QOTD: Which Lousy Car Do You Love?

Corey Lewis
by Corey Lewis
qotd which lousy car do you love

Maybe it’s not reliable, or sucks down fuel like it’s going out of style. Maybe it’s prone to tipping over, catching fire, or having spiders live in it. Or perhaps parts availability is such that the mere thought of owning and driving the thing causes undue stress.

But you just can’t help yourself.

Today I ask: What lousy vehicle do you covet despite the ways it would inevitably ruin your life?

It struck me the other day that sometimes a certain car has appeal beyond the normal, rational, I can just use this as transportation considerations. You thought I was going to wax poetic now about the beautiful Saab 9000 above, didn’t you? Well, too bad. The beautiful 9000 is not my choice for irrational desire. That’d be this:

The generation two Land Rover Discovery wins the Lousy Vehicle I Love award. Specifically, the later ones from 2003-2004, which are the last two years of the model’s run. You can spot them by their upgraded front fascia like you see above. (And yes, I am aware that’s a right-hand drive example there.)

I’ve always loved the derpy styling, the awkward and boxy proportions, and the bump in the roof for stadium-style seating. It’s not very practical for normal driving, it’s low on power and yet very thirsty, the dated interior trim is destined to fall off, and the electrics usually grow their own intelligence. It doesn’t handle well, parts aren’t cheap, some mechanics won’t touch it, and those many glass panels in the roof tend to act like stylish colanders.

And I just don’t care. I love it anyway.

The second-generation Disco has a charm that only a terrible British product can achieve.

Tell me about all the stuff you secretly love, but just keep it about cars, okay?

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  • Kcflyer Nice to see California giving NY some competition to be the worst run state in the union.
  • Wolfwagen I see my comment was deleted (BTW nice way to censor) so i will say it again:GTFO here with the pseudo "wealth distribution" BS. A crime is a crime is a crime.Its a slippery slope, what happens next, Jail a rich guy when he kills a pedestrian and let the poor guy who kills a pedestrian walk? What about if the poor guy is a crappy driver and has the record to prove it then what?Or we could go crazy and just institute the death penalty across the board for every driving infraction. That will make people better drivers or stop driving altogether which will make the greenies happy (damm it I just gave them an idea - SOB!!!)
  • Wolfwagen No. Bring back the J80 with an inline six and reduced electronics (i.e. no giant touch screen) and they will probably sell like hotcakes
  • David S. " test vehicles sometimes make sudden stops when uncertain about how to navigate traffic."??? Test vehicles are programmed by humans, HUMANS sometimes make sudden stops when uncertain about how to navigate traffic, Duh!!
  • Frank The last guy was doing fine, this is a sales emergency that they're hoping Tim can fix. They want to hang onto the crazy margins from the covid era, which now in the face of abundant inventory, insane interest rates and inflation are a long distant wet dream. Its time to start offering value again, cash on the hood and 0% financing. Move the metal!