars is the key to defeating Islamic terrorism. And therefore stabilizing the mid-east, parts of Africa and Asia and defusing the related internal terrorism in the rest of the world.

          • 0 avatar

            They people about to become more wealthy than the House of Saud because of global Marxism conduct genocide and use child slaves as miners, but I guess you don’t care as much about brown victims as you do about your efforts to destroy the middle class.

            How exactly does the US and Canada consuming our own oil enrich Islamic terrorists? You want to stop funding terror? Flood the markets with North American oil and make the rest of the world pay for middle east stability with their own blood and money. You’ve been sold a bill of goods by evil people. Don’t be their instrument.

          • 0 avatar
            Arthur Dailey

            Todd: your logic is fallacious. North American ‘oil’ is more expensive to extract than middle east oil.

            So we can’t “flood the market”.

            Cutting off petro dollars = defunding of terrorism.

            As for the mining of batteries, that is much easier to control. In the same way that clothing/athletic wear companies are controlling their supply chains.

            And what was written is that electric motors are more efficient. And I am fairly sure that you know that.

          • 0 avatar

            Did you see the part where I said to let the rest of the world pay for middle eastern stability? That will make our oil look awfully cheap. Never question the superiority of my logic.

          • 0 avatar

            “And what was written is that electric motors are more efficient. And I am fairly sure that you know that.”

            This is meaningless when the only efficient way to provide energy to an electric motor is with a cord.

  • avatar

    Looks like one of those made-up midcentury cars in “The Incredibles.”

  • avatar

    I’m not familiar with Moretti 750 sedans, but their 750 Gran Sports were competitive small displacement racers with twin-cam engines. It is odd that there are no underhood shots with this listing, as the Moretti 750 engine is a thing of beauty. I wonder if this lumpy sedan has a different source of motivation?

  • avatar

    Adorable! Love those neat little indicators hanging above the front tires.

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