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New Landwind X7, Image: Jiangling Motor

A legal battle waged since 2016 ended with a historic win for Jaguar Land Rover on Friday. In 2015, China’s Jiangling Motor Corporation debuted the Landwind X7, a compact crossover that looked a lot like the Range Rover Evoque. Okay, not “a lot” — the near was damn near identical, but priced well below the Brit. (That’s a refreshed 2018 X7 you see above; the first was even closer to its muse.)

The Evoque’s doppelganger wasn’t a unique phenomenon, either. Chinese copycat vehicles had become a scourge for foreign automakers operating in that market, and, based on past cases, few expected JLR’s lawsuit to get much traction in the Chinese courts. They were wrong.

As Autocar reports, the Chinese court ultimately ruled in JLR’s favor — “first in the global car industry,” JLR claims.

The decision rendered by the Beijing Chaoyang District Court stated that the Evoque contained five features that Jiangling directly copied when crafting the Landwind X7. It added that this sparked widespread consumer confusion. Two almost identical vehicles boasting similar engines, but one carried a price one-third that of the Range Rover. Just imagine trying to sell that Evoque in Shanghai.

As a result of the ruling, X7 manufacturing and sales must cease immediately, and JLR can expect a big compensation check from its overseas admirer.

Jaguar Land Rover claimed the ruling will bolster confidence in foreign automakers looking to invest in the country.

“This ruling is a clear sign of the law being implemented appropriately to protect consumers and uphold their rights so that they are not confused or misled, whilst protecting business investment in design and innovation,” said Keith Benjamin, JLR’s global head of legal.

As the case made its way through the Chinese legal system, JLR went about making its own changes to the Evoque. There’s an all-new version for 2020, and this time it won’t face competition from its Chinese twin.

[Images: Jaguar Land Rover, Jiangling Motor Corporation]

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15 Comments on “Courtroom Face-off Ends in a Win for Jaguar Land Rover; China Declares the Landwind X7 a Copycat...”

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    Good news from China!

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    I’m glad JLR won! Hopefully they start to look other copycats (and not just on cars!) They have 1.4 billion people, they don’t need to copy, they have a large pool for original ideas.

    • 0 avatar

      Having a large pool of ideas from 1.4 billion people is seen as a bad thing in China. I’m not even joking.

      I’ve heard several Chinese people say, almost verbatim, “we have 1.4 billion people, we can’t have everyone having different opinions.” The implication being that there would be chaos and social unrest. Free speech and a free press are fine for small countries like the United States, but no good for China. Considering that most of their media is state-sponsored, it’s not surprising that they’re all parroting the same line.

      • 0 avatar

        Our two parties in the USA seem to have the same hatred of disagreement. Which makes for some train wreck situations in governance, but at least has a tendency to restrain one group from exercising total hegemony over the other.

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    GM (Guangzhou-Guadalajara Motors LLC) will now purchase Jiangling Motors as an additional State Owned Enterprise of the mandated Joint Venture variety (i.e. China can steal all intellectual property at will) to its stable, make some minor design changes, and add the Landwind X7 (made of 100% Chinesium-fabricated parts, assembled in Jiangxi, China -future global headquarters of GM), and add it to their Buick, GMC, and Cadillac North American Dealership showrooms, to be named GMC Chinali Denali, Bruick Encrave, and Cadillac XT5.7, respectively.

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    What a bizarre country.

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    I totally thought that was a photo of the new Exploder.

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    Now how will have my Land Wing serviced?

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    China is evil. Glad they lost.
    Avoid sending them your dollars.
    Stolen designs.
    Spralty Islands.
    On and on.

    Evil evil place. Compared to Russia, they are 10 times the threat.

    GGM is evil too.

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    Hard to believe China went against one of their own in a copyright case, that’s not how it usually goes. Perhaps China has decided a little PR toward the auto industry who’s invested heavily in their country would go along way. It still surprises me how much the auto industry gives into China for their business

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    I believe they’ll stop making them, but I wonder if the award will be enforced. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just window dressing.

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    I hope Land Wind translates into something that sounds less stupid in Chinese.

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    A price one third of the Land Rover?

    GM for sure should take that over, knock off some body parts to change the look and sell it here…

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