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Image: Fisker Inc

Everyone’s favorite Danish designer has put his plans for an electric performance sedan on hold, turning his attention instead to an affordable, mass-market electric SUV.

Half a century ago, the foremost automotive trend was ordinary family cars stuffed to the gills with huge, fuel-sucking V8s. Today, if you’re not planning a bland, long-range EV with a liftgate and a somewhat sensible price, you’re nobody. Henrik Fisker doesn’t want to be a nobody.

On Monday, the CEO of L.A.-based Fisker Inc. (and past CEO of Fisker Automotive, creator of the ill-fated Karma) announced his company will offer an all-electric SUV in the latter half of 2021, stickering for “less than $40,000.” It’s a promise Fisker made in the recent past.

“Standard battery +80kWh. 4WD. Around 300 mile range. Direct Sales. Franchised Service,” Fisker tweeted.

Sounds a lot like Tesla’s MO, and in terms of product, a lot like Tesla’s Model Y. Interestingly, the cheaper variant of the model Tesla launched last Thursday is also expected to arrive in 2021 — in $40,200 (after destination) Standard Range form.

Previously, the news coming out of Fisker was all about solid-state battery technology and the creation of an EV luxury sedan called the EMotion. That vehicle, revealed at 2018’s Consumer Electronics Show with very interesting doors, is now on the back burner, Fisker said, and won’t launch until after the SUV’s arrival.

All promises made by startups carry a grain of salt, and Fisker’s announcement comes with a list of caveats, the largest being the unnamed SUV’s production site. At this point, there isn’t one.

In response to online questioning, Fisker said he anticipated a U.S. build site, adding “we are looking at several sites right now.” The vehicle will make its way to customers in such markets as Europe and Australia, he told curious social media denizens.

Time will tell if Fisker Inc has the finances and manpower to pull off its lofty promise by the target date. In a January interview with Automotive News Europe, Fisker addressed the assembly question, saying, “We are currently looking at some existing manufacturing plants. There are quite a few available.”

It was implied that Fisker might pull a Rivian and set up shop in a soon-to-be-shuttered General Motors facility, saving the upstart automaker scads of money while bringing new economic life to, say, Lordstown, Ohio. Again, time will tell.

[Images: Fisker Inc.]

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10 Comments on “Fisker Puts Super Sedan Plans on the Back Burner, Hops on the SUV Bandwagon...”

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    A man who continually fails in the business sense is back yet again proclaiming his wonderfulness as a designer. Casting a line out over the waters to try and hook the credulous but dumb wealthy to support his latest attempt at worldwide recognition for being the mostest, bestest, creative-est, most incrediblest greatest and wonderful designer is normal operating procedure for him. He also no doubt refers to himself as the royal “we” so that it seems he has an army of dedicated followers. “We” shall rent an unused factory. Calm yourself down there, Henrik. Horse before cart.

    He We apparently still has enough personal money left to fund his breakfast each morning, a rented cubby within which to dabble on a PC design program, and more than enough gonad-driven schtick to stand up and bray about his genius compared to the average overly self-confident self-promoting goofball. But he’s a driven man. It would be nice to have lunch and dinner too – breakfast ain’t enough. Hence the appeal to the wealthy for a job. You never know, maybe one of those people who pay tens of millions for some old dud of a classic car to lock away at the mansion museum will have a sudden urge to employ him. Anyone else should keep walking if they wish to remain wealthy.

    My personal opinion of course.

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    Flappy doors, swingy doors, choppy doors… I reserve my enthusiasm for doors that consist of a switchable force field.

  • avatar

    He’s a modern day Malcolm Bricklin.

  • avatar

    >>Everyone’s favourite Danish designer has put his plans for an electric performance sedan on hold

    I was under the impression that Fisker Inc. has nothing to do with Mr. Fisker anymore.

    As Fisker Inc. “the original” was liquidated in bankruptcy.

    Happy to be proven wrong and don’t care enough to spend the 75 seconds to look it up.

  • avatar

    In America failing few times does not mean you will never succeed. It might be quite opposite. If you can learn from your failures of course.

  • avatar

    Here we go again. :eyeroll:

  • avatar

    That is one impressive door hinge.

  • avatar
    David Loving

    I’d want to see the warranty.

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