Jeep Recalling 48,990 Cherokees Over Fire Risk

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky

The 2018 Jeep Cherokee is under recall due to some improperly fitted fuel tubes. As the issue relates to the possibility of a gas leak, this falls under the fire-risk category and should have people freaking out left and right. However, the problem is only associated with Cherokees equipped with the 16-valve 2.4-liter inline-four engine.

FCA’s internal report, according to the recall filing, noted that an investigation revealed “a batch of fuel-supply tubes may have connectors that were incorrectly fitted” on the 2018 model year. Fortunately, the refreshed Jeeps for 2019 don’t appear to be affected.

Is it just our imagination or has the Cherokee name been cursed with recalls? There was another similarly sized fire-related recall from a few years ago that dealt with possible shorts in the vehicle’s power liftgate. However, the Grand Cherokee has had it worse. Over the last decade, it has seen recalls numbering in the millions — stemming from explosive fuel tanks, confusing gear selectors, and hacking vulnerabilities.

Fortunately, there’s no overlap between the models as far as the recalls are concerned, so you’re in the clear so long as you didn’t purchase your Cherokee with the base engine. We know even the meaty 3.2-liter V6 doesn’t solve the nine-speed transmission’s “relaxed” attitude, but it certainly helps. Frankly, it’s a little difficult to believe 49,000 people actually purchased them with the 2.4-liter last year, as there were better options on the table for what was still a fairly competitive price.

At any rate, if you did happen to find the base engine sufficient, Fiat Chrysler is happy to inspect the fuel lines and replace them free of charge. Affected customers should be notified next week to schedule appointments with their local dealer. The official recall process won’t begun until June, according to the NHTSA filing.

[Image: FCA]

Matt Posky
Matt Posky

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  • SixspeedSi SixspeedSi on May 22, 2018

    When I sold Jeeps last year, we pretty much exclusively stocked 2.4 Cherokees. Only have a few sixes, one of which I sold to a family member. I don't know how people could stand a car that slow in hilly Pennsylvania. I legit felt bad when I sold a girl one, coming from a 2.0 EcoBoost Fusion. Another reason to get the V6. Wonder how the new turbo performs

    • Roberto Esponja Roberto Esponja on May 23, 2018

      I've rented 4 cylinder Cherokees twice when vacationing in mountainous upstate New York, and have found them to drive just fine. And they were the 4x4 version. They're not rockets off the line, but they're not slugs either.

  • Dantes_inferno Dantes_inferno on May 23, 2018

    Get 'em while they're HOT!!!

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