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It’s not difficult to spend forty large on a new car in America these days. Heck, the average transaction price across this country is knocking on that amount, suggesting that nearly half of buyers are signing a note for that amount or more.

Thing is, it needn’t be spent on a milquetoast minivan or cringeworthy crossover. There are more creative options out there in which to haul the family and life’s detritus to the hockey rink and soccer pitch.

For whatever reason, mainstream America has largely deemed the station wagon body style to be less cool than socks n’ sandals. Compared mano-a-mano to their high(er) riding platform mates, though, it’s tough to see why. Most longroofs (longrooves?) provide better handling than their crossover equivalent thanks to a lower center of gravity and less weight. Cargo space is generally the same or better as well.

The Volvo V60 wagon comes in many flavours, including a tasty Polestar variant that is a good 65 percent more expensive than the $39,650 Momentum trim shown here. Despite being the entry level car, it is endowed with a healthy options list, including the likes of lane keeping and a snazzy audio system.

Volvo’s least expensive wagon is front-wheel drive at this price, putting to rest visions of when you smoked the baloneys on that knackered 240DL in high school. That brick didn’t have 250 horsepower, however, nor was it good for 34 mpg on the highway. V60 can make both those claims.

One downer with this car is its lack of paint selection, at least without paying for the privilege. The shade of Black Stone is shown here for $0 but everything else, including a nice Fusion Red Metallic, costs $645. Those stock 18-inch wheels do look great.

Inside, Volvo sees fit to offer several different themes — including a Blond City Weave Textile that will surely placate any hipsters — but it appears only one of them can be paired with the $0 black paint. Described as Maroon Brown Leather in a charcoal interior, the seat’s hue looks like the inside of a Milky Way bar. This is not a wholly bad thing. The brand’s Teslaesque infotainment system is on full display, the centrepiece of a very clean interior.

That’s an appealing proposition at forty grand for someone who’s looking to haul the family without disappearing into the school pick up line. Naturally, most shoppers ignore the V60 and make a beeline for the XC60, a car which costs more but delivers roughly the same features. Our advice? Get the wagon — preferably the base model.

[Images: Volvo Cars]

Not every base model has aced it. The ones which have? They help make the automotive landscape a lot better. Any others you can think of, B&B? Let us know in the comments and feel free to eviscerate our selections.

The model above is shown with American options and priced in American Dollars. Your dealer may sell for less.

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21 Comments on “Ace of Base: 2019 Volvo V60 Momentum...”

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    This will be a depreciation monster. Pick it up with a bumper-to bumper carmax warranty in 2 years for half price. Mildly interesting option then.

    • 0 avatar

      I’d pick up a two year old BMW 3-series wagon with a Carmax warranty, but not this one. I get nothing but bad vibes about its’ reliability.

      New, I’d opt for a TourX with AWD and a full load of options over this, and spend at least five grand less.

      • 0 avatar

        Funny I’m scared of BMWs. I think Volvos are reliable, but expensive to fix and repair as they do a lot to keep them at the dealer. I’d go for an Audi wagon, which I know lots consider unreliable. But, what other choice do we have? Buick? Or I’ll just keep my Acura wagon.

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    Average vs. Median…you’re all thinking it, I’m just sayin it.

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    I seem to recall reading that the non-XC Volvo wagons aren’t built for inventory and have to be special ordered. Wouldn’t this likely make the transaction cost for an AWD lifted version potentially cheaper since one would be in a better negotiating position?

    This does look great, though. It does make me wish that Buick would make a non-outbacked version of the Regal wagon, though. A TourX with options to get it to the same level as this V60 would likely have an MSRP of about $40k, too, with similar engine specs but AWD.

    • 0 avatar

      Yeah the V wagons are ORDER ONLY which means that you’ll likely have to pay MSRP. I also don’t see the point of owning a FWD wagon when AWD is available. I’d have to have a V60 Inspiration AWD

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    My major qualm with Volvo’s recent wagon attempts is that they have lost a LOT of their cargo carrying utility. This thing has all of 23cu ft of cargo space? Do they measure things differently over at volvo or is it really that small?

    • 0 avatar

      FYI a TourX has 39 cubic ft of capacity with ALL the seats up and roughly 70 cubic ft with the seats down.

      That’s a major part of the appeal of a wagon to start with.

      • 0 avatar
        Daniel J


        The TourX is also almost 10 inches longer. The V90 is closer in size and has ~30 cubes behind rear seat and 60 with seats folded.

        The latest volvo sedans and wagons are not cab forward designs. As much as I like the TourX, the V60/V90s are far more attractive IMHO.

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      Even the Golf Sportwagen/Alltrack has 30.4 cu ft of cargo space (66 cu ft with rear seat down).

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    Volvo is aware of it’s quality problems which is why they chopped their CPO warranty by 1/2. Why should anyone pay top dollar when Volvo has less faith in the quality of their cars today than they did 3 years ago?

    The base model is indeed the one to go for. No AWD, less complicated powertrain. Still feels like Russian Roulette, but at least the gun only has one of the chambers loaded.

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    I’ve driven the S60 with the same T5 engine. It’s not great. To make it entertaining, you have to step up to the T6, which is the turbo/supercharged engine, and then it gets damn expensive.

    If I’m dropping 40 on a wagon, I’ll take a Buick TourX, which has similar HP, AWD, and a ton more equipment, for a MSRP of $1,000 less BEFORE the giveaway pricing that Buick’s laid on.

    • 0 avatar

      Depending on actual needs, I suspect some wagon folks like me would be equally served by the Arteon/Regal Sportback/Stinger with big hatches.

      Drove the Arteon recently and it was very nice, smooth but not much fun. Decent handler, but too expensive for what it offers. Incredibly practical with that hatch and back seat room.

      Gotta find a Regal GS and Stinger to drive. Depreciation is pummeling these two. Should be an interesting buying opportunity in 2020 if that keeps up.

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      We sat in a TourX at an autoshow.

      Wife hated it. Bought an XC60 instead – T6 with Polestar.

      • 0 avatar

        @Garrett – if I had T6 Polestar money I’d probably be driving something different too and I’d probably think the Buick was an inferior product.

        But when I can get $10K off MSRP on a TourX without trying I know which one I’m going to be driving and at the transaction price I’ll be perfectly happy.

    • 0 avatar
      Daniel J

      Last year I couldn’t get the Buick dealer to do much of anything on a sportback or TourX Essence I was looking at. Ton more equipment? I kept having to add packages to get it close to my Mazda 6 (I know , not a wagon) and I still would have been out cooled seats and HUD. I’ve been in a Volvo S60 and found the interior a step up over the Buicks. Especially the seats.

      Occasionally I see on this site deals on the Buick TourX, but they aren’t dealing here unless one qualifies for 10 different types of rebates, including a GM loyalty which I would not have been. Thats at least at 3 different buick dealerships in the area.

    • 0 avatar

      If leasing, definitely get the T6 or T8. If planning to own and maintain the car, I would go with the T5 and skip the sc+turbo complication for sure.

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