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While the 2019 Mercedes-AMG A35 hatchback was supposed to be unveiled at the Paris Auto Show next month, Australia’s Redline released details and images a little prematurely. Normally, a leak this premature would leave us feeling overwhelming suspicious. But the accompanying imagery, all of which is appears to be sourced from Daimler’s marketing department, seems valid.

Unfortunately, this AMG variant is assured to remain in Europe to duke it out with the Audi S3 and Volkswagen Golf R. But when/if Mercedes decides to bring a sedan version stateside, it’ll probably boast similar figures. 

The initial A-Class AMG is said to receive a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder capable of generating 300 hp between 5,800 and 6,100 rpm. Meanwhile, 295 foot-pounds of torque begins at 3,000 revolutions per minute. Redline also claims Mercedes will begin production on the new, beastly A45 sometime in 2019. Output is rumored to surpass 400 hp.

While still front-drive biased, power is sent to all wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and an AMG’s Performance 4Matic all-wheel-drive setup. Up to 50 per cent of the vehicle’s torque can be sent to the rear wheels whenever the system sees fit. Enthusiastic acceleration is expected to yield a zero-to-60 time of  just 4.7 seconds, which is right where you’d want it versus the competition.

Physically, the car has undergone a mild transformation. The most noteworthy change is an rather substantial rear wing and subtly lower ride height. But we’re also noticing a more-aggressive lower fascia and unique rear bumper. The interior showcases AMG sport seats, a flat-bottomed leather and microfiber steering wheel, paddle shifters, and Mercedes’s hulking dual-screen setup. There also might be some color matching happening between the exterior paint and interior accents.

Again, this is all unconfirmed. But it sure looks legitimate. We’d expect Mercedes to verify these details as genuine before Paris. Otherwise, confirmation is about a month away.

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8 Comments on “Leaked: 2019 Mercedes-AMG A35 Details Shared Before Paris Debut...”

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    Last week I was in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) on a business trip and suddenly found myself walking past a Mercedes dealership. This gave me the opportunity to examine some of the cars that we do not get stateside, one of them being the A class (non-AMG) and that new Nissan/Renault pickup thingy.

    I have to say this A class is a wonderful premium-feeling hatch. Its dimensions are compact, but it isn’t small inside. I am 6’6” tall and I could comfortably fit myself behind the wheel and adjust the seat accordingly. The cabin is beautifully styled and the materials look and feel premium. The details escape me, but the second half of the massive screen had a computer system to which you could give verbal commands and it would system would react with clear and concise audio. The English-speaking salesman explained to me what he was doing, and then spoke Dutch with the system. He would ask the system what the weather was like outside and what the weather forecasts would be for this and next week. This gentleman also explained to me how the system would learn and adapt to the drivers of the vehicle and learn their habits (favorite radio station, favorite climate control settings and so forth). This is amazing technology!

    Supposedly we’re getting the sedan version of this car, correct? I wish the hatch were sold here. Visually it looks edgier. My partner is a happy CLA250 owner, but I may just have to convince him to check out the A class sedan when it reaches our shores.

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      Actually when you get the car moving the A-class shows that it’s not that premium. It feels a lot more ‘creaky’ and like the interior is made with ‘hollowed out plastic’ instead of really high-end construction under the skin.

      Then add the obvious facts that it’s a FWD basic A-to-B car platform and made in Slovakia and you see why it’s very clearly below cars like the C-Class and for very good reason. IMO it’s way too expensive, the price gap to the C-Class should be a lot bigger considering how much better the C-Class is in so numerous ways.

      I haven’t tried that infotainments system yet but I hear good things about it. And my lord does that interior design look beautiful and high-end!! Mercedes has definitely raised the interior (at least the dashboard) game in that segment more than one level! (In practice though it’s not really a step forward, just in looks.)

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        I believe interior quality is always a subjective subject. I, for one, liked the A class cabin. First impressions last and when I sat inside the car I was impressed with the cabin quality. Is it on the level of the S class? Of course not, but in my eyes it’s a premium cabin, certainly much better than the CLA250 interior of my partner, which I do find adequate (not too bad, not too fancy). As I stated earlier, it’s all subjective.

        Front wheel drive? That doesn’t bother me and it certainly won’t bother most prospective A class customers. All wheel drive is available on lower end models for those who do not like being pulled.

        Last night I googled the infotainment system in the new A class. Mercedes calls it MBUX (short for Mercedes Benz User Experience). It is truly fascinating and amazing. I found an in-depth presentation of the system and the design and engineering team behind it, which was made up of an international team of mathematicians, software designers and programmers and interface design artists. Truly fascinating. I kind of want this car!

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    Tele Vision

    I’m jelly that you were in The ‘Dam. I haven’t been there in 20 years and I miss it. Tidy little ride but it’s a bit of a shame to see the storied AMG badge on a 4-holer, though. It certainly is a harbinger of things to come, I guess.

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    “a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder capable of generating 300 hp between 5,800 and 6,100 rpm. Meanwhile, 295 foot-pounds of torque begins at 3,000 revolutions per minute.”

    This should be the *STANDARD* engine on the C-class and GLC in the American market. Then the CLA, GLA, and A should have the 221hp/258tq engine standard.

    Send all that other sh*t back to Moldova where it belongs.

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    They’ve made it official as of this morning.!&rs=4

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    Every “leaked” Mercedes picture is professional and taken by them, and has for the last 10 years. C’mon guys. They do this with every new car.

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    I would consider the hatchback, not a sedan.

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