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2018 Jeep Wrangler Interior

Jeep has gradually parsed out photos of the 2018 Wrangler over the past couple of weeks, and now we have shots of the new model’s interior. It looks a hell of a lot nicer than the outgoing version, albeit slightly more cluttered with tech. However, the fundamentals remain constant — vertical orientation, passenger grab bar, center-mounted window switches, and circular air vents all persist on the new model.

Compared to the previous generation, the new Wrangler’s interior is absolutely brimming with interesting trim pieces and digital screens. The dashboard has color-matched plastic and the same goes for the stitching, although that is likely an optional extra. Both the six-speed gear selector and transfer case knob are shrouded by shift boots and the array of buttons appear large and clearly labeled.

While this is almost assuredly a top-trim example, it still makes the old Rubicon interior look like budget-minded trash. That’s major praise, considering there wasn’t really anything terribly upsetting about the old model’s insides. Take a gander for yourself, if you don’t believe us.

2018 Jeep Wrangler Interior

2018 Jeep Wrangler

2017 Wrangler Rubicon Recon

2017 Wrangler Rubicon Recon

It’s downright opulent, while keeping a utilitarian bent. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has managed to update the Jeep’s cabin dramatically without making it gimmicky or sacrificing the vehicle’s overall rugged persona. The manufacturer says it’s using high-quality materials to bolster the off-roader’s “versatility and comfort.”

We’re excited to see if it feels as good as it looks, but won’t have the opportunity until November 29th, when the 2018 Wrangler goes on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show. There’s room to be optimistic on this one, though. The Wrangler’s evolution appears to be heading in a direction we can live with.

[Images: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles]

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39 Comments on “The 2018 Jeep Wrangler’s Interior Makes the Old One Look Like Garbage...”

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    Oh look more easter eggs from FCA…

  • avatar

    I do not like it.

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    Let’s hope the materials and switchgear feel the part, not just look it from a yard away. Too often automakers cut costs here and you end up with something that looks premium but fails horribly in the tactile feedback arena. I love the way the ride selector switch feels in my C7. Every time I use it I can’t believe GM authorized its use. It’s that good!

  • avatar

    Too fancy! It’s a Jeep, not a G-Wagen!

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    More Matt Posky nonsense:
    “The 2018 Jeep Wrangler’s Interior Makes the Old One Look Like Garbage”

    For Jeep aficionados, the is NO SUCH THING as a beloved Jeep, of any type, whose interior looks like garbage!
    Take your dumb sedan-evaluation criteria, and stick them where the “sun don’t shine”…(^_^)…

    Hey, TTAC, —- What kind of ignorant staff writers do you employ anyway?

    ……. _ ____
    ..” /l ,[____], ”
    …..()_) ()_)—)_)

    • 0 avatar

      Gotta agree with NMGOM… it’s a Jeep. It shouldn’t look pretty. A black rubber dash is fine. Design inspiration should come from a MILSPEC Hummer, not a Fiat 500.

      Flat green or olive drab paint with steel wheels and bead lockers from the factory on a Rubicon would be fine with me. I think I would pay more for that than a blinged out Rubicon.

      And I’m not a brown, manual transmission, diesel, station wagon guy. I like a fancy schmancy sedan. But give me Jeep made from steel, rubber, and glass. Save the fancy stuff for a vehicle that needs it. I’m sure FCA would sell dozens.

      • 0 avatar
        30-mile fetch

        Except the outgoing dash doesn’t look like a military Hummer. It is a mishmash of uninspired carlike organic design elements. With airvent goiters. It does look like garbage.

        The new one looks far more like the flat slab of utilitarian dashboard from an old CJ. Big improvement. NMGOM is yelling at clouds.

        • 0 avatar
          Matt Posky

          If you’re not interested in a Jeep with a more interesting and distinguished interior, I’m sure there are great deals on used Patriots out there.

          • 0 avatar

            A Patriot is not a Jeep. Anything without a body on frame, live axles, 4 wheel drive with low range, a soft top, and doors you can take off is not a Jeep.

