What Will Ford ST Next?

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey
what will ford st next

Ford has teased that it will be giving something the ST treatment next week at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

It hasn’t said what, at least not publicly, as of yet. We may or may not know, but embargoes are something we abide by here at TTAC, so we’re not spilling any beans. That is, if we know, which we might, but might not.


The newest addition to the Ford Performance lineup is sure to catch everyone’s attention. Even wheelmen like Ben Collins. Tuned

Posted by Ford Performance on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Instead, I am proposing a mini-dual-QOTD. Question one: What model do you think Ford is applying the ST badge to? Fusion, EcoSport, Edge, Explorer, C-Max? Taurus? Transit Connect? Expedition? Flex? Maybe F-150?

Or is it an update to an existing ST trim? Maybe it’s a new Mustang trim.

Question two: What should Ford add ST trims to? Would a hopped-up Transit Connect make life fun for the plumber/florist/electrician on the go? Should Ford add an ST trim to the Edge or EcoSport? Would the family man or woman want to drive an Explorer ST or Expedition ST? Is Fusion Sport or Taurus SHO sporty enough? Can the Mustang use another trim level?

Ford will keep us in the dark for a few more days, but you folks can have at it in the comments. As for us, we’re hoping Ford goes all-in and STs all the things – because even a Super Duty needs a sport trim in its life.

[Image and video: Ford Performance]

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