Over the First Three Quarters of 2018, Only Four GM Cars Have Anything to Brag About

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
over the first three quarters of 2018 only four gm cars have anything to brag about

General Motors joined the vast majority of its automotive colleagues in having a crappy sales month in September, posting an 11.1 percent year-over-year volume loss. The issues facing OEMs last month were many. As interest rates rise and the market cools, automakers looking to capture more for their coffers are trending towards reduced fleet sales and lowered incentive spending. Hurricanes also played something of a role.

At GM, which graces us with sales figures just four times a year, what was likely a poor showing in September dragged down the third quarter as well as year-to-date sales, with volume since the start of the year now down 1.2 percent. That doesn’t mean several GM models didn’t have good quarters, or haven’t had good 2018s. Some 18 models can boast of YTD sales gains.

Of those 18, however, just four are passenger cars, and one member of the group already has one and a half feet in the grave.

As it turns out, 13 of those 18 strong selling vehicles also posted monthly gains for the third quarter. It just wasn’t enough to counter losses among other vehicle lines.

Quarters, like months, can be tricky, so we’ll focus just on those vehicles that moved more metal since the beginning of the year. You won’t be surprised to learn that the kings of the BOF set — the Chevrolet Suburban, Tahoe, GMC Yukon, and Cadillac Escalade — all continued to find their way into the hearts and wallets of the American traditionalist. Suburban and Tahoe sales rose 16.6 percent and 15 percent, respectively, on a year-to-date basis, and they’re up for the quarter, too (10.8 percent and 20.1 percent, respectively).

Things get a bit confused with the Yukon and Escalade, as GM no longer separates sales reporting for short- and long-wheelbase models. Still, both nameplates served up more sales than their respective variants did the year before (3.3 percent YTD for Escalade, 1.4 percent for Yukon). Third-quarter sales of the Escalade also showed a 9.5 percent year-over-year increase, while the Yukon squeaked by with just over 400 additional sales.

Just because they’re unibody, doesn’t mean buyers weren’t also attracted to GM’s big crossovers. Chevrolet’s Traverse and its platform mate, the Buick Enclave, enjoyed YTD increases of 20.4 percent and 12.2 percent, respectively. They’re also up 3.1 and 7.1 percent, year over year, in the third quarter. Also continuing in popularity are the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, with the Bowtie pickup up 26.3 percent YTD and its classier sibling up 8.6 percent. Again, sales of both trucks improved in the third quarter compared to the same period last year.

If your next guess for vehicles that stayed out of the red are the Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain, yes, you’d be right. The Equinox sees a year-to-date sales increase of 10.2 percent, with the Terrain posting a 24.8 percent gain. Of the two, only the Equinox slipped into the red on a quarterly basis, but only by a small amount. It’s a similar story for the Chevrolet Trax and Buick Encore, which, while falling in the third quarter, still hold a YTD volume gain of 12.4 percent and 7.7 percent, respectively.

For what it’s worth, Chevy sold more Express vans this year than last. Fleet sales in the last quarter, it should be noted, rose 5 percent, year over year. As it awaits its next-generation replacement, the Chevrolet Silverado still boasts a narrow YTD sales gain (1.5 percent).

But what about these valiant passenger cars, you ask? We’ve arrived at that. Of the Cadillac nameplates, only two model saw their fortunes rise this year. One is the CTS, helped by a strong third quarter (it’s up 8.3 percent, year to date). The other is an aging fleet special, the front-drive XTS. A steady performer, Cadillac’s XTS disappears along with the ATS and CTS after the coming model year, unless Caddy decides to pull a Lincoln and keep them in production (a la the MKT). Oshawa Assembly would love it if they did. XTS sales rose 15.9 percent over the first nine months of the year, with quarterly volume seeing almost an identical gain.

New for MY2018, the revamped Buick Regal improved on the wholly invisible 2017 model’s performance, posting a 22.5 percent YTD increase and an 11.4 percent third-quarter bump. Last year’s sell-down likely has a role to play in the health of the Regal’s data.

The final passenger car to earn bragging rights in GM’s latest filing is a model almost no one thinks of, and I don’t mean the Buick Cascada. It’s the diminutive Chevrolet Spark, which gains a new face for 2019. Spark sales rose 51.9 percent in the third quarter, with TYD volume up 33.2 percent. The small, affordable car is not yet dead, despite what some Twitter users might have you believe, but it’s certainly true that compact and midsize sedans have little to be happy about in 2018.

