Chevrolet Sonic Stages a Reappearance for 2019

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
chevrolet sonic stages a reappearance for 2019

Here today, gone tomorrow, back the next day. That’s basically the recent history of the Chevrolet Sonic, which formed the basis of a Wall Street Journal report earlier this spring. Chevrolet’s subcompact hatch and sedan subsequent disappearance from a 2019 model year California Air Resources Board certification document only added fuel to the rumor fire.

We reached out to GM about the Sonic’s CARB vanishing act, but never heard back. Now, the Michigan-built model has reappeared, promising a 2019 model year model for subcompact buyers.

An updated emissions document, dated April 30th, shows both sedan and hatch variants of the Sonic listed alongside other 1.4-liter GM models, including the all-wheel-drive Chevrolet Trax missing from the earlier doc.

The Sonic shares factory space with the Chevrolet Bolt at GM’s Orion Assembly plant. It’s believed GM wants that space for the production of Bolt variants and perhaps other electric models, as well as autonomous cars. The automaker recently invested $100 million to support next year’s production of the Cruise AV — essentially a Bolt without a steering wheel.

While the WSJ report could indeed prove true, GM remains tight-lipped as to the model’s future. It could easily stop production at the end of the year, allowing for a run of 2019 models, or continue onward until its assembly space becomes too valuable for a low-margin vehicle.

Last year, Sonic sales in the U.S. dropped to less than a third of the model’s 2014 volume of 93,518 vehicles. We don’t have a tally for last month; blame GM’s decision to switch to quarterly sales reports. The first quarter of 2018, however, saw the Sonic drop 21.5 percent compared to Q1 2017.

[Image: General Motors]

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  • EricJ EricJ on May 03, 2018

    For a moment there I had hope that we'd get the correct class size car from rental companies when we reserve them, but apparently that will have to wait at least another year.

  • Festiboi Festiboi on May 03, 2018

    That’s great news. I love my little Sonic hatchback and despite being a seven year old design, still holds its own against its competitors. Compared to their previous subcompact offerings, GM really tried hard on this one to make a fun, livable, and quirky little car

  • Sgeffe Honda should breathe a sigh of relief! This makes the decimation of the Cam..”Accord”..look like a bathroom accident! Funny thing, as was pointed out, that apparently mirroring the user’s phone wasn’t the be-all end-all! What a disgrace! 😂
  • Wayne no one ever accused Mary Teresa Barra of being smart
  • Mike1041 I’m sure that it’s cheaper to install a Google system than pay for Apple and android. Simple cost reduction with all the pr crap to make the user think it’s better
  • MKizzy A highly visible steering wheel lock is the best deterrent when the H/K thieves are amateurs looking for a joyride. The software fix may be effective in keeping an H/K car where you parked it, but I doubt most wannabe kia boyz will bother checking for the extra window sticker before destroying the window and steering column. Also, I guarantee enough H/K drivers won't bother getting either the software fix or a steering column lock to keep these cars popular theft targets for years to come. Therefore, any current H/K owners using a steering column lock should consider continuing to do so for the long term.
  • Jack For me, this would be a reason for rejection if considering a purchase of one of these overgrown golf carts.