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daimler ag

Before long, there’ll be hip-hop songs written about what went on in the back of Mercedes-Maybach’s largest offering.

Revealed Thursday, the Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4Matic is essentially a Mercedes-Benz GLS that’s been to finishing school, put on airs, and is now ready to float above the riff-raff at a cruising altitude of 40,000 feet, sipping on champagne all the way. The automaker provides the silver flutes for just such a drinking experience, as well as the (three-bottle) fridge.

Interestingly, Mercedes-Maybach’s product boss implied that the vehicle’s customers might be used to viewing the world from such a lofty height.

Dispensing with the third-row seats found in the Mercedes-Benz GLS, Maybach’s creation offers no more than five seating positions, but it seems you’ll be much more pampered in four-seater guise. Yes, this monstrous, full-size SUV can be had as a 2+2, which is two occupants less than the executive cabin of most Learjets.

Stretching out will not be a problem, what with the reclining outboard seats. Indeed, crafting a Maybach SUV was a no-brainer, given the way the industry’s going.

daimler ag

“The SUV vehicle concept has a major advantage for the luxury segment: the high seating position. In combination with the running boards, this makes access and egress outstandingly easy and convenient,” said Martin Hülder, head of product management at Mercedes-Maybach, in a statement.

He added, perhaps metaphorically, “Furthermore, the raised position gives the occupants a different perspective of the surroundings, and many Mercedes-Maybach customers greatly appreciate this.”


Powering this hulking luxo-barge is a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 (numbers mean nothing these days, so attribute the “600” designation to the vehicle’s status, not its displacement), good for 550 horsepower and 538 lb-ft of torque, that routes its grunt to all four wheels through a beefed-up 9G-Tronic automatic. There’s a hidden power punch, too, in the form of a 48-volt mild hybrid system.

Called EQ Boost, the belt-starter generator adds up to 21 additional horsepower and 184 lb-ft when the driver (chauffeur) pins the throttle. EPA-estimated fuel economy figures are not yet available, but you can be sure this particular performance figure is something few buyers will concern themselves with.


Yes, it’s all about the luxury here — from the Airmatic suspension that drops 25 mm at rest to the available 22- and 23-inch wheels, the 6.8-feet-long anodized aluminum running boards that deploy and retract in 1.5 seconds, the eight two-tone color combinations, all the way down to the backrest-mounted MBUX rear-seat entertainment system and specially crafted fragrance. That scent is white osmanthus blossom, by the way.

Like the full-length console with fridge, a bespoke smell can be ordered to jazz up the vehicle’s cabin. Just tick the box for the Air Balance package and await the aroma of leather and spicy tea. Mercedes-Maybach claims its testers found it to be “floral and light.”


Obviously, there’s enough niceties — both comfort and safety-related — in this vehicle to make a Rockefeller blush, so do we really need to list them? Mercedes-Maybach would be happy, perhaps, to tell you more in person. Wear your Sunday best.

The GLS 600 4Matic goes on sale in the U.S. in the latter half of 2020. Watch for its distinctive face in music videos shortly thereafter.


[Images: Daimler AG]

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41 Comments on “Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4Matic: A Bigger Luxury...”

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    They deadass went to Home Depot to get chicken wire for the front bumper and then put it across the whole damn thing.

  • avatar
    R Henry

    The online chatter yesterday about the Aston-Martin SUV had me thinking we had reached peak-SUV idiocy. I was wrong.

  • avatar

    The concept is right. Today’s rich people want SUVs instead of sedans. It was about time someone built one in a 4-seat ultra-luxury configuration rather than a family one.

    But the execution is SO awful and ugly. Put this same interior into something that looks just like a regular old GL-class on the outside, maybe with an extra chrome strip or fancy tailpipes to alert the cognoscenti, and you might have something.

  • avatar

    Oh you laugh, and say it’s unnecessary but just the other day four of my wives went shopping and the chauffeur couldn’t get everything in the trunk. There was a big fight about whose packages had to be delivered by messenger and whose would go home with them. So, totally worth it.

  • avatar

    It looks like Kia found a buyer for their unamortized Borrego tooling. The interior looks fancy. It’s a limo for blending into a dystopian hellscape.

  • avatar

    Well it’s about time! MB keeps trying to bring back the Maybach, but kept making it a sedan. Now they finally figured out it’s a uber-luxury SUV that sells. Next step: bribe some athletes to dump their Escalades. Sales will be assured. Now, if they want a much higher net worth clientele, they’ll need to use a lot of gold and teak, along with bullet-proofing, to appeal to the middle-eastern sheiks.

  • avatar

    Want to prove you have tons of money and no taste? Here’s your ride. It’s worse than the Cullinan, if that’s possible.

    • 0 avatar

      I find the Bentley Bentayga and the Lamborghini Urus harder to look at than either of them. This GLS is monochromatic paint away from being completely invisible.

  • avatar

    I actually believe the new Kia Telluride got the look better. I’m seeing those Kias everywhere

  • avatar

    I fantasize about owning the new GLS-Klasse (in G350d trim) which I view as a handsome and luxurious SUV with a wonderfully designed and crafted interior. If I could afford it I would buy one instantly. Thankfully there is the used car market, so I will simply need to wait a few years.

