Fiat's 124 Spider Has a New, 35-pound Way to Keep the Rain Out

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
fiats 124 spider has a new 35 pound way to keep the rain out

Fiat’s 124 Spider roadster doesn’t offer a complex “retractable fastback” like its Mazda MX-5 platform mate, but it looks like the brand isn’t satisfied offering only a soft-top version of its roadster.

There’s a new Spider crawling its way towards a Geneva Motor Show debut, and this one dons a very different hat than its siblings.

Weighing just 35 pounds, the carbon fiber hardtop shading the occupants of the upcoming Abarth 124 GT is easily installed and removed, Fiat claims. Not only that, it apparently increases the torsional rigidity of the car itself.

While it’s a classic solution for those looking for more substantial protection from the elements (and, perhaps, sound), don’t expect to order this new lid for your stock Spider. This is a special edition model, and the hardtop is a big part of what makes it special. The stock convertible top remains a part of the package.

While the Abarth 124 GT’s powertrain remains unchanged from the existing Abarth model, this variant gains 17-inch OZ Racing wheels (6.6 pounds lighter than standard rims), a special shade of light gray paint (with gunmetal-gray mirror caps), and an optional carbon fiber spoiler. It’s unlikely your average Spider owner will need the additional downforce, but should they feel like testing the car’s limits, it might just come in handy.

Fiat makes a point of mentioning the Abarth model’s 144 mph top speed. Sounds like a challenge, if you ask us.

Whether we’ll see the hard-topped Fiat on this side of the Atlantic remains to be seen, but we’ll surely see confirmation, one way or the other, next week.

[Image: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles]

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  • TMA1 TMA1 on Mar 01, 2018

    Not seeing what's so great about this. It's still not as functional as the NC's folding hardtop (strike 1), and it's only available on the Fiata's highest trim, and not as an add-on to any other model (strike 2). Meanwhile, it's being reported elsewhere today that the Miata is going to see a 26hp bump for 2019. That's strike 3, Fiata.

    • Eliandi Eliandi on Mar 02, 2018

      A lot of people want this top to be more routinely available as you cannot get a rollbar under the NC or ND folding tops. Its also lighter than the folding tops, especially for those people who might remove the soft top and leave only the HT. This is mainly of interest to track rats, but given the Miata is the most raced car in the world.....

  • JMII JMII on Mar 01, 2018

    Call me when the make a shooting brake or hatchback version with the turbo.

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  • KOKing I car-sat an A32 while its owner was out of the country, and the then whiz-bang VQ motor was great, but the rest of it wasn't any better than a XV10 or XV20. Definitely the start of its downward slide, unfortunately.
  • Norman Stansfield Why are leaf springs still a thing on this truck?
  • Syke The expected opening comments. Have had mine for two years now, the car has done exactly what I want out of it, and a little better. I'm quite happy with the car, haven't had to adjust my driving style or needs in the slightest, and . . . . oh, did a mention that I don't give a damn what today's price at the pump is?Probably going to go for a second one in the coming year, the wife's happy enough with mine that she's ready and willing to trade in the Nissan Kicks. Eventually, the not often used van will end up getting traded on a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, basically ensuring that we don't use gas for anything except the occasional long trip.And the motorcycles.
  • Bobbysirhan I've never found the Allegro appealing before, but a few years of EV rollouts make it seem downright desirable.