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Toyota FT-AC

Toyota pulled the wraps off its FT-AC Concept at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show today.

Its full name is Future Toyota Adventure Concept, but whatever you call it, this concept is ready for trail duty. Or at least, it looks the part.

As per usual with concepts, details on specs are light. The press release mentions 20-inch wheels with all-terrain tires, fog lamps, LED headlights, infrared cameras mounted on the mirrors that can record off-road driving exploits and in-car Wi-Fi that can be used to broadcast the footage. There’s also a roof rack with rear-facing LED lights that can be controlled from the cabin, and a hideaway integrated bike rack.

Toyota’s release says the FT-AC is just a design study, but it would have all-wheel drive with four-wheel lock capability. It could be powered by either a gasoline engine or a hybrid powertrain.

Speculation time: If Toyota is planning on building this, or does so as a result of positive reaction at auto shows, it could very well replace the 4Runner (it could also, of course, be a possible design study for the next 4Runner). Or it could slot just below the 4Runner in size – it appears to be somewhat shorter in pictures.

Toyota FT-AC

Regardless, I wouldn’t be shocked if something like this makes production with toned-down looks and a combination of available powertrains – say gas and hybrid versions and maybe even a diesel? I’d hope for a manual transmission version, too.

This could be Toyota’s answer to the upcoming Ford Bronco, the next-gen Jeep Wrangler, the re-born Land Rover Defender that’s under development, and to a lesser extent, Subaru’s Crosstrek wagon and the Jeep Renegade/Jeep Compass. Toyota has an off-road heritage, and this may be the next step in maintaining that reputation.

Don’t let “design study” fool you – this thing is likely getting built, at least if the market for crossovers remains hot.

[Images: Toyota]

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25 Comments on “FT-AC Concept May Hint at Toyota’s Future SUV Strategy...”

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    Here we see the common desert snake. It’s camouflaged amongst the thin grasses, waiting for its prey.

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    Null Set

    Whoever designed that front end was tweaking.

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    The first production car with integrated bike rack will blow up the internet.

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    4Runner folk ain’t gonna be happy if this replaces the Runner. 4Runner is body-on-frame, they like that. I like that. I want a 4Runner, badly, but they are so overpriced in the used market it’s insane. I can justify buying a 4Runner because I live where there can be 5-months of snow on the ground winter, and weeks of black ice conditions. But, my question is, with everything on the road becoming an all-wheel or 4-wheel drive vehicle with raised suspension, where are all these people doing their off-roading? are they taking cross-country detours to get to the office? Are they fording streams to get to soccer practice? And with everybody being an ‘environmentalist’ these days, why do they all drive vehicles that can cause serious ground erosion if driven off trail? Just stuff I think about.

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      The idea is to broadcast that the owner is young, fit and adventurous. Which constitues a lot of car marketing and for which people happily hand over lots of hard-earned money.

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    I thought this was a Subie

  • avatar

    This is why I don’t like plastic cladding
    You know in case you run into a crocodile

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    This is 100% identical to that Honda sketch from the other day.

    So this is what has happened to the FJ-40.

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    “20 inch wheels with all terrain tyres”. Is there an oxymoron there somewhere?

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    I’m pretty sure this is an exaggerated version of the next RAV4, which is due for replacement for MY2019. Tone down the front end, wheel arches, and roof rack a bit and you’re staring at the car that will be plaguing mall parking lots around the country.

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    Felix Hoenikker

    This proves that the Pontiac Aztek was ahead of its time.

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    Pete Zaitcev

    If they finally put a semi-decent transmission into this re-skinned RAV4, then it could be interesting. Jeep very much has figured it out with Renegade. Surely Asin has cooked up something to compete with ZF by now.

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    Will this be built using Toyota’s one platform fits all modular architecture?

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    20″ rims on an offroader this size is “emperor has no clothes on” marketing stupidity.

    If they are planning to use Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive, I’d like to know how they’re going to get serious engine braking out of it.

    And if they’re going to make the drivetrain fully lockable they will need to use bulldozer-spec components. Which would weigh a bit.

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    It could be a replacement for all those Toyota vehicles, but more likely it’ll just be a bigger version of the C-HR poseur tough guy front-wheel drive overweight underpowered CVT transmissioned fake Gobi Desert ground pounder. It’ll be tall enough so you can reach down to pay for your fast food meal at the window and feel superior. What it really needs is a PTO for a lawn mower attachment – that way it can spend some of its time off-road to earn its chops and do something useful at the same time. All the while it will appeal to the Tonka truck fantasies of childhood. Toyota! Excitement!

    TNGA isn’t a platform, it’s a way of assembling vehicles, so that each module won’t confuse line workers as to what to do with it. All have the same-looking suspension module at each corner, so mixing and matching vehicles on a flexible line is easy, all modules bolt on the body the exact same way with the same number of bolts in the same position. It’s the last stage before robots do it all, nobody has a job, and nobody can afford the factory output anyway, the reductio ad absurdum of the age we live in.

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    White Shadow

    Definitely not a 4Runner replacement. 4Runners have rear windows that go down, which makes them nearly vertical in the back. This concept has severely sloped rear glass as a major design element, so it can’t be a 4Runner replacement.

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    I see lots of (the very successful) Subie Crosstrak influence here.

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    Just lift the iM, put in the 86 Motor, add a spare tire on the tailgate, get rid of the CVT and boom you have a customer. I’d be happier without the lift and tire but that’s too much to ask for….and while I’m dreaming just build the iM on the 86 platform, Toyota. RWD fun to drive 5 (or 3) door hatchback…sigh..

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