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  • Alfaromeo Alfaromeo on Oct 04, 2018

    There is rumor about 3rd party auto start/stop defeat device is coming to market. The cost would be about $500. A little expensive, but if that's the only issue preventing you getting a sportback, it can be work around now. I am interested in the TourX. But the thing pushing me back is low quality interior material (lots of plastic, fake wood, etc.).

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    • Gtem Gtem on Oct 04, 2018

      I really like the exterior styling of the Sportback, and that in contrast to the other "fastback" styled sedans with tiny trunk openings, this one does the logical thing of actually making it a 5 door hatch which is awesome for utility. The price is right, after discounts as well. I'm seeing $18-20k for base cars, in line with regular midsizers with much weaker base motors. I wish I could option the base trim with leather and heated seats as a standalone package but keep the more modest wheels/tires, our potholes are no joke. On that note, the Regal not having a spare tire is also a major downer. The fact that I have to buy a new car and then run around the aftermarket disabling start/stop and hunting down a spare kit does not exactly sell the car unfortunately.

  • Crazyforwheels Crazyforwheels on Oct 04, 2018

    Pay attention Cadillac !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought a 2018 XTS in March 2018. During my purchase I test drove a new 2017 (which was available at a large discount) vs the 2018 I bought for full price. You guys changed the 2018 to make it significantly quieter, give it a smoother ride and you also made the transmission shift unnoticeable. Now that's what Cadillac stands for - quiet luxury. NOT sport suspension, Not gadget junk. Just simple serenity and that's why the XTS sales are way up. I couldn't believe how the 2017 caddy wasn't any nicer than the Impala I was trading in. What would be the point in trading up? OH yeah - if it had stop-start, I wouldn't have bought the car. Please don't mess it all up on the coming redesign.

  • Funky D I despise Google for a whole host of reasons. So why on earth would I willing spend a large amount of $ on a car that will force Google spyware on me.The only connectivity to the world I will put up with is through my phone, which at least gives me the option of turning it off or disconnecting it from the car should I choose to.No CarPlay, no sale.
  • William I think it's important to understand the factors that made GM as big as it once was and would like to be today. Let's roll back to 1965, or even before that. GM was the biggest of the Big Three. It's main competition was Ford and Chrysler, as well as it's own 5 brands competing with themselves. The import competition was all but non existent. Volkswagen was the most popular imported cars at the time. So GM had its successful 5 brands, and very little competition compared to today's market. GM was big, huge in fact. It was diversified into many other lines of business, from trains to information data processing (EDS). Again GM was huge. But being huge didn't make it better. There are many examples of GM not building the best cars they could, it's no surprise that they were building cars to maximize their profits, not to be the best built cars on the road, the closest brand to achieve that status was Cadillac. Anyone who owned a Cadillac knew it could have been a much higher level of quality than it was. It had a higher level of engineering and design features compared to it's competition. But as my Godfather used to say "how good is good?" Being as good as your competitors, isn't being as good as you could be. So, today GM does not hold 50% of the automotive market as it once did, and because of a multitude of reasons it never will again. No matter how much it improves it's quality, market value and dealer network, based on competition alone it can't have a 50% market share again. It has only 3 of its original 5 brands, and there are too many strong competitors taking pieces of the market share. So that says it's playing in a different game, therfore there's a whole new normal to use as a baseline than before. GM has to continue downsizing to fit into today's market. It can still be big, but in a different game and scale. The new normal will never be the same scale it once was as compared to the now "worlds" automotive industry. Just like how the US railroad industry had to reinvent its self to meet the changing transportation industry, and IBM has had to reinvent its self to play in the ever changing Information Technology industry it finds it's self in. IBM was once the industry leader, now it has to scale it's self down to remain in the industry it created. GM is in the same place that the railroads, IBM and other big companies like AT&T and Standard Oil have found themselves in. It seems like being the industry leader is always followed by having to reinvent it's self to just remain viable. It's part of the business cycle. GM, it's time you accept your fate, not dead, but not huge either.
  • Tassos The Euro spec Taurus is the US spec Ford FUSION.Very few buyers care to see it here. FOrd has stopped making the Fusion long agoWake us when you have some interesting news to report.
  • Marvin Im a current owner of a 2012 Golf R 2 Door with 5 grand on the odometer . Fun car to drive ! It's my summer cruiser. 2006 GLI with 33,000 . The R can be money pit if service by the dealership. For both cars I deal with Foreign car specialist , non union shop but they know their stuff !!! From what I gather the newer R's 22,23' too many electronic controls on the screen, plus the 12 is the last of the of the trouble free ones and fun to drive no on screen electronics Maze !
  • VoGhost It's very odd to me to see so many commenters reflexively attack an American company like this. Maybe they will be able to find a job with BYD or Vinfast.