Hooning Temporarily Shut Down the Bay Bridge Over the Weekend

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky

A trio of “driving enthusiasts” briefly shut down San Francisco’s Bay Bridge on Sunday morning after they decided it was the perfect place to do donuts. The vehicle’s involved appear to be a MkIII Toyota Supra and a pair of SN-95 Mustangs. According to the California Highway Patrol, the older of the two Mustangs was nabbed while its New Edge kindred escaped with the Supra — probably to get brunch somewhere across town.

Other drivers were also stopped and issued citations for illegal modifications, presumably because the cops couldn’t prove they helped stop traffic so the lead cars could put on a smoke show.

The SF Chronicle reported that one of the cars became disabled during the hoonage and the driver was subsequently arrested for reckless driving and “exhibition of speed.” That was most likely the driver of the fourth-generation Mustang the CHP posted a photo of being searched on Twitter. The department also posted a video of the bridge-based action, accompanied with the following description:

At 1045 hours video taken by a passerby of vehicles stopping traffic and engaging in side show activity on the San Francisco CHP units responded and took the driver of one of these vehicles into custody for reckless driving and exhibition of speed.

It was followed up with a warning about the dangers of reckless driving and a thank you to the public “for calling in the crimes witnessed as well as providing us with video evidence to assist with charges filed.”

At 1045 hours video taken by a passerby of vehicles stopping traffic and engaging in side show activity on the . San Francisco CHP units responded and took the driver of one of these vehicles into custody for reckless driving and exhibition of speed. pic.twitter.com/wJ2Q4ENoLp

— CHP San Francisco (@CHPSanFrancisco) August 19, 2018

[Image: California Highway Patrol]

Matt Posky
Matt Posky

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  • Raph Raph on Aug 20, 2018

    Dumbasses make a strong case for repurposing A10's Warthogs for traffic control or at least fitting cars with a remote self destruct device...

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    • Whittaker Whittaker on Aug 21, 2018

      @stuki +1 stuki

  • PandaBear PandaBear on Aug 20, 2018

    They probably could get away back in the 90s, before camera phones or youtube or call record were popular. Total dumbass for doing it in 2018. They just need to check the phone record and GPS position to nab every, single, one, of, them.

    • TwoBelugas TwoBelugas on Aug 20, 2018

      No they can't just use phone and gps locationing. The law says unless the police is there physically to verify they are operating the car, they can't prove it was the driver that was in fact driving and not Big Foot or the abominable snowman. You would be surprised how many times a seemingly slam-dunk reckless driving or DUI turns into no charge filed because no one has a shot of the driver due to tinted windows and windshield.

  • NotMyCircusNotMyMonkeys i was only here for torchinsky
  • Tane94 Workhorse probably will be added to the heap of failed EV companies.
  • Freddie Instead of taking the day off, how about an article on the connection between Black Americans and the auto industry and car culture? Having done zero research, two topics pop into my head: Chrysler designer/executive Ralph Gilles, and the famous (infamous?) "Green Book".
  • Tane94 Either Elio Motors or Aptera Motors.
  • Billccm I think we will see history repeat itself. The French acquired AMC in the 1980s, discovered they couldn't make easy money, sold AMC off to Chrysler. Jeep is all that remained. This time the French acquired FCA, and they are discovering no easy profits. Assume an Asian manufacturer will acquire what remains of Chrysler, but this time Jeep and RAM are the only survivors.