Whatever You're Into: Nissan Reveals Pricing for 2019 Pathfinder, Leaf

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
whatever youre into nissan reveals pricing for 2019 pathfinder leaf

Nissan recently announced pricing for the 2019 Pathfinder and, if you’re inclined toward something smaller and greener, the Leaf. While the Pathfinder sees a modest increase in pricing, the Leaf trots onward with its current MSRP unchanged.

The 2019 Nissan Leaf S retains its former $30,795 base price, which incorporates a $895 destination fee. However, depending on where you live, there’s federal and state tax credits to reward your virtuous decision to purchase an electric vehicle. If you’re worried about snagging that deal before Nissan hits 200,000 cumulative sales of plug-in autos, don’t be. Leaf sales stagnated over the last three years, leaving you with at least another 12 months before you’ll have to start tugging on your collar.

Pricing for the Leaf’s SV and SL trims also go unchanged for 2019. Accounting for the destination charge, you’ll shell out $33,385 for the SV and $37,095 for an SL. Standard features include Nissan’s ProPilot semi-autonomous and e-Pedal systems, the latter of which adds enough resistance for the motor to do all the braking for you. Nissan claims you can even use e-Pedal to hold fast on hills without help from the brake. It’s actually a lot of fun thanks to the Leaf’s toque-friendly powertrain.

Entering the second year of its second generation, Nissan’s EV continues to come equipped with a 40kWh battery pack and an electric motor boasting 147 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. The automaker claims the lithium-ion unit is capable of up to 150 miles on a single charge. Recharging can be accomplished overnight using a MODE3 home unit (6.6 kW at 7.5 hours) or longer if you’re using a standard 120V wall outlet. However, a Quick Charge port can net you 80-percent of the battery’s maximum storage in just 40 minutes.

Unlike the Leaf, the seven-passenger Pathfinder sees a slight increase in overall price for the 2019 model year. Fortunately, Nissan won’t take the money and run. The 2019 Pathfinder receives upgraded USB ports and a rear-facing sonar system on all trims, while higher grades get additional safety tech. SL and Platinum grades now come standard with LED headlamps and adaptive cruise control, while a blind spot warning and rear cross-traffic alert have been bestowed on everything other than the most basic S trim.

The leaves the front-drive Pathfinder S starting at $31,230, plus a $995 destination fee — a cost increase of about 200 smackers. However, things edge upward a bit around the middle of the fleet.

The 2019 Pathfinder SV now starts at $35,715, including destination, while the SL begins at $36,925. That’s a $500 on the front-drive SV, but only $200 on the SL, as it received less new kit for 2019. Platinum pricing goes unchanged at $43,565, since it’s only getting the new USB ports. All-wheel drive can be added to all models for roughly $1,700.

All 2019 Pathfinder models continue to come equipped with a 284-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 with direct injection and Xtronic CVT. Torque is rated at 259 lb-ft., and standard maximum towing capacity is 6,000 pounds when properly equipped. Pathfinders will continue to offer standard automatic emergency braking and Nissan’s innovative rear door alert system, which reminds drivers of items or family members they may have forgotten in the back seat.

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  • Rpol35 Rpol35 on Sep 17, 2018

    That Leaf is the ugliest car my eyes have ever viewed!

  • Jkross22 Jkross22 on Sep 18, 2018

    Nissan can design car interiors, as the QX50 shows, but the rest of it's lineup is a generation or 2 behind.

  • Wolfwagen I would rather see Peugeot or Renault back in the USA before Citroen.
  • Art Vandelay From the angle in the picture it looks like a Mercury emblem. This badge isn’t coming to the US though. Alfa has more cachet and they effed that up.
  • Miles solo Hard to beat the 1959 version or the 1985 version. They're both easy on the eyes.
  • Kcflyer Came for the airplane, stayed for the ice ball. Ironically ice balls and airplanes still don't go well together :)
  • Kcflyer It's a lot of car for the money. The GTI seems to wheel hop in all the reviews I've watched so that alone would push me to the R if I had the scratch. Luke42, no snark intended, do you really thing the Model Y is cross shopped against the Golf R?