Junkyard Find: 2004 Acura EL

junkyard find 2004 acura el

Last year, I found a 2009 Chevrolet Chevy (a Mexican-market Opel Corsa) in a Denver car graveyard, presumably driven here on Mexican plates and then abandoned and towed away when it couldn’t be registered in Colorado.

We can assume that today’s Junkyard Find came to the Mile High City in the same way, but via the northern border rather than the southern one.

The Acura EL was a luxed-up Civic, based on the Japanese-market Honda Domani sedan. The EL sold well in Canadaland, and I’m sure plenty of them commute daily into Detroit or Buffalo. This is the first one I’ve ever seen in Colorado, though.

Those of us accustomed to seeing Freedom Distance Units in big type and Communist Enslavement Distance Units in small type on our speedometers might be startled by this gauge showing KiloLenins first. Actually, I’m surprised some local seventh-gen Civic owner hadn’t grabbed this instrument cluster, because km/h is more JDM, yo.

Metric temperature settings, even! What’s the point of the metric system, anyway?

Despite some timeworn seat upholstery, this car was in decent shape when it got to its final parking space. The original French-language manuals were still in the glovebox, suggesting that it may have been a one-owner machine.

The rear bodywork, being Domani-based, doesn’t look like a US-market Civic sedan from the era, but otherwise we’re looking at a nicely-optioned Civic sedan that almost blends in here.

Attain the balance between luxury and excitement.

Just the car for the salt flats.

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  • Inside Looking Out Inside Looking Out on Oct 28, 2019

    "Freedom Distance Units" There is nothing father from truth. It is British colonial units symbolizing suppression of freedom of religion and taxation without representation. Tyranny in other words by English King. If you want Freedom, Equality, Fraternity and Republic Units you should insist on switching to French revolution inspired and mathematically superior French metric system, considering that French Republic was US ally during anti colonial war for independence in NA. You should leave rotten English system to Canadian who stayed loyal to tyrant King and oppressors in red coats.

    • JimC2 JimC2 on Oct 29, 2019

      Either this is some expert level double-reverse trolling... or the joke went over your head. I'll go with the former case. Well done!!

  • MiataReallyIsTheAnswer MiataReallyIsTheAnswer on Oct 29, 2019

    Whoever wrote "3.5L" on that engine -- pretty sure it's not :)

  • Tane94 are both eligible for federal tax credits? That's the big $7,500 question.
  • Jkross22 Toenail says what?
  • MaintenanceCosts This sounds like old-school GM drama!
  • SCE to AUX It's not really a total re-badge since some of the body parts are unique, and the interiors are quite different.As I mentioned the other day, the Tonale has a terrible name and a dim future.As for the Alfa team - guess what, this is how corporate ownership works. You are part of Stellantis partly because you're not viable as a standalone business, and then your overlords decide what's shared among the products.By the way: That Uconnect infotainment system found in Alfas was originally a Chrysler product... you're welcome.
  • Kurkosdr Someone should tell the Alfa Romeo people that they are a badge owned by a French company now.The main reason PSA bought FiatChrysler is that PSA has the technology to enter the luxury market but customers don't want a French luxury car for psychological/mindshare reasons. FiatChrysler has the opposite problem: they have lots of still-respected brands but not always the technology to make good cars. Not to say that if FCA has a good platform, it won't be used in a PSA car.In other words, if those Alfa Romeo buds think that they will remain a silo with their own bespoke platforms and exclusive sheet metal, they are in for a shock. This is just the start.