Fisker's EMotion: Realer Than Ever and Still Promising the Moon By 2019

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
fisker s emotion realer than ever and still promising the moon by 2019

Fisker, now called Fisker, Inc. after the company Henrik Fisker originally created fell into bankruptcy, is going after the luxury EV market for a second time. Don’t let past money troubles worry you too much, though. Even Henry Ford filed for bankruptcy twice before forming the company that build the Model T.

Instead, let your fears stem from the questionable build quality of the Fisker Karma, which faltered on the market in 2012. Because the new model, dubbed the EMotion, appears to be a rehash of the old formula with its ambitions set much higher. Offering self-driving abilities, an impressive electric range, an extravagant design, and some of the market’s most desirable infotainment functions, the EMotion is either a trumped-up prototype or the absolute pinnacle of electric luxury sedans.

Glossing over the model’s groan-inducing name and the trust issues we have with the brand, let’s begin with what Fisker is promising. First off, we have a targeted 400-mile range. According to Henrik, the goal is sufficient to alleviate range anxiety in prospective buyers, but it would also best anything else on the market by a wide margin. In fact, it’s so impressive that we’re wondering if it’s even possible by the vehicle’s target date of 2019.

While Fisker has said it now possesses solid-state battery technology that could ultimately lead to 500-mile ranges and charging times faster than anything currently in existence, it wouldn’t be ready in time for the EMotion. That saddles the model with a more traditional lithium-ion battery pack.

Next there is the car’s performance. While the all-wheel drive sedan’s claimed top speed of 161 mph seems achievable, Level 4 autonomy does not. Partnering with Quanergy, Fisker claims the EMotion will be equipped with a LIDAR array (hidden mostly in the vehicle’s nose) capable of providing a complete autonomous driving experience. However, the hardware is only half of what it takes to make a self-driving car. There needs to be software to make sense of the data and help the car make the important decisions — and the brand has yet to explain that side of the coin.

Propulsion for the EV is achieved via “multiple electric motors” delivering a combined sum of more than than 575 kW (or approximately 780 horsepower). Instant torque and all-wheel drive help it hit a proposed 0-to-60 time of under 3 seconds and will rush it along to the aforementioned 161 mph top speed.

The car is about 197 inches long, with an overall height of around 52 inches. Fisker says the packaging of the electric powertrain allows for a more spacious interior than most similarly sized vehicles. It’s a sharp-looking model, similar in shape to the Karma while still being distinctive. Its butterfly doors feature flush handles and can be opened or closed with the help of one’s smartphone. Even though we admit it would be a glorious sight to behold, we’re extremely wary of non-traditional door designs that also utilize an electric motor.

Clad in black and tan vegan leather, the EMotion’s interior is lavish. While it can be optioned with non-vegan upholstery, Fisker seems proud of just how soft it managed to make the faux alternative. Continuing on its luxury bent, the sedan has four individually adjustable electric seats with a five-seat variant that utilizes a rear bench. Additional entertainment options will become available when the unit is operating in autonomous mode through a trio of driver-oriented screens. There will also be a an optional 27-inch rear screen for the upscale Chauffeur Edition of the car. The glass roof is also said to feature four zones of tint, each electrically adjustable to let in the desired amount of sky.

It sounds great, maybe even too good to be true. While we’d certainly like to see something like this take to the road, it’s almost unfathomable that the EMotion can pull all of it off before the end of 2019. However, if it does, Fisker says it will start at $129,000. The company is currently taking reservations for $2,000 a pop on its website.

[Images: Fisker Inc.]

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  • Dukeisduke Dukeisduke on Jan 10, 2018

    "Even Henry Ford filed for bankruptcy twice before forming the company that build the Model T." Henrik Fisker and Henry Ford may share the same initials, but Henrik Fisker is no Henry Ford. His ego is so big that it has its own postal code. The swoopy styling is derivative of the Karma, and even if the ridiculous door hinges don't break, I'd be dubious about weather sealing. Are there enough suckers out there to invest in Fisker's latest pipe dream? I still see the occasional Fisker on the road, and I wonder, "Who works on these things? What is parts availability like?" There are 15 2012 Karmas on eBay Motors right now, priced from $38,980 to $49,900, and none have more than 36,000 miles. They're novelties, not daily drivers. Anyone who invests money with Fisker should have their head examined.

  • Gomez Gomez on Jan 10, 2018

    Isn’t this just a slightly rebodied version of the Fisker Atlantic from 2012?

  • Dusterdude @El scotto , I'm aware of the history, I have been in the "working world" for close to 40 years with many of them being in automotive. We have to look at situation in the "big picture". Did UAW make concessions in past ? - yes. Do they deserve an increase now ? -yes . Is their pay increase reasonable given their current compensation package ? Not at all ! By the way - are the automotive CEO's overpaid - definitely! (That is the case in many industries, and a separate topic). As the auto industry slowly but surely moves to EV's , the "big 3" will need to be producing top quality competitive vehicles or they will not survive.
  • Art_Vandelay “We skipped it because we didn’t think anyone would want to steal these things”-Hyundai
  • El scotto Huge lumbering SUV? Check. Unknown name soon to be made popular by Tiktok ilk? Check. Scads of these showing up in school drop-off lines? Check. The only real over/under is if these will have as much cachet as Land Rovers themselves? A bespoken item had to be new at one time. Bonus "accepted by the right kind of people" points if EBFlex or Tassos disapproves.
  • El scotto No, "brothers and sisters" are the core strength of the union. So you'll take less money and less benefits because "my company really needs helped out"? The UAW already did that with two-tier employees and concessions on their last contract.The Big 3 have never, ever locked out the UAW. The Big 3 have agreed to every collective bargaining agreement since WWII. Neither side will change.
  • El scotto Never mind that that F-1 is a bigger circus than EBFlex and Tassos shopping together for their new BDSM outfits and personal lubricants. Also, the F1 rumor mill churns more than EBFlex's mind choosing a new Sharpie to make his next "Free Candy" sign for his white Ram work van. GM will spend a year or two learning how things work in F1. By the third or fourth year GM will have a competitive "F-1 LS" engine. After they win a race or two Ferrari will protest to highest F-1 authorities. Something not mentioned: Will GM get tens of millions of dollars from F-1? Ferrari gets 30 million a year as a participation trophy.