Junkyard Find: A 1993 Honda Civic DX Sedan With 323,486 Miles

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
junkyard find a 1993 honda civic dx sedan with 323 486 miles
As the owner of a very battered fifth-generation Honda Civic, I’m always aware of examples of Honda’s 1992-1995 subcompact when I spot them during my junkyard travels. I see plenty of these cars with odometers showing better than 300,000 miles, but it has taken a frighteningly wretched-looking one to get me to whip out my camera while on a junkyard-photographing mission.On a recent trip to grab a heater-temperature control knob for my car (lost in my garage clutter when I removed the dash during an ill-advised engine-swap-related rewiring job), I found this used-up ’93 sedan and decided that this high-mile veteran ought to be documented before it heads to The Crusher.
Apart from the fragile head gasket (never overheat a Honda D or B engine) and a tendency to dissolve in rust-prone regions, the fifth-generation Civic was one of the most reliable motor vehicles ever sold. Nearly all the examples I see in junkyards have more than 200,000 miles on the clock. I’m sure most junkyard 1970s and 1980s diesel Mercedes-Benzes racked up even more miles, but most of the ones I find have five-digit odometers or missing instrument clusters.
The sturdy D15B7 engine, rated at 103 horsepower. You have to spin the hell out of the this non-VTEC engine to get moving, and even then you won’t go very quickly. My trouble-free 200k-plus-mile D15B7 now sits on the garage floor, awaiting donation to a 24 Hours of Lemons Civic team that will kill it within hours.
Turn-signal light getting a little rattly? Spray foam to the rescue!
There’s some rust here, nothing too terrible but enough to knock the few remaining dollars out of this car’s potential resale value.
Members of the fast-n-furious Civic-modder crowd prefer the hatchbacks for some reason, so there wasn’t much chance that one of the vape-and-big-eBay-turbo group would rescue this sedan.
This is the exact same industrial-gray interior found in my car. Actually, it’s nicer than the interior in my car.
I pulled the knob off the temperature slider, shot my last photograph of this car, and abandoned it to its fate.
In Japan, Jodie Foster helped move these cars off the showroom floor.
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  • WheelMcCoy WheelMcCoy on Oct 29, 2018

    Thanks for the Jodi Foster videos. At 3:04, it could have easily been a Mentos commercial.

  • Lamp Wick Lamp Wick on Jan 24, 2019

    I just purchased a running rolling,unmolested 93 DX w/ 299 on the clock. Drove it home,and have been driving it for the last three days. ...o,and I paid 3 bills for it

    • Shane Shane on Jul 12, 2019

      > I just purchased a running rolling,unmolested 93 DX w/ 299 on the clock. I have a '92 Accord, in brilliant shape inside and out, bone stock, runs great after some minor maintenance, 148K when bought, 165k now. I have now doubt that the reason it was unmolested and well cared for by mature adults is because it's an automatic.

  • Denis Jeep have other cars?!?
  • Darren Mertz In 2000, after reading the glowing reviews from c/d in 1998, I decided that was the car for me (yep, it took me 2 years to make up my mind). I found a 1999 with 24k on the clock at a local Volvo dealership. I think the salesman was more impressed with it than I was. It was everything I had hoped for. Comfortable, stylish, roomy, refined, efficient, flexible, ... I can't think of more superlatives right now but there are likely more. I had that car until just last year at this time. A red light runner t-boned me and my partner who was in the passenger seat. The cops estimate the other driver hit us at about 50 mph - on a city street. My partner wasn't visibly injured (when the seat air bag went off it shoved him out of the way of the intruding car) but his hip was rather tweaked. My car, though, was gone. I cried like a baby when they towed it away. I ruminated for months trying to decide how to replace it. Luckily, we had my 1998 SAAB 9000 as a spare car to use. I decided early on that there would be no new car considered. I loathe touch screens. I'm also not a fan of climate control. Months went by. I decided to keep looking for another B5 Passat. As the author wrote, the B5.5 just looked 'over done'. October this past year I found my Cinderella slipper - an early 2001. Same silver color. Same black leather interior. Same 1.8T engine. Same 5 speed manual transmission. I was happier than a pig in sh!t. But a little sad also. I had replaced my baby. But life goes on. I drive it every day to work which takes me over some rather twisty freeway ramps. I love the light snarel as I charge up some steep hills on my way home. So, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Passat guy.
  • Paul Mezhir As awful as the styling was on these cars, they were beautifully assembled and extremely well finished for the day. The doors closed solidly, the ride was extremely quiet and the absence of squeaks and rattles was commendable. As for styling? Everything's beautiful in it's own way.....except for the VI coupe....it's proportions were just odd: the passenger compartment and wheelbase seemed to be way too short, especially compared to the VI sedan. Even the short-lived Town Coupe had much better proportions. None of the fox-body Lincolns could compare to the beautiful proportions of the Mark V.....it was the epitome of long, low, sleek and elegant. The proportions were just about perfect from every angle.
  • ToolGuy Silhouetting yourself on a ridge like that is an excellent way to get yourself shot ( Skylining)."Don't you know there's a special military operation on?"
  • ToolGuy When Farley says “like the Millennium Falcon” he means "fully updatable" and "constantly improving" -- it's right there in the Car and Driver article (and makes perfect sense).