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You read yesterday that the so-called “Mustang-inspired” electric utility vehicle Ford has planned for the coming year will be able to juice up all over the nation. What you didn’t read was that the model, presumably named the Mach E, might be capable of doing a nice brakestand.

That’s because you weren’t supposed to read a detail Ford’s charging partner, Electrify America, placed in its press release, then quickly erased.

Thanks to a screenshot saved by The Drive, we can see that Electrify America initially stated that the Mach E will boast an EPA-estimated 300 miles of range when combined with an extended battery and rear-wheel drive.

Ford hasn’t talked much about the model except to tout its long range and alleged sportiness, both key things to get the American consumer interested in switching to electric motivation (styling that harkens to the original pony car helps Ford in this mission). It was assumed that the model would be offered as a dual-motor all-wheel drive vehicle. While that’s surely still the case for some Mach Es, the wording of the redacted release makes it clear that owners will be able to leave the front end inert — either permanently (by design), or by taking the front motor offline.

Assuming Ford’s serious about this vehicle’s performance, there should be the option of turning off all traction nannies, allowing owners to melt some rear rubber. Given that the max range is apparently only achievable in single-motor, RWD guise, the Blue Oval probably felt it best to offer such a layout in order to capture the 300-mile marketing coup. Pricing comes into the equation, as well.

It’s believed that this vehicle will fall into the $40k-$60k bracket. While it’s clear there’ll be battery options on the table for those looking to maximize range or minimize payments, it isn’t known whether the smaller battery pack will be available in RWD. Regardless, most EV crossover shoppers will probably prefer the AWD version, if gas-powered SUV sales tell us anything.

The electric Ford rolls out to awaiting buyers in late 2020.

[Image: Ford]

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5 Comments on “Looks Like Ford’s EV Crossover Will Offer a RWD Variant...”

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    I’ve yet to see anything that indicates it is clear that there will be battery options. The up to 300mi range could be an indication that you know YMMV or due to the fact that they will have a single and dual motor option. Yes I hope they have a choice of battery size, but at least initially I highly doubt that.

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    Most EVs with the optional dual motor are more efficient and have longer range with the dual motor option. They are able to manage torque demand more efficiently.

    My Tesla in Range Mode behaves noticeably different. You can hear the front motor accelerating the car from the start and the feel is slightly different. I can always feel the difference between FWD and RWD when I drive any car and the Model S in Range Mode feels FWD, as it should.

    When Range Mode is off, the car will primarily use the rear motor to accelerate to 50 mph when the front motor comes online. By the time you reach highway speed, it is fully FWD. Until you press the loud pedal and then it is all hands on deck.

    After the “uncorking” I got last fall, it will do a wheelie under maximum acceleration from rest. I can clearly feel the weight transfer, the front end lift and the front axle struggling for traction.

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      The reason Tesla’s Dual Motor system is so efficient is that they use it as a sort-of two-speed arrangement. Rather than a two-speed transmission, they have the rear motor optimized for acceleration and the front for cruising and economy.

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    “…the model, presumably named the Mach E, might be capable of doing a nice brakestand.”

    New ad disclaimer to be read in rapid lawyerspeak:
    “Loss of drive wheel traction may reduce effective range.”

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    This vehicle will flop. We all know this.

    Be honest….

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