Tornado Vs. Fiat Chrysler Dealership Is Not a Fair Fight

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
tornado vs fiat chrysler dealership is not a fair fight

A Fiat Chrysler-affiliated dealership in Texas was hit by a tornado Saturday night, suffering catastrophic damage to its showroom, service center, and inventory. If you’ve ever wondered how your oversized truck would stack up against the awesome power of Mother Nature, look no further than the scattered and overturned vehicles that once occupied Interstate 20 Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Canton’s parking lot.

Thankfully, employees left the dealership well before the twister’s arrival — a wise decision, as the majority of it was obliterated by the storm. According to NBC Channel 5 in Dallas-Fort Worth, the general manager made the decision to abandon the building only minutes before the tornado ripped it apart. Overhead footage obtained in the aftermath shows dozens of mangled vehicles thrown hundreds of feet.

Tragically, the dealership destruction was not an isolated incident. At least four tornadoes landed in the surrounding counties on Saturday. Canton Mayor Lou Ann Everett said on Sunday evening four people had been killed in the storm.

“We won’t know what exactly we are dealing with until the sun comes up,” Everett said Saturday. “We have no power. We have three major transmission stations that are damaged.”

[Image captures: KXAS-TV Dallas-Fort Worth]

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