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Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo

Honda has been on a bit of a teasing streak lately, showing us a brace of great concepts unveiled by Honda at the Frankfurt and Tokyo Motor Shows – concepts which may or may not evolve into anything we can buy on this side of the pond. Rumors also floated around about a little brother being created for the NSX. Adding fuel to that particular fire, patents were discovered for the latter.

As it turns out, those patents were absolutely real and a baby NSX is on its way… as a driveable machine in the Gran Turismo video game.

As it happens, a single full-scale model of the baby NSX does exist, but we’ll only ever get to drive the digital version. According to the company, the Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo concept is a “human centred design,” which is odd, given that no human will ever sit in the thing.

This virtual hot rod is said to have a mid-mounted 2.0-litre turbo-four cranking out 404 horsepower, presumably before armchair racers spend their virtual Simoleons on a myriad of upgrades. The digital car has an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission and, since it’s made of zeros and ones, drivers have choice between manual and automatic shifting.

It sports an in-game weight is less than 2000lbs. No word if that includes all the plastic packaging and theft prevention gadgets applied by the workers at EB Games.

The Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo was developed in collaboration with Kazunori Yamauchi and the rest of his Gran Turismo team. The exterior design done in Los Angeles. The GT team is well known for their exacting standards, so there’s little doubt this virtual machine will be fun to drive about a digital Nurburgring.

Building virtual one-off cars for video games is not a new concept but this time, the boffins working on Gran Turismo have made the practice an integral part of the game. Vision Gran Turismo is a project in which the world’s automotive brands design new sports cars that are then offered as gifts to Gran Turismo players.

To date, more than a dozen real-world car manufacturers have lent their styling and engineering chops to developing a car for the upcoming installment of the Gran Turismo franchise. Actual production models, such as the VW GTI have been tweaked for the game, in addition to one-off flights of fancy like this baby NSX and the Dodge SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo.

Digital dreams are great, but we sure would rather drive the real thing.


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12 Comments on “Honda Reveals the Baby NSX, but It’s Not What You Think...”

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    You can thank Lotus for this recent developement of gaming cars. It was a big reason the Elise was so successful here, well at least in terms of Lotus, people were having run racing Elises in games for a few years.

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    C’mon Honda, build us a new Prelude.

    • 0 avatar

      What are the odds that the death of the Accord coupe was done to clear the field for a 6th gen Prelude?

      Start with an 18 Accord sedan, shorten the wheelbase and lengthen the doors, push the windshield back a bit and give it a formal roofline (since the accord is all fastback, now) and sharpen up the styling cues (or update the front and rear end treatment from the 1st gen, since the front has to be upright these days).

      Use the Accord drivetrains and hang a legit 3-pedal 6-spd on them. Introduce it as a 2019, for the 40th anniversary. If the formula works on the salesfloor, build a Turbo V6 and retune the VTM-4 for sports duty (of beef up the RTAWD system…) and make it the Mugen/Type R variant in 2022.

      • 0 avatar

        I would be surprised, at this point in the US at least unless your a domestic or german brand a new coupe is a vanity project when the company is “hella-flush” with cash.

        Besides the Civic coupe probably already fills that niche.

        As lame as it might sound Honda would probably be better off taking the Civic Coupe and add the R equipment and calling that a Prelude in much the same way Dodge did with the SRT4 – it was Neon based but considered its own model (always fun to troll SRT4 guys by calling it a Neon like when people troll this Shelby guy by calling his GT350 a badass Cobra).

      • 0 avatar

        Sounds like a plan, pschoboy.

        When I come to power, its at the top of my list.

        It needs clean styling. Leave the immature stuff to the Civic. No giant air ducts front and rear. Make it a truly sporty/touring car for a grown up audience.

        • 0 avatar

          The Prelude has always had a RWD / ponycar silhouette, and I think one could be found inside the current Accord somewhere.

          With what their designers have done with the EV-N and the Urban EV, grafting the vertical grille/headlight package of the 1st gen into a modern SWB Accord would be beautiful.

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    Cadillac’s ELR was pretty also. All I can think of is the CRZ; then the lust is over.

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    Honda needs to bring back the Prelude and the S2000!!

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    I’d say something, but the missing NSX 2.0 is the Duke Nukem Forever of cars. Having experienced Prelude, Legend, and CRX, as well as quality Integra time back in the day, I have NO IDEA what is up with them now. They can, but choose not to….the OG NSX is still amazing, the cassette player in the dash is the only giveaway.

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    I have a car that weighs 2lbs, has unlimited traction and accelerates at the speed of light. It also costs $1.

    The catch is it is only available in a video game.

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