Volvo Teases XC40's New Frunk

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
volvo teases xc40s new frunk

Volvo teased the electric version of its XC40 on Wednesday, timing it perfectly with a slow news day. As a result, the new model got quite a bit of media attention.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to say about the crossover. Beyond re-issuing the date for its official debut, Volvo was hesitant to provide details. The company was primarily concerned with explaining the XC40’s design, offering insight on underbody modifications and some sketches showing the electric variant looking quite similar to the standard model.

This forced the press to unilaterally glom onto the automobile’s new frunk in desperation. While the new storage compartment truly is the stuff of dreams (a trunk in the front?!?!), it was also one of the few items the manufacturer provided any information on. At least this will be a relatively short read.

The frunk offers 1.05 cubic feet of storage space, roughly the same as a medium-sized cooler. Volvo credits this addition to space freed up by a vanished internal combustion motor. The battery-powered XC40 will have the same, or better, storage/occupant space inside the cabin as its gasoline-driven twin, Volvo claims.

They will not be identical twins, however. While both ride on Volvo’s Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), the electric variant will get a few exterior embellishments to set it apart. The differences are slight, with the EV receiving a body-matching grille and its own (for now) Sage Green metallic paint option. Electrics will also receive a contrasting black roof as standard equipment and offer a choice between two new 19 and 20-inch wheel options.

Volvo says to expect further customization options upon the model’s launch — noting an interior design package featuring unique styling details and carpets made of recycled materials to whet a few appetites.

XC40 EVs will also debut a new interface that’s “specifically designed for electric cars.” This feature remains a complete mystery; the manufacturer suggests it will have the ability to monitor battery status… which probably should go without saying.

Beyond hiding the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) sensor platform behind that new grille cover, that’s about it. No new updates about the powertrain, range estimates, or even teaser images of the real model — just a few sketches.

While Volvo intends on trickling out particulars over the coming weeks, it looks as though we’ll have to wait until October 16th, the model’s debut date, to get any real information. However, if you’re still hungry for XC40 details, the automaker let a few things slip about the ultimate goal of ADAS (self-driving) and how the car is structured internally late last month.

[Images: Volvo Cars]

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  • Ryoku75 Ryoku75 on Oct 02, 2019

    Disgusting Automatic garbage

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    • Olivebranch2006 Olivebranch2006 on Oct 03, 2019

      @Ryoku75 Which part worries you? Transmission? Wiring? Electronics? I did like that they are using Aisin transmissions just like Lexus now. The electronics still scare me from ever buying one.

  • ToolGuy ToolGuy on Oct 07, 2019

    Note the sexy organic curves of that frunk. Now note that they completely destroy its functionality (i.e., we end up with a tiny opening which won't hold much). If automotive 'stylists' designed shoeboxes, the shoeboxes would not be physically capable of holding shoes. The center console of whatever you drive likely has the same issue - relatively large potential area for storage, relatively tiny storage cubbies. (Someone, please hire some Industrial Designers and let them work.)

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