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    Is it made in Italy?

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    FCA is doing to the Wrangler what they did to the Viper. Won’t be long until the Wrangler is just another soulless plaything for affluent consumers.

    Goodbye, Jeep. All of your most potent brands are being diluted before CAFE 2025 hits. In 15 years, the offroad scene is going to look like a car meet in Cuba.

    • 0 avatar

      I don’t see it. This is taking an incredibly popular product and giving it’s loyal fans all the things they wished for. I can’t see popularity wavering.

      • 0 avatar

        They said the same thing of the Viper. It’s still a V10! It’s faster and even more sophisticated! It’s everything the fans want and more!! But everyone knew the Viper concept was being dismantled.

        Wrangler is moving through a sweet spot right now. The agricultural crudeness has been banished, along with the ease of service and repair, but most of the underlying function is still present. The costs are not yet prohibitive.

        These times will not last forever, and, unless the Wrangler receives a stay of execution, it will become an obscure plaything. Maybe we will get lucky and FCA will make good on its promise to offer a heritage Wrangler or some sort of sophisticated kit vehicle that skirts CAFE regulations.

        • 0 avatar

          The Viper was a niche market hardcore super car that always had a limited audience. It was certainly a nicer car at the end than at the beginning, but it didn’t evolve like it’s competition did. Even supercar drivers don’t drive manual transmissions anymore.

          The Wrangler evolved from a niche product into a mass market sensation with the formula we see here. It can appeal to the Barbie Jeep sorority girl yet still to the lift kit and 35s crowd. This is more of that.

      • 0 avatar

        Agree, as the JL will be a huge success. I clearly remember when the JK was released and how many guys hated it, and it’s been a huge success.

    • 0 avatar
      Kyree S. Williams

      The only thing wrong with the Viper was that it was too niche a car, and then the C7 Corvette came along.

    • 0 avatar

      Well it wasn’t soulless, but the viper was never much more than a plaything for affluent customers. Don’t think the viper analogy holds water.

      I think danio has the right of it here. People seem to want a jeep that’s still ‘jeepy’ but more liveable as a daily driver. As far as I can tell so far capability has not been reduced at all and it’s more liveable. Score.

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    The bronco doesn’t stand a chance. This is beautiful.

  • avatar

    uncircumcised gear selector can not be unseen.

  • avatar
    SCE to AUX

    Other than the Fiat 500-esque splash of color across the dash, I don’t see a big difference.

  • avatar

    Bring back the YJ rectangular headlights and we can order!

    My dealership received the first 2018 Unlimited Sahara today and it sold in one hour. . .

    The new dash is a dramatic improvement over the old Minivan-style dash. The best, of course, is the 1989 with all the gauges.

  • avatar

    I think it looks way cooler. Of course I wouldn’t buy any product from FCA.

  • avatar

    It’s too busy; not better than the old one at all.

  • avatar

    I like the color dash as it reminds me of the metal dashes back in the 70s, like on the Chevy trucks, that were painted to match the body color.

  • avatar

    Damn. I went and bought a 2013 because I liked the interior over the prior models. Thought it was nicer and more updated. This interior is that big of an improvement again over mine. Wonder if I can swap it later? I think they nailed this design.

  • avatar

    The shifter and 4WD selector look like sex toys. I like the old interior better.

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    Is that interior a ripoff of the PT Loser? Or is it a tribute?? The shiny painted dash/cluster and softer lines look completely out of place in a rugged Wrangler, ultimate off-roader truck bucket. And you want the least shiny stuff staring back at you in a convertible.

    Yet I have to concede they’re profiling and bowing down to women buyers, as they should.

  • avatar

    “… while also still looking like garbage.”

  • avatar

    Definitely marketed towards the fairer half. The interior will be much more accommodating on the way to Costco and Starbucks.

    Who designed the shifters, StagShop?

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    Pete Zaitcev

    I’m not sure I like the t-case shifter this tall. It almost matches the gear stick.

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