    About this model, the cabin is stunning and luxurious. The exterior, however, has been, how do you call it? ‘Pimped’? The exterior looks incredibly tacky, particularly the unneeded protruding Mercedes-Benz star at the end of the long bonnet, that looks out of place. In short, a superb interior but questionable exterior modifications over the regular, handsome, GLS.

    • 0 avatar

      “The exterior, however, has been, how do you call it? ‘Pimped’? ”

      I think it is made with USA, Russia and China in mind. I don’t think anyone i Germany will dare to buy this thing – owning it borders on being seen as a socially irresponsible and anti global warming nouveau riche.

      • 0 avatar

        You are very correct. SUVs are now the new scapegoat in Germany and are being blamed from everything such as urban pedestrian deaths to ‘climate change’. The anti-car atmosphere here is unbearable, especially the demands from the radical ecological cults to have completely car-free cities.

        • 0 avatar

          Yes I saw this new trend in Europe to build urban complexes with no space to keep the car – no parking above or under ground. And of course city centers are all car free. All new and planned projects assume that in urban areas there will be no car ownership whatever. And all population of course has to live in urban areas because home ownership is as bad for environment as car ownership. It does not apply to US, Russia and China of course.

          • 0 avatar

            And such a future scares me because it is completely unrealistic. However, with the ‘progressive liberals’ and ideologically brainwashed greens gaining the upper hand in politics here, it is only a matter of time before their wet dream visions of a car-free world (at least in my country) becomes reality.

          • 0 avatar

            Yes, but it is still democracy, these people get elected so the majority of population wants these changes. There are advantages in socialism too. East Germans lived predictable and well organized life – no surprises. That cannot be said about US. Just look at what sh!thole San Francisco and other cities on the West coast had become. And if you get sick – your future might be dim. On the other side you can be a winner and fulfill your wildest dreams. So success is about taking risk. I think Europeans just want quiet, average and boring life. Successes like Google, Apple, Facebook and Space X make them nervous and defensive. They just want them go away and not remind them that they are falling behind.

  • avatar

    I think this vehicle is a great idea, but I’m a little upset that the ‘600’ badge, the last Mercedes number that stood for something (12 cylinders) is now just as ambiguous as all the rest of them.

  • avatar

    They should start with a sprinter van and give it the Maybach treatment.

  • avatar

    Thankfully for Maybach, there are many Saudi princes, English princes, and more princes.

  • avatar

    Which Kardashian girl will be the first to be spied by the papparazzi driving one?

  • avatar

    I don’t understand how these get the designation fullsize?

    Same as with my SS sedan it’s assuredly not full-size in any way.

    The interior and exterior on this both yell middle of the road midsize.

  • avatar

    Yikes. That thing wasn’t just hit by an ugly stick, it was gang raped.

  • avatar

    You know Daimler has jumped the shark when they’re making Maybachs in Alabama.

  • avatar
    Jeff S

    Well full size is not the same as full size was back in the early to mid 70s. Full size has gotten a lot smaller than it use to and so has midsize. During this time compact cars have gotten a lot larger. That leaves the question why have large and midsize vehicles gotten smaller I am going to venture that it was the EPA especially with cars. Trucks and suvs especially American brands for the most part have been exempt from the stricter EPA standards but eventually they will fall under the stricter regulations. My guess is that Mercedes is looking at the future and at the same time looking at the global market for this new suv. Not my cup of tea but I fully understand why Mercedes is making this and what their target market is. When I first saw the picture of this I thought BMW but then I read the heading and saw that the grill was not kidney shaped. This will sell to those who have plenty of money and Mercedes will sell enough of these to make it profitable even though this is an ultra luxury suv that is not going to sell in the numbers of Toyotas

  • avatar
    Tele Vision

    I initially read the phrase as “…a bespoke smell can…”, which seemed quite downmarket for two-ton Teuton schickvagen. i.e. “Hey, Jurgen, crack another Smell Can – this one’s done!”

  • avatar

    That looks really, really…stupid.

  • avatar

    Mercedes made a 4-seat Lincoln Navigator. Yay.

    Maybe they will make some money with this thing, but it just looks like Mercedes no longer knows what they are or where they are going.

    • 0 avatar

      Mercedes stopped having a clue who they were they day they stopped building to an engineering standard, and started building down to a target cost. The W124 was the last Mercedes any sane person should consider owning out of warranty.

  • avatar

    This vehicle appeals to me *because* it reminds me of road trips in the 1999 Odyssey when the kids were younger. One kid in third row; one kid in second row captain’s chair; both on driver side. When it was my spouse’s turn to drive, I would push the front passenger seat all the way forward, slide the passenger side second row captain’s chair all the way back (second row sliders), lower the armrests and tilt the seat back partway. Like a bargain Learjet with unlimited legroom.

    [Unfortunately the transmission had other ideas.]

  • avatar

    Nissan proudly shows the new Sentra with quilted seats.
    Mercedes shows the new Maybach with regular seats.

    Coincidence? I think not!

  • avatar

    Daimler is lucky that the Tesla Cyberf**kup was revealed the same week since that re-calibrated our sense of what’s ugly…

  • avatar

    Why do vehicles like this have Champagne Flutes? Do people really drive around sipping Champagne in the back seat? Has anyone in history ever actually done?

  • avatar

    Is this an actual Mercedes-Benz product or one of those bad Chinese knock-offs?

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