Subaru Ascent Pricing: When You're Confident, You Don't Need to Undercut the Competition

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
subaru ascent pricing when you re confident you don t need to undercut the

Subaru’s new range-topping crossover just dropped its pricing list, adding a new entry in the remarkably tight base MSRP battle waged among three-row Japanese midsizers.


Of course, Subaru has good reason to feel confident, even though its first midsize crossover — the B9 Tribeca — met with failure and, um, controversial quips over its appearance. As the U.S. new vehicle market continues its modest contraction, Subaru volume appears to know no ceiling. After selling 187,699 vehicles in the grim days of 2008, Subaru’s U.S. sales skyrocketed to 647,956 units last year — a 5.3-percent increase from 2016. Even January saw a year-over-year sales increase of 1.1 percent.

Subaru seems confident it knows what Americans want, and that they’ll find it in a vehicle offering full-time symmetrical all-wheel drive on all trims — something its competitors can’t boast. The Ascent’s Subaru Global Platform promises a stiff body and reduced road noise. Also standard is adaptive cruise control and emergency pre-collision braking, among other nannies, though you’ll need to shell extra cash for the full suite of safety aids.

Buyers can expect a familiar trim ladder, with Premium and Limited models offering both seating configurations. The top-spec Touring model is seven-passenger-only. Subaru claims its interior, when outfitted in seven-passenger guise, is the most adaptable in the segment.

The Premium range starts at $35,170 after delivery, adding blind-spot detection and rear cross-traffic alert, plus an 8.0-inch multimedia screen (base models get a 6.5-inch screen). A host of extra standard or available features appears at this level. Moving up to Limited costs a minimum of $39,970. There, you’ll find standard leather, 20-inch wheels, lower body cladding, keyless entry, push-button ignition, and steering-responsive headlights.

At the Touring level, the Ascent offers extra chrome and interior furnishings, including enhanced audio, every connectivity feature in Subaru’s toolkit, and a 180-degree front camera. This model will set you back $45,670 after delivery.

The Indiana-built Ascent rolls into dealers this summer.

[Images: Subaru of America]

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  • Gtem Gtem on Feb 17, 2018

    I predict that this will stem the bleeding of Subaru loyalists that begrudgingly upgrade to Highlanders and Pilots and such once they outgrow outbacks. These Ascents will print money for Subaru.

  • Amca Amca on Feb 18, 2018

    That thing's a rolling tragedy.

  • Probert For around $15 you can have a professional check important safety areas - seems like a bargain. It pointed to a rear brake problem on my motorcycle. It has probably saved a lot of lives. But, like going to a dentist, no-one could say it is something they look forward to. (Well maybe a few - it takes all kinds...)
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  • Akear Back as early as 2014 Ford was building some pretty decent vehicles. The Ford Fusion was getting good reviews and selling around 300,000 annually. The Mark MKZ was also the top selling US luxury car at the time in sales. My Ford Fusion is approaching the 200,000 mile mark, while current Fords blow gaskets at 40,000 miles.
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