Ford Extends One Million Pound Middle Finger at Tesla

Chad Kirchner
by Chad Kirchner
ford extends one million pound middle finger at tesla

Elon Musk certainly hasn’t been kind towards Ford in the past, talking about how the Dearborn truck plant is like a morgue. It’s a bold move considering his cars are assembled outdoors in a tent, but that hasn’t stopped the Twitter man from tweeting. He even recently claimed the Tesla all-electric pickup truck will be as good as Ford’s truck but also be able to tow 300,000 pounds.

Yes, that’s a totally ridiculous number and there’s no way the truck will tow that much in the real world, under the SAE J2807 standard. That’s assuming, of course, the Tesla pickup even exists. While Musk has long teased the truck, we’ve yet to actually see it in any physical capacity. It’s easy to say (or joke) your truck can tow 300,000 pounds when it doesn’t actually exist.

Ford is also working on an all-electric pickup truck. Today the company released a video of that development process, including the vehicle towing rail cars weighing over 1 million pounds. Not only is that 700,000 pounds more than Tesla’s claim but, since it’s a real truck that really exists, we can actually see it do it.

Of course, this is a publicity stunt from Ford. In any normal world, we’d just share the video and move on with our lives. But in a world where Tesla and its CEO like to throw as much shade as they can, it’s significant Ford countered the talk with a video. Also, it confirms that Ford’s EV truck is coming along and likely to go on sale much sooner than Tesla’s offering — if the Tesla truck goes on sale at all.

No, the Ford electric pickup won’t be rated to haul 1,000,000 pounds. But electric torque means it’ll probably be able to tow quite a bit. What I’m most curious about on the Ford EV pickup is not what it’ll tow, but how much electric range there will be when attached to a trailer. That’ll be what makes or breaks the electric pickup.

300,000 lb towing capacity

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 27, 2018

[Image: Ford]

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  • Akear Akear on Jul 24, 2019

    Traditional truck buyers are not the slightest bit interested in electric powered vehicles. The typical joe six pack that buys a truck will more likely add options like a gun rack and an American flag decal on the rear window. The flatbed makes a perfect place to store supplies along with buck and moose carcasses. These type of customers actually will go out of their way to avoid an electric vehicle.

    • DenverMike DenverMike on Jul 25, 2019

      Right, but traditional "electric vehicle" buyers might want a pickup. Or they've avoided electric vehicles since none of them are pickups. Except "traditional" pickup buyers might only be half of pickup sales or less, after fleets and whatnot. They just make the most noise and must draw attention to themselves.

  • Mcs Mcs on Jul 24, 2019

    This might be the most interesting electric truck trick of the week - a zero radius turn:

  • SilverCoupe I am one of those people whose Venn diagram of interests would include Audis and Formula One.I am not so much into Forums, though. I spend enough time just watching the races.
  • Jeff S Definitely and very soon. Build a hybrid pickup and price it in the Maverick price range. Toyota if they can do this soon could grab the No 1 spot from Maverick.
  • MaintenanceCosts Would be a neat car if restored, and a lot of good parts are there. But also a lot of very challenging obstacles, even just from what we can see from the pictures. It's going to be hard to justify a restoration financially.
  • Jeff S Ford was in a slump during this era and its savior was a few years away from being introduced. The 1986 Taurus and Sable saved Ford from bankruptcy and Ford bet the farm on them. Ford was also helped by the 1985 downsize front wheel drive full sized GM cars. Lincoln even spoofed these new full size GM cars in an ad basically showing it was hard to tell the difference between a Cadillac, Buick, and Oldsmobile. This not only helped Lincoln sales but Mercury Grand Marquis and Ford Crown Victoria sales. For GM full size buyers that liked the downsized GM full size 77 to 84 they had the Panther based Lincoln Town Cars, Mercury Grand Marquis, and Ford Crown Victorias that were an alternative to the new GM front wheel drive full size cars that had many issues when they were introduced in 1985 and many of those issues were not resolved for several years. The Marks were losing popularity after the Mark Vs.
  • SCE to AUX Toyota the follower, as usual. It will be 5 years before such a vehicle is available.I can't think of anything innovative from them since the Gen 1 Prius. Even their mythical solid state battery remains vaporware.They look like pre-2009 General Motors. They could fall hard.