QOTD: What Popular Vehicles Do You Loathe?

Corey Lewis
by Corey Lewis
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qotd what popular vehicles do you loathe

In last week’s QOTD, we made a big list of cars that were considered the oddball choice among their market segment, but which you loved anyway.

This week we head in the opposite direction. We’re talking about the popular vehicles you loathe.

This time around, there’s a rule against vehicles in the oddball or outcast category — it’s easy to hate on the outcasts. The vehicles we’re seeking today are those which are presently popular, or which were so when they were new. And you can’t stand them.

Maybe it’s because they have styling that grates on your nerves. Perhaps your chosen vehicle was so popular that you saw it daily, and simply grew sick of looking at it. Or maybe there’s some other obscure reason, psychological or otherwise, for this loathing. Let me give you an example of a single car which fits all the characteristics above.

Here it is, the New Beetle. The moment Volkswagen released its New Beetle, it was everywhere: television shows and movies, around town, school parking lots, and of course in the copious cutesy advertising. I never liked the styling, and I didn’t like how it was marketed. It annoyed me how excited everyone was for the flower vase. It didn’t seem like a particularly good car, per the report I heard from a relative about the bulb change procedure for the headlamps. I loathed it at the time, and still do. The New Beetle 2.0 is better in that it lost some cartoonish features, but not by much. The whole thing makes me shake my head.

But what about you? Which popular cars present or past do you loathe?

H/t to JohnTaurus for this QOTD suggestion.

[Image: Volkswagen, FCA]

Corey Lewis
Corey Lewis

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  • Hpycamper Hpycamper on Aug 24, 2018

    d-i The Box. By Honda. (Element). Not pretty, but its box shape makes it more useful than its brother, the CR-V.

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  • Lou_BC My son already has a Scout EV. Well, okay, RC....
  • The Oracle I was in WNY when this went down and it is likely a medical issue and/or some type of rolling domestic. That car was flat out with air bags deployed before it even left the ground. It was a spectacular wreck. The couple made a 7-minute stop at the Seneca Niagara Casino before the fiery launch, and something went terribly wrong in those 7 minutes.
  • Lorenzo A union in itself doesn't mean failure, collective bargaining would mean failure.
  • Ajla Why did pedestrian fatalities hit their nadir in 2009 and overall road fatalities hit their lowest since 1949 in 2011? Sedans were more popular back then but a lot of 300hp trucks and SUVs were on the road starting around 2000. And the sedans weren't getting smaller and slower either. The correlation between the the size and power of the fleet with more road deaths seems to be a more recent occurrence.
  • Jeff_M It's either a three on the tree OR it's an automatic. It ain't both.