QOTD: Time to Wallpaper the Place?

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
qotd time to wallpaper the place

Unless you lot have developed powers of which the rest of the world is unaware, you’re reading this post on a computer screen. Ok, maybe on your smartphone. Probably not.

The advent of Windows 3.1 allowed the common nerd to apply wallpaper to the background of the operating system running on their computer screen. The fact I used all those words places me squarely within that group.

Which brings us to today’s question: what car (and we know it’s a car because you’re reading this site) is currently plastered on your screen?

PC wallpapers quickly supplanted bedroom posters for the majority of youngsters across the land once computers became the norm in the dorm. If you had naughty wallpaper on your screen, we don’t want to hear about it here; take that junk to Jalopnik.

Currently, your author’s compewter masheen has a rotating slideshow featuring some cars of questionable long-term quality. Certainly, if one were to peek inside, even these brochure examples would have their Check Gages and ABS warning lights illuminated. Yup; it’s mostly GM tat from the ’90s.

By the way, why did The General insist on spelling “gages” that way on the idiot light? Did the company not know they could’ve bought one more vowel from Pat Sajak?

I have no reasonable explanation for my fondness of Bonnevilles, Cutlass Supremes, and Grand Ams from that era. Dropped on my head one too many times as a kid, I suppose. Most of them were found on this excellent website (we take no responsibility for your lack of productivity today if you click that link).

Naturally, there are plenty of Ford products in there as well, led by several glossy examples of the Lincoln Mark VII. A copy of such a car used to inhabit my driveway before a sudden and ill-advised fleet reduction program. (There’s presently some moisture on my spectacles, as I’ve now started weeping.)

A few modern press photos of Hellcats and such are tossed into the slideshow for good measure as well. What’s on your wall?

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  • RICK Once had 78 TOWN COUPE and wish I had never let it go! Ultimate OTT excessive luxury! Have since had RWD FLEETWOODS, RWD Fifth Avenues ,as well as 89 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series and current 2007 TOWN CAR Signature Limited! All great cars, but 77 through 79 was KING 🤴 of the road! So sad to see what is now considered a luxury vehicle 😢. Who wants to drive a glorified truck 🚚?
  • Kwik_Shift There are better cars to drop $80G on.
  • 28-Cars-Later Opulence!
  • Kwik_Shift If there is no 2WD Access Cab with 6 speed manual, then I'm not interested.
  • RedDevil Radio Garden is my go to for long trips.Thousands of radio stations all over the worldfor free as long as you have internet. Sure beats hunting for the one or two decent stations in most areas.