Mini Draws Line, Won't Build Any New Models - For a While, Anyway

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
mini draws line wont build any new models for a while anyway

Forget all about a Mini sedan, roadster, or even an extra-small two-seat hatchback. The British automaker isn’t having any of it.

Despite earlier reports to the contrary, Mini has no immediate plans to diversify its current lineup, preferring to wait until the next-generation Mini rolls along before going nuts (if indeed it ever does). In the meantime, are you interested in a crossover or near-crossover?

The automaker confirmed to Top Gear that the existing two-and four-door Cooper, Convertible, Clubman and Countryman will remain the only animals in the Mini stable until early next decade. That’s when a fourth-generation Cooper should appear, possibly with new siblings.

By turning off the lights in the product development room, Mini has shattered hopes of anyone getting their hands on a production Superleggera Roadster. That would-be model bowed in 2014 as a svelte electric concept vehicle. Also off the table is a two-seat micro Mini, first envisioned as the 2011 Rocketman concept.

But hey, who’s interested in a John Cooper Works Countryman?


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  • Stingray65 Stingray65 on May 16, 2017

    Its time to go even further back to the future with a new line based on the styling of the beloved Morris Minor - we need a new Traveller with real wood trim.

  • Slap Slap on May 16, 2017

    Daughter wanted a MINI - she wanted one before she could even drive. But out of college for a couple of years, she realized she couldn't afford to get a car with questionable reliability. So she got a MX-5, and MINI lost a potential sale.

  • Fred I don't know about those big screens. Is there a way to minimize the display, so it's not so distracting? Especially at night the glow doesn't make it easy for me.
  • Arthur Dailey Toronto Blue Jays' games are only available on AM radio. As I am 'on the road' quite often when the Jays play that is my only option for listening to the game. So an AM radio is something of a 'must have' for me.
  • JMII My brother tracked one of these for several years... it will embarrass other sports cars. He sold it to someone who still rips it around on track days. Given my previous VW experience I wouldn't touch it but these are surprising quick and handle well for hatchback credit going to a decent AWD system. $16k seems crazy, but Rs aren't that common and this one appears to be in great condition and seems well sorted.
  • Arthur Dailey I meant the grille and the profile along the passenger area. Look closely and it is reminiscent of the Journey.
  • Daniel 16500 pesos