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thanksgiving. Shutterstock user Iris_Images

Howdy folks. Tomorrow is Turkey Day, aka Thanksgiving, here in these United States. Tomorrow we feast, Friday we either shop til we drop, or if you’re like me, avoid any retail stores like the plague. Either way, we’re off around these here parts — all the way til Monday.

There may be some scattered posts here and there over the long weekend, as there usually is, but consider us gone eatin’ for the next four and a half days.

Enjoy your food, football, and family while we do the same. Don’t drink and drive, kept the political arguments to a minimum, and if you must play a pickup game of football, don’t hurt yourself.

Have a good Thanksgiving, and see you on the other side.

[Image: Iris_Images/Shutterstock user]

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34 Comments on “Housekeeping: It’s Turkey Time...”

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    This Thanksgiving image brought to you by basic women everywhere.

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    Cajun fried turkey here…..

    Plus lots of friends and family bringing in Soul Food, all home cooked .


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    Thomas Kreutzer

    You guys are totally turkeys.

    Enjoy your special day.

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    I’m thankful that my 90 year old mom still wants to put out a full Thanksgiving dinner for the family. How lucky can you get :)

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    It’s fun to think about what some of our regular posters will be thankful for.

    I will be thankful for power folding mirrors and sunroofs.

    Corey will be thankful for easily stained interior colors.

    28 Cars Later will be thankful for plentiful auction data.

    SCE to AUX will be thankful for Hyundai dealers who, in a moment of inattention, actually ordered Ioniq or Kona EVs.

    Hummer will be thankful for every vehicle that has ever been built with 8 cylinders and 2 solid axles.

    ajla will be thankful for POWERRRRRRR.

    IBx1 will be thankful for every clutch pedal.

    ToddAtlasF1 will be thankful for the orange sun king, who protects him against scary leftists.

    FreedMike will be thankful for peace and quiet around the house.

    DenverMike will be thankful for pickup trucks.

    Land Ark will be thankful for very long garage spaces.

    Whose gratitude did I miss?

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    Reminder: It is THE time of year to purchase tires.
    (and socket sets for the car)
    (and hand tools)

    [and AA and AAA batteries, but that’s not directly automotive-related]

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    Thankful that my Sister-in-law has finally come to her senses and told us to be there around 2 pm for a meal she does not intend to serve until 4 pm. Her typical routine the past 10 years has been to tell us to get there at 11:30 am or noon to watch her cook for 4 hours. (No she won’t let anybody help her.) Thinks she’s Martha Stewart.

    Just makes me miss my Grandmother who put out her spread at about noon and didn’t put it away until everyone was going home. Grazing was her motto.

    Thankful for my Buick badged Opel. ;-)

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    Thankful to still be alive, it’s never certain .

    Also thankful for finally, after 23 months to be back in the house one of our teenage Foster boys burned us out of .

    Thankful for the friends and family who are coming to our dinner, it should be great .

    Especially thankful to live in America ~ everyone needs to live elsewhere for a while so they fully grasp the bigger picture .


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      You win! -Nate, sometimes you give us glimpses of a full life filled with some crazy stuff

      Be safe and take care

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        Thanx but I hardly win .

        There are many here who work diligently to make things better and to share their knowledge .

        I hunger for knowledge and love the free education I get here, not just the technical aspect, lots of real life tid bits too .

        I’d not wish my life on a dog nor anyone I don’t like .


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