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We’ve told you already that the upcoming Ford Ranger, which hits dealer lots in January, stands to become an endlessly customizable midsize pickup. Reports of options galore cropped up well ahead of the truck’s release.

Now, there’s more news on that front. While the usual factory add-ons will be part of any would-be Ranger owner’s buying decision, Ford doesn’t want those customers to look at another catalogue or website once the vehicle’s sitting in their driveway. The automaker wants buyers to get all of their outdoorsy aftermarket fittings from the dealer.

Announced Tuesday, Ford’s partnership with Yakima, maker of outdoor “adventure” accessories, allows Ranger buyers to tick all the necessary boxes to get their kayak rack or whatever delivered with the vehicle. Like a factory option, the added cost is dumped into their loan sum, and the Yakima parts come covered by a three-year/36,000 mile Ford warranty.

“Industry projections indicate consumers will spend $45 billion on vehicle personalization parts in 2018, according to the SEMA 2018 Market Report,” the automaker said in a statement. “Considering aftermarket suppliers account for more than 50 percent of personalization accessory purchases, increasing accessibility through Ford dealers may boost dealer business while improving convenience for customers.”

Boost, eh? This seems to be yet another plank in Ford’s push for greater profitability. It’s true, of course, that such a setup would be convenient for those who were already planning on outfitting their Ranger on Day 2. Yakima offers bedliner and bed extender options, plus all the gear needed to haul bikes, etc, to remote yet sexy adventure sites. Remember folks, it’s not really an adventure if there’s not some risk of injury. There’s also a rooftop tent for those people, like your author, who fear the presence of land sharks (bears) during camping excursions.

It’s not at all a new idea, Ford’s partnership with an aftermarket adventure supplier (anyone in the mood for a Napier tent?), but it certainly is an extensive list.

If you’re curious, the full Ranger accessories rundown can be found here. More Yakima gear will join the Ford Accessories ranks over time, the automaker claims.

[Image: Ford Motor Company]

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19 Comments on “Ford: Get All Your Aftermarket Ranger Stuff From Us...”

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    I’m Sure there won’t be any ADM attached to these wonderful accessories that will be double or more in cost compared to the after-market. Nah. Dealerships would never…

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    Pretty sad truck if you can’t fit 2 freaking kayaks in the bed. If you need a rack anyway, you might as well drive anything else.

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    Here ! You guys sell this injection moulded plastic for whatever you can get…..have fun.

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    Big Al from Oz

    There is plenty of aftermarket equipment for the Ranger globally. ARB, TJM, Ironman, etc.

    This stuff will be a damn sight cheaper and most likely of better quality suited for off road activities.

    I know here in Australia manufacturers are attempting to use “OEM” accessories that are twice as much. I bought my BT50 (global Ranger clone) CSA alloy rims that Mazda sell for $1600 a set, I bought them for $780 aftermarket. Same rims, except the hubcap has CSA on it instead of Mazda’s stylised “M” symbol.

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      SD 328I

      Yakima is a good brand, though you will probably be paying too much for it at the dealer level.

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      This stuff will be of the same quality as the aftermarket stuff because it is aftermarket stuff just sold through the parts counter at the local Ford dealer. Yes it will be more expensive than purchasing it from some 3rd party sellers. However the fact that you can purchase it with the vehicle means that it can be wrapped into the vehicle loan, something many people will appreciate. It also means it will be covered by Ford for the 3/36 period instead of not at all for many aftermarket items. So while it will cost more than searching out the best prices from 3rd party sellers it will come with what some people will consider added value.

      It is nothing new as they have offered things like the Yakima equipment in the accessories catalog for many years, though it sounds like they are expanding the list for the Ranger considerably.

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    After working as a dealer technician for over decade I would NEVER purchase a new vehicle and then add dealer installed accessories. I have never seen so much hack work.

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      You aren’t kidding. I was looking at Chevy 1500 pickups in 2000, and for some reason, only one nearby dealer had any that weren’t either pimped out to the max, or W/T strippers. I went there on a Sunday, so I wouldn’t be hassled by the employees and all the trucks I would think of buying were trashed by the installation of junk bed rails with zinc hardware store screws already rusting just screwed into the top of the bed, shit step bars showing signs of corrosion, along with rust stains dripping down from their crap zinc plated bolts used to install them. I called them on Monday, and asked them if they had other trucks that weren’t “F-ed up” (That’s how I put it!) with all that crap, or would they trade with another dealer for one. Nope and nope. OK, hello GMC dealer, who had the exact Sierra I wanted for a decent price. When I went looking for a replacement for the Sierra after it was wrecked and never right again, that same dealer had only a couple of trucks with added on stuff and it seemed like whoever installed it actually cared how well they did it. I didn’t like the front end of the Chevy 1500 in 2003 at all, so I tried to buy another Sierra, but the dealer basically ditched me out in the back of the lot, and I walked. A few days later, I was driving a 2003 Ram 1500 Quad Cab, one of most missed vehicles of all I’ve owned. It was fantastic in bad winter weather.

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    After working as a dealer technician for over a decade, I would NEVER purchase a new vehicle and then add dealer installed accessories. I have never seen so much hack work.

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    “This seems to be yet another plank in Ford’s push for greater profitability.”

    This is another example of the BAD BUSINESS and why I voted for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

    We need to stop the man!

    I mean, come on. What is this story all about? There is nuthin here.

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    This is just an effort to get more people into the sales floor on launch day. Once the aftermarket catches up nobody will walk over to the Ford parts counter to buy these things.

    I know people who go buy Wranglers and then spend another $5k on aftermarket parts. Even though you can walk over to the parts counter and buy a lot of stuff through the MOPAR catalog.

    The only people buying aftermarket parts through the dealer catalogs are the DEALERSHIPS upfitting vehicles to try and sell them quicker.

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      The dealerships don’t do that to sell the vehicles quickly— they do it so they never have to sell a base model at base model pricing.

      Every car store I ever worked did this. Toyota did it with Tacomas and Tundras— Chrysler did it with Wranglers and Rams.

      You’ll find a base model Wrangler exactly never. It’ll be advertised at $26,999.99– once you’re at the store, it’ll have $15k in lift, rims and aftermarket leather added to that price.

      You’ll sometimes see the same vehicle advertised both ways with the same VIN :)

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