By on November 1, 2019

Cooperation between automakers is a good way to cope with rising costs but, if we’re being honest, it’s much more exciting when they don’t get along. Think about some of your favorite automobiles. Odds are good that they have a counterpart from another manufacturer they’re supposed to be warring with — Mustang vs Camaro, WRX STI vs Lancer Evolution, Camry vs Accord, Gremlin vs Pinto.

The best rivalries are between manufacturers, as those provide ample opportunity for snide marketing. If we had our druthers, automakers would be forced to compete in biannual gladiator-style competitions that open with scored trash talk. But dreams rarely come true; automotive bloodsports probably require a few years of heavy planning, too.

Luckily, industrial-grade insults aren’t something we have to wait for. To our delight, Daimler AG and BMW Group were going at it on Halloween. 

It started when BMW tagged Mercedes-Benz in a Twitter post that showed one of its sedans disguised as a Bimmer for the American holiday. “Now every car can dress up as its favorite superhero,” the Bavarian automaker teased.

Daimler fired back within minutes: “Nice one, @BMWUSA. That’s a really scary costume! Especially that radiator grille…”

With the two companies now partnered on a range of mobility projects, we imagine some punches had to be pulled. And yet this is the kind of marketing we’ve repeatedly said everyone wants — and the response to the putdowns support the claim. BMW’s initial insult garnered more attention (comments, retweets, likes) than anything the company has pushed to its Twitter page in months.

Granted, the exchange was little more than a clever way of saying “your brand stinks,” garnering the obligatory response of “no, your brand stinks.” But isn’t this the preamble to every professional wrestling match or governmental election? Besides, it’s fun, easy, and doesn’t require much in the way of critical thinking. You just side with whomever you already like, or had the best putdown, and move on with your day.

[Image: BMW]

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5 Comments on “Industrial Trash Talk Between BMW and Mercedes...”

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    reminds me of kim kardashian trash talking paris hilton. Only “self indulgent wieners with too much bloody money” would care.

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    I’m on BMW’s side here.

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    White Shadow

    The Mercedes looks so much better than the BMW. This was such a failure on BMW’s part.

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    …and then the Alfa Romeo Giulia said, “Do you want to see something really scary?”

    (hopefully not too obscure)

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    In terms of aesthetics the Mercedes design language looks garish and crude. Like a golden toilet seat. Incorrect use of negative space, lack of breathing room for focal elements, garish accents.

    BMW designs look organic, thought out and feature congruence.

    BMW (athlete in suit) design language is objectively more correct in terms of aesthetics. Merc simply says money can’t buy class